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Recently added timestamps:WHY ARE THERE TWO DANS?! WHY ARE THERE TWO DANS?!02:14 - 03:45by cyberlink420Jeffs thoughts on bad covers of songs Jeffs thoughts on bad covers of songs1:45:47 - 1:47:12by matthewmw64Jess Sings The Witcher Jess Sings The Witcher2:44:40 - 2:45:05by LittlegThe carrot top of streaming The carrot top of streaming24:26 - 25:06by TurboManThere's a giant dog in that intersection There's a giant dog in that intersection02:13 - 04:17by cyberlink420"Is grass a fish?" "Is grass a fish?"31:14 - 31:33by cyberlink420Year of the Hos(e) Year of the Hos(e)17:02 - 17:31by cyberlink420Derek, fuck you Derek, fuck you2:21:01 - 2:21:46by TurboManPlaying the flute to soothe the beast Playing the flute to soothe the beast24:14 - 26:20by ErikVonWolfTNT Music TNT Music13:05 - 13:42by Fluxuate23All Units! All Units!1:48:18 - 1:48:54by kamui97Giant Bomb Homage Giant Bomb Homage22:49 - 23:41by Fluxuate23Vinny Shock game Vinny Shock game00:00 - 00:39by TurboManSeventeen interviews Britney Spears Seventeen interviews Britney Spears2:14:54 - 2:17:38by TurboManTop 5 fuckable pokemon Top 5 fuckable pokemon2:09:31 - 2:14:34by TurboManThrow a rock Throw a rock32:47 - 33:13by psyDylMechAssault MechAssault4:34:30 - 4:36:42by ErikVonWolfHalo 2 Halo 21:19:58 - 4:34:27by ErikVonWolfHalo 2 Halo 208:54 - 38:50by ErikVonWolfCrimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge38:41 - 1:00:13by ErikVonWolfBurnout 3: Takedown Burnout 3: Takedown1:00:34 - 1:17:08by ErikVonWolfAlex tied up Alex tied up1:22:30 - 1:24:23by TurboManJeff's offer letter to Gamespot Jeff's offer letter to Gamespot1:55:52 - 2:02:47by TurboManGoodbye Drums Goodbye Drums2:50:20 - 2:52:59by TurboManThe announcement. The announcement.06:14 - 08:11by TurboManBTS Photos and Alt-Dimension Endurance Runs BTS Photos and Alt-Dimension Endurance Runs32:53 - 34:48by psyDylOut of the frying pan, into the fire Out of the frying pan, into the fire1:27:43 - 1:29:04by CypherYork-Style Flirtation York-Style Flirtation45:36 - 47:04by psyDylDog Shenanigans Dog Shenanigans30:41 - 31:17by psyDylJeff leaves, Drew pinch-hosts Jeff leaves, Drew pinch-hosts25:06 - 26:56by psyDylReading notes from "some event" Reading notes from "some event"59:16 - 1:01:50by psyDylStick into Stick into22:35 - 23:13by psyDylResizing a human Resizing a human55:03 - 56:04by psyDylDiscovering the Hidden Game (Vivian Clark) Discovering the Hidden Game (Vivian Clark)18:24 - 19:52by psyDylGeorge Saves The Day George Saves The Day03:36 - 04:43by psyDylThe General (of inconsistent volume) The General (of inconsistent volume)11:39 - 13:47by psyDylVinny gets bored, blows it Vinny gets bored, blows it26:57 - 28:25by psyDylOlliolli Oxenfree Olliolli Oxenfree1:00:50 - 1:02:40by psyDylJeff's Expensive Keyboard Habit Jeff's Expensive Keyboard Habit45:45 - 47:23by psyDylHideo Kojima's Battlegrounds (Part 1) Hideo Kojima's Battlegrounds (Part 1)1:01:21 - 1:02:22by treddle"Crossbow!" "Crossbow!"36:46 - 37:36by treddleChecking The Leaderboards Checking The Leaderboards15:23 - 16:22by psyDylJeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind2:54:20 - 2:55:00by treddleJeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind22:41 - 23:44by treddleJeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind1:03:24 - 1:04:25by treddleZach, we need to file an insurance claim. Zach, we need to file an insurance claim.25:32 - 26:01by psyDylFMVinny FMVinny55:02 - 1:25:43by treddleFMVinny FMVinny35:00 - 