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Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind22:41 - 23:44by treddleJeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind2:54:20 - 2:55:00by treddleJeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind Jeff recalls the Eidos party feat. Third Eye Blind1:03:24 - 1:04:25by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 37:26by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:34:29by treddleFMVinny FMVinny35:00 - 1:01:30by treddleFMVinny FMVinny55:02 - 1:25:43by treddleAxel Jeff. Axel Jeff.28:10 - 30:12by treddle'Take On Me' Sound Sample 'Take On Me' Sound Sample05:41 - 07:09by treddleVinny's delayed reaction Vinny's delayed reaction46:02 - 47:16by treddleAcacia bread? Acacia bread?04:22 - 04:57by treddleRanking of Kongs Ranking of Kongs2:26:39 - 2:28:34by treddleWhere is Darth Vader from? Where is Darth Vader from?04:24 - 05:07by treddleFMVinny FMVinny37:31 - 1:49:01by treddleFMVinny FMVinny03:01 - 37:15by treddleFox Hunt Fox Hunt03:01 - 37:15by treddleDreams Dreams40:08 - 1:26:12by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Prince Hitman Elusive Target: The Prince1:26:20 - 1:52:07by treddleHitman 2 Hitman 21:26:30 - 1:52:07by treddleVinny grapples with the N64 controller Vinny grapples with the N64 controller39:49 - 40:31by treddleFMVinny FMVinny01:34 - 48:29by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 18:58by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 26:07by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 22:36by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 40:30by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 58:25by treddleQuick Look: Spotify Quick Look: Spotify25:04 - 29:31by treddle'Double White Guy' meme 'Double White Guy' meme02:21 - 03:55by treddleGiant Bomb's new motto Giant Bomb's new motto03:21 - 03:50by treddleGiant Bomb's new motto Giant Bomb's new motto32:57 - 33:35by treddleContra Contra3:36:00 - 4:01:21by treddleBaba Is You Baba Is You2:46:41 - 2:49:45by treddleWarcraft II: Tides of Darkness Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness1:44:31 - 2:08:29by treddleThe Lion King The Lion King1:41:29 - 1:43:33by treddleRisk of Rain 2 Risk of Rain 21:09:33 - 1:40:46by treddleRenegade Ops Renegade Ops43:16 - 1:08:49by treddleGiant Bomb Makes Mario Giant Bomb Makes Mario00:00 - 1:20:02by treddleSuper Mario Maker Super Mario Maker03:47 - 42:33by treddleGiant Bomb Makes Mario Giant Bomb Makes Mario03:36 - 42:32by treddleGiant Bomb Makes Mario Giant Bomb Makes Mario32:44 - 1:10:26by treddleSuper Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World1:55:06 - 2:07:00by treddleSuper Mario Maker Super Mario Maker34:44 - 1:10:26by treddleSekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice03:14 - 32:54by treddleSuper Mario Maker Super Mario Maker00:00 - 2:57:59by treddle"Ya gotta get 'em" "Ya gotta get 'em"10:23 - 11:20by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Appraiser Hitman Elusive Target: The Appraiser05:26 - 15:13by treddleAbby's been getting drunk in the control room Abby's been getting drunk in the control room41:45 - 42:20by treddleDan is a man of culture Dan is a man of culture12:30 - 12:41by treddleThe greatest thumbs-up in film history The greatest thumbs-up in film history29:05 - 33:00by treddleJock talk Jock talk06:39 - 08:11by treddleThe cops arrive The cops arrive06:58 - 07:17by treddleJeff on tabletop games Jeff on tabletop games3:26:05 - 3:26:58by treddle"Now, all we need..." "Now, all we need..."10:57 - 11:07by treddleDriv3r Driv3r1:24:03 - 1:31:54by treddleCrazy Taxi Crazy Taxi1:14:10 - 1:23:24by treddleDragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ55:38 - 1:05:11by treddleMoney Puzzle Exchanger