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Recently added timestamps:Ben does it Ben does it54:17 - 56:05by TurboManJoey the Knife Joey the Knife00:23 - 02:04by SneakingMissionThey're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition They're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition1:00:27 - 1:01:53by TurboManNow I'm hooked Now I'm hooked39:57 - 41:29by TurboManShoot him Shoot him02:13 - 03:09by TurboManShow me your biscuits Show me your biscuits08:33 - 09:13by TurboManTechnical issues Technical issues02:11 - 03:33by TurboManRock n Roll! Rock n Roll!53:44 - 54:40by TurboManAlex is about to quit Alex is about to quit12:14 - 13:38by TurboManMoving your arms is important Moving your arms is important02:30 - 03:21by TurboManGotta get the coin out of the thing Gotta get the coin out of the thing1:42:42 - 1:43:49by TurboManThe Ballad of Gork The Ballad of Gork58:55 - 59:19by psyDylDrew vs The Ladder Drew vs The Ladder49:47 - 52:01by emphulioRewind it Rewind it44:45 - 46:28by TurboManPlaying a song at the piano Playing a song at the piano24:06 - 25:18by TurboManLet's watch Sonic die Let's watch Sonic die22:20 - 22:39by psyDylRewinding to victory Rewinding to victory45:18 - 46:28by psyDylBusiness Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! Business Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! 1:15:45 - 1:16:46by TurboManDeadly Premonition 2 Reveal Deadly Premonition 2 Reveal21:30 - 23:09by TurboManVinny's getting a bumper Vinny's getting a bumper40:18 - 41:18by psyDylCo-op chaos Co-op chaos48:19 - 50:06by psyDylMultiplayer seems... complex... Multiplayer seems... complex...36:57 - 39:56by psyDylDodgeball joke Dodgeball joke1:02:06 - 1:03:13by TurboManAlex, avenged Alex, avenged17:07 - 17:33by psyDylAlex, betrayed Alex, betrayed04:25 - 06:38by psyDylBusiness Dave drops by on his "day off" (Business Dave's Top Ten) Business Dave drops by on his "day off" (Business Dave's Top Ten)1:47:57 - 2:14:19by phourninerTongue-skinned creature Tongue-skinned creature15:53 - 17:25by psyDylBFG fun BFG fun1:32:09 - 1:32:36by psyDyl"You got two babies!" "You got two babies!"36:58 - 37:33by psyDyl"Thanks, homie!" "Thanks, homie!"45:30 - 45:45by TheCoffeeGrinderKitty cat Kitty cat1:06:15 - 1:08:12by PirateogtaJUMP CUT! JUMP CUT!14:11 - 14:40by PirateogtaVinny throws 74 foots Vinny throws 74 foots18:16 - 19:22by psyDylDan's a monster Dan's a monster32:39 - 33:12by stayandlistenBanana Hammock Banana Hammock20:03 - 20:50by TurboManDon't forget to save Don't forget to save26:13 - 27:10by PrestigeStop looking at that Stop looking at that1:14:36 - 1:15:10by jimbomccoyI bet he'll get both coins I bet he'll get both coins1:21:56 - 1:23:32by TurboManKiki please Kiki please04:09 - 05:18by TurboManLet's open up the Funky Kong Shop! Let's open up the Funky Kong Shop!01:32 - 03:27by TurboManRikiKiki RikiKiki1:41:07 - 1:41:47by MikeMetroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime 3: Corruption16:02 - 19:43by zygoatsalamiMetroid Prime 2: Echoes Metroid Prime 2: Echoes10:59 - 14:59by zygoatsalamiMetroid Prime Metroid Prime02:02 - 09:07by zygoatsalamiMetroid Prime Trilogy Metroid Prime Trilogy00:00 - 19:43by JubsDan is a cool guy Dan is a cool guy58:26 - 59:06by TurboManTop 10 Top 101:28:29 - 1:29:51by TurboManBusiness Dave Top Ten (07/19/2019) Business Dave Top Ten (07/19/2019)1:01:31 - 1:12:13by PrestigeBusiness Dave Top Ten (07/26/2019) Business Dave Top Ten (07/26/2019)1:09:15 - 1:23:06by PrestigeBusiness Dave Top Ten (08/02/2019) Business Dave Top Ten (08/02/2019)1:29:33 - 1:42:04by PrestigeDan has a realization Dan has a realization50:43 - 51:13by TurboManTOP TEN TIME TOP TEN TIME1:29:47 - 1:32:35by TurboManJeff gets out there and shreds Jeff gets out there and shreds24:38 - 25:40by cyberlink420Double barons Double barons1:55:00 - 1:55:28by jimbomccoyAbby being real cool Abby being real cool23:25 - 24:15by psyDylBig Lord Boy Big Lord Boy12:34 - 14:03by psyDylDinosaurs aren't real Dinosaurs aren't real37:21 - 38:47by cyberlink420Parachute works now Parachute works now49:37 - 51:04by TurboManThat's not the jump That's not the jump43:15 - 44:23by TurboManParachuting off the side of a mountain Parachuting off the side of a mountain36:52 - 37:33by TurboManThere is fall damage There is fall damage15:46 - 16:34by TurboManCastlevania Castlevania2:03:21 - 2:11:34by zygoatsalamiChameleon Twist Chameleon Twist1:51:22 - 2:02:41by zygoatsalamiStarCraft StarCraft1:45:02 - 1:49:53by zygoatsalamiStar Fox 64 Star Fox 641:19:52 - 1:44:22by zygoatsalamiPokémon Stadium 2 Pokémon Stadium 21:14:43 - 1:19:19by zygoatsalamiPokémon Stadium Pokémon Stadium1:03:03 - 1:13:58by zygoatsalamiSpace Station Silicon Valley Space Station Silicon Valley50:04 - 1:02:45by zygoatsalamiArmy Men: Sarge's Heroes Army Men: Sarge's Heroes42:41 - 49:23by zygoatsalamiSuper Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.33:48 - 42:03by zygoatsalamiQuake Quake28:36 - 33:17by zygoatsalamiGlover Glover20:30 - 27:13by zygoatsalamiSuper Mario 64 Super Mario 6401:20 - 19:52by zygoatsalamiP Diddy update P Diddy update1:15:23 - 1:16:22by TurboManWhat is this? What is this?49:00 - 49:51by TurboManBloopers won't kill you if you're stationary Bloopers won't kill you if you're stationary40:09 - 40:32by PrestigePhew Phew59:10 - 59:46by TurboManNow we're talking about silica beads? Now we're talking about silica beads?52:18 - 54:13by TurboManDan can't smell anything? Dan can't smell anything?33:30 - 34:41by TurboManDan is on cooldown Dan is on cooldown12:19 - 14:25by TurboMan"They know." "They know."1:54:30 - 1:55:11by nocamHe just jumped out He just jumped out44:54 - 45:28by TurboManLosing at Frogger Losing at Frogger47:32 - 48:20by TurboMan30 hours into the game and... 30 hours into the game and...1:33:48 - 1:34:20by matsemann08Gondola ride Gondola ride1:19:23 - 1:20:06by TurboManYoung Brad Young Brad1:00:00 - 1:02:04by reflexMaybe just shut the hell up and play the F**king game Maybe just shut the hell up and play the F**king game15:40 - 15:57by VonDozierWatching Drew's farewell Best of Giant Bomb Watching Drew's farewell Best of Giant Bomb1:42:56 - 1:52:40by pinguinoMJ Victory Dance MJ Victory Dance16:30 - 17:16by psyDylJigsaw stops by Jigsaw stops by1:40:50 - 1:41:56by psyDylJank Effect 2 Jank Effect 240:59 - 41:49by psyDylAlex, you ready for the thing? Alex, you ready for the thing?1:08:09 - 1:08:58by psyDylWhat's your handle? What's your handle?12:28 - 13:58by psyDylVinny translates Vinny translates46:53 - 48:12by psyDylCher makes an appearance Cher makes an appearance 40:00 - 42:22by greebmanAshley get out of there Ashley get out of there1:30:35 - 1:30:58by TurboManAh A Snake Ah A Snake18:31 - 19:08by TurboManThis dude looks familiar... This dude looks familiar...39:19 - 39:39by psyDylThe Food Zone The Food Zone1:07:22 - 1:10:30by TurboManWhat is going on? What is going on?10:51 - 11:47by TurboMan