1:01:30by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:34:29by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 37:26by treddleI don't like this. I don't like this.00:50 - 04:10by TurboManHerbie tank! (Ha ha ha ha ha) Herbie tank! (Ha ha ha ha ha)1:45:32 - 1:45:56by LittlegVinny gushes Vinny gushes1:07:45 - 1:08:16by psyDylEat or pet? Eat or pet?13:26 - 13:54by psyDylYou'll never have this You'll never have this59:02 - 59:29by KonstantinGot him! Got him!1:31:56 - 1:32:55by Konstantin"There's that scream again." "There's that scream again."20:36 - 21:19by psyDylStubbs falls apart Stubbs falls apart31:34 - 32:11by psyDylBaby Gerstmann stops by Baby Gerstmann stops by2:33:07 - 2:33:43by psyDylJeff finds a bug Jeff finds a bug31:39 - 32:19by TurboManIntelligent Majima Intelligent Majima56:19 - 58:14by KonstantinHow to stop the music How to stop the music14:18 - 14:35by KonstantinFight Club: The Video Game Fight Club: The Video Game52:35 - 53:58by psyDylVinny makes another jump Vinny makes another jump54:56 - 56:05by TurboManBen breaks chat Ben breaks chat44:38 - 46:35by psyDylEB Lovecraft EB Lovecraft1:32:49 - 1:33:26by rocketskates[SPOILERS] Best Game Feel Shocker [SPOILERS] Best Game Feel Shocker2:02:24 - 2:04:12by psyDylGamifying PS5 Purchases Gamifying PS5 Purchases50:41 - 52:31by psyDylBootleg Q*bert Bootleg Q*bert1:02:38 - 1:04:21by TurboManTime to drink Time to drink19:26 - 20:53by TurboManVinny's Mighty Leap Vinny's Mighty Leap42:54 - 43:17by psyDylGraphics on Playstation 5 Graphics on Playstation 529:57 - 31:09by TurboManBackstory of Jeff falling off rail Backstory of Jeff falling off rail28:49 - 33:23by TurboManJeff is broken Jeff is broken25:11 - 28:08by TurboMan1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red 1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red27:55 - 31:43by TurboManToilet Shenanigans Toilet Shenanigans50:40 - 52:37by TurboManAir Strike Approved Air Strike Approved1:27:26 - 1:27:43by psyDyl'Take On Me' Sound Sample 'Take On Me' Sound Sample05:41 - 07:09by treddleAxel Jeff. Axel Jeff.28:10 - 30:12by treddleVirtual Jeff Virtual Jeff24:00 - 24:54by psyDylGood luck, Jeff! Good luck, Jeff!1:28:09 - 1:29:07by psyDylGiant Bomb presents: Kentia Hall Stream Giant Bomb presents: Kentia Hall Stream25:19 - 28:05by TurboMan1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red 1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red27:55 - 31:43by TurboManTime to jack in Time to jack in36:56 - 39:21by TurboManComprimised Ghost Comprimised Ghost30:22 - 31:42by TurboManSteven Segal blues solo Steven Segal blues solo1:07:45 - 1:08:38by TurboManFace Touching Face Touching41:30 - 42:46by TurboManSuburban Drama Hour, brought to you by Bakalar Suburban Drama Hour, brought to you by Bakalar07:28 - 14:58by psyDylJeff distressed about Dirt 5's video options Jeff distressed about Dirt 5's video options2:42:22 - 2:46:15by psyDylJeff sneaks backstage Jeff sneaks backstage09:31 - 10:24by rocketskatesWhat happened to Kingdom Heartache What happened to Kingdom Heartache28:23 - 32:22by psyDylCursed or just aging? Cursed or just aging?18:18 - 19:17by psyDylThe Run The Run2:03:09 - 2:17:47by emphulioMEGA NOISE MEGA NOISE1:38:38 - 1:39:58by psyDylFirst room First room06:06 - 06:32by TurboManThe Big Joke The Big Joke09:52 - 10:57by TurboManIs this ska? Is this ska?07:15 - 08:28by psyDylSexy car Sexy car1:11:40 - 1:13:16by TurboManKadir, Space Minnesotan Kadir, Space Minnesotan47:33 - 48:12by psyDylFists are blunt weapons Fists are blunt weapons08:21 - 09:12by TurboMan