Money Puzzle Exchanger41:17 - 46:25by treddleFuzion Frenzy Fuzion Frenzy35:47 - 40:36by treddleSSX 3 SSX 312:32 - 18:55by treddleTetris Effect Tetris Effect05:10 - 11:38by treddleWrestling Trivia: The wrestling trivia challenge Wrestling Trivia: The wrestling trivia challenge1:47:55 - 1:49:56by treddlePaper Airplanes: The paper airplane challenge Paper Airplanes: The paper airplane challenge22:41 - 29:01by treddleGuess How Many: The Mortal Kombat POG science box challenge Guess How Many: The Mortal Kombat POG science box challenge19:13 - 22:09by treddleWhat Flavor is This?: The Skittles taste-test challenge What Flavor is This?: The Skittles taste-test challenge46:48 - 54:08by treddleSuper Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey30:24 - 34:00by treddleDead Cells Dead Cells1:43:24 - 1:48:11by treddleSuper Mario Party Super Mario Party1:06:45 - 1:12:43by treddleHitman 2 Hitman 21:32:42 - 1:42:00by treddleAll Gokus, all the time All Gokus, all the time1:01:50 - 1:02:06by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Undying Hitman Elusive Target: The Undying11:22 - 49:02by treddleDan learns how to speak French Dan learns how to speak French05:24 - 06:09by treddleFMVinny FMVinny2:34:20 - 3:10:18by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 31:30by treddleFMVinny FMVinny12:56 - 3:32:10by treddleFMVinny FMVinny06:50 - 1:14:55by treddleWindows 98 and Internet Explorer Windows 98 and Internet Explorer1:14:55 - 1:25:42by treddleTotal Distortion Total Distortion1:26:14 - 1:41:07by treddleGoosebumps: Escape from Horrorland Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland06:50 - 1:14:55by treddle"Let's build it with love" "Let's build it with love"23:27 - 23:44by treddleThings get real for Abby Things get real for Abby42:43 - 43:24by treddleVinny channels Dan Vinny channels Dan01:06 - 02:45by treddle"Load 'em!" "Load 'em!"48:57 - 49:54by treddleDan writes his own fan fiction Dan writes his own fan fiction1:13:41 - 1:14:25by treddle"Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot!" "Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot!"40:04 - 40:37by treddleThomas Haden Church Thomas Haden Church23:55 - 24:12by treddleAnyone can make a Metal Gear Anyone can make a Metal Gear1:35:54 - 1:37:31by treddleSophie's tragic backstory Sophie's tragic backstory12:34 - 12:58by treddleVinny's here to succeed Vinny's here to succeed45:49 - 46:36by treddleDid Dan write this? Did Dan write this?58:28 - 59:00by treddleDan blows up the east wall Dan blows up the east wall50:05 - 51:56by treddleDan explains Metal Gear lore using actual science Dan explains Metal Gear lore using actual science59:24 - 1:03:25by treddleRoasted! Roasted!33:56 - 34:29by treddleVinny meets a bear Vinny meets a bear19:10 - 21:26by treddleHideo Kojima's Battlegrounds (Part 1) Hideo Kojima's Battlegrounds (Part 1)1:01:21 - 1:02:22by treddle"Crossbow!" "Crossbow!"36:46 - 37:36by treddleDan tries Waluigi's trick shot Dan tries Waluigi's trick shot16:14 - 16:49by treddleAssassin's Creed Odyssey presentation Assassin's Creed Odyssey presentation1:30:24 - 1:45:34by treddleThe Crew 2 presentation The Crew 2 presentation1:27:43 - 1:30:34by treddleFor Honor: Marching Fire DLC presentation For Honor: Marching Fire DLC presentation1:20:39 - 1:27:53by treddleStarlink presentation Starlink presentation1:13:10 - 1:20:56by treddleTransference presentation Transference presentation1:09:38 - 1:13:10by treddleSkull and Bones presentation Skull and Bones presentation58:50 - 1:09:35by treddleMusic: Grant Kirkhope and Critical Hit accompany the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong DLC trailer Music: Grant Kirkhope and Critical Hit accompany the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong DLC trailer52:53 - 58:41by treddleThe Division 2 presentation The Division 2 presentation42:23 - 52:53by treddleTrials Rising presentation Trials Rising presentation34:51 - 42:24by treddleRainbow Six Siege presentation Rainbow Six Siege presentation30:30 - 34:51by treddleBeyond Good & Evil 2 presentation Beyond Good & Evil 2 presentation20:22 - 30:49by treddleJust Dance 2019 presentation Just Dance 2019 presentation16:19 - 20:22by treddleWords of truth from the S.O.S. dev Words of truth from the S.O.S. dev46:01 - 46:15by treddleSkyrim: Very Special Edition (for Alexa) presentation Skyrim: Very Special Edition (for Alexa) presentation59:21 - 1:02:13by treddleThe Elder Scrolls VI teaser The Elder Scrolls VI teaser1:33:25 - 1:34:31by treddleStarfield announcement Starfield announcement1:31:28 - 1:33:25by treddleThe Elder Scrolls Blades presentation The Elder Scrolls Blades presentation1:24:06 - 1:30:11by treddleFallout 76 presentation Fallout 76 presentation1:02:08 - 1:22:12by treddleWolfenstein Youngblood presentation Wolfenstein Youngblood presentation51:31 - 54:59by treddlePrey: Mooncrash DLC presentation Prey: Mooncrash DLC presentation46:34 - 51:32by treddleQuake Champions presentation Quake Champions presentation41:30 - 46:24by treddleDOOM Eternal presentation DOOM Eternal presentation38:12 - 41:35by treddleThe Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset expansion presentation The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset expansion presentation31:55 - 38:07by treddleThe Elder Scrolls Legends presentation The Elder Scrolls Legends presentation29:30 - 31:53by treddleRage 2 presentation Rage 2 presentation19:45 - 29:30by treddleMusic: Andrew WK parties hard Music: Andrew WK parties hard16:07 - 19:45by treddleThis is Bethesda. This is Bethesda.10:04 - 13:03by treddleFallout 76 trailer Fallout 76 trailer07:10 - 08:19by treddleE-Sports! Live! On tape! E-Sports! Live! On tape!1:27:50 - 1:29:27by treddleBonus Spider-Man gameplay footage Bonus Spider-Man gameplay footage1:32:26 - 1:36:46by treddleDéraciné trailer Déraciné trailer1:27:58 - 1:29:40by treddleSpider-Man presentation Spider-Man presentation1:16:55 - 1:23:56by treddleNioh 2 trailer Nioh 2 trailer1:15:30 - 1:16:43by treddleDeath Stranding presentation Death Stranding presentation1:07:14 - 1:15:29by treddleKingdom Hearts III trailer Kingdom Hearts III trailer1:03:25 - 1:07:14by treddleTrover Saves the Universe trailer Trover Saves the Universe trailer1:02:08 - 1:03:24by treddleResident Evil 2 trailer Resident Evil 2 trailer58:26 - 1:01:55by treddleControl trailer Control trailer56:27 - 58:26by treddleGhost of Tsushima presentation Ghost of Tsushima presentation47:17 - 56:01by treddleMusic: Cornelius Boots plays shakuhachi Music: Cornelius Boots plays shakuhachi44:55 - 47:04by treddleIntermission Intermission31:54 - 44:55by treddleDestiny 2: Forsaken trailer Destiny 2: Forsaken trailer42:37 - 44:18by treddleCountdown to E3 2018 trailer montage Countdown to E3 2018 trailer montage40:26 - 41:50by treddleCall of Duty Black Ops: Back in Black map pack trailer Call of Duty Black Ops: Back in Black map pack trailer37:48 - 38:55by treddleThe Last of Us Part II presentation The Last of Us Part II presentation20:00 - 32:08by treddleMusic: Gustavo Santaolalla plays banjo guitar Music: Gustavo Santaolalla plays banjo guitar16:40 - 20:00by treddleSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation32:16 - 57:28by treddleTrailer montage Trailer montage29:22 - 31:23by treddleHollow Knight presentation Hollow Knight presentation27:42 - 28:19by treddleKiller Queen Black presentation Killer Queen Black presentation27:13 - 27:42by treddleOvercooked 2 presentation Overcooked 2 presentation26:36 - 27:13by treddleFortnite trailer Fortnite trailer24:49 - 25:44by treddleFire Emblem Three Houses trailer Fire Emblem Three Houses trailer22:43 - 24:49by treddleSuper Mario Party trailer Super Mario Party trailer20:54 - 22:44by treddlePokémon: Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee / Poké Ball Plus presentation Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee / Poké Ball Plus presentation19:23 - 20:54by treddleXenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer16:46 - 18:44by treddleDaemon X Machina trailer Daemon X Machina trailer15:04 - 16:46by treddleKingdom Hearts III trailer Kingdom Hearts III trailer36:05 - 39:38by treddleThe Quiet Man trailer The Quiet Man trailer34:26 - 36:04by treddleJust Cause 4 presentation Just Cause 4 presentation30:50 - 34:26by treddleOctopath Traveler trailer Octopath Traveler trailer29:57 - 30:50by treddleNier Automata: Become as Gods Edition trailer Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition trailer29:11 - 29:56by treddleBabylon's Fall trailer Babylon's Fall trailer27:12 - 29:11by treddleDragon Quest XI trailers Dragon Quest XI trailers23:46 - 27:12by treddleThe Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit presentation The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit presentation21:29 - 23:46by treddleFinal Fantasy XIV expansions trailers Final Fantasy XIV expansions trailers19:03 - 21:29by treddleShadow of the Tomb Raider presentation Shadow of the Tomb Raider presentation11:51 - 19:02by treddleCyperpunk 2077 trailer Cyperpunk 2077 trailer1:47:03 - 1:49:47by treddleGears Pop / Gears Tactics / Gears 5 presentation Gears Pop / Gears Tactics / Gears 5 presentation1:36:12 - 1:43:30by treddleJust Cause 4 trailer Just Cause 4 trailer1:34:24 - 1:36:07by treddleBattletoads trailer Battletoads trailer1:33:14 - 1:34:22by treddleDying Light 2 presentation Dying Light 2 presentation1:27:34 - 1:33:09by treddleJump Force trailer Jump Force trailer1:25:36 - 1:27:32by treddleTunic trailer Tunic trailer1:22:37 - 1:24:00by treddleCuphead DLC trailer Cuphead DLC trailer1:21:48 - 1:22:37by treddleDevil May Cry 5 presentation Devil May Cry 5 presentation1:16:53 - 1:21:45by treddleBlack Desert trailer Black Desert trailer1:15:01 - 1:16:53by treddleSession. trailer Session. trailer1:13:40 - 1:14:59by treddleShadow of the Tomb Raider trailer Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer1:10:49 - 1:13:40by treddleID@Xbox trailer montage ID@Xbox trailer montage1:09:02 - 1:10:49by treddleMicrosoft Studios presentation Microsoft Studios presentation46:59 - 51:13by treddleXbox Game Pass presentation Xbox Game Pass presentation1:04:41 - 1:09:03by treddleThe Division 2 presentation The Division 2 presentation56:49 - 1:04:40by treddleThe Division 2 trailer The Division 2 trailer56:50 - 58:31by treddleTales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition trailer Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition trailer55:05 - 56:42by treddlePlayer Unknown's Battlegrounds trailer Player Unknown's Battlegrounds trailer53:16 - 55:04by treddleWe Happy Few trailer We Happy Few trailer51:13 - 53:15by treddleForza Horizon 4 presentation Forza Horizon 4 presentation39:25 - 47:01by treddleForza Horizon 4 trailer Forza Horizon 4 trailer39:25 - 41:35by treddleBattlefield V trailer Battlefield V trailer38:17 - 39:25by treddleSea of Thieves DLC trailer Sea of Thieves DLC trailer36:16 - 38:17by treddleKingdom Hearts III trailer Kingdom Hearts III trailer32:05 - 36:12by treddleMetro Exodus trailer Metro Exodus trailer29:25 - 32:05by treddleNier Automata: Become as Gods Edition trailer Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition trailer28:50 - 29:25by treddleCrackdown 3 trailer Crackdown 3 trailer27:02 - 28:49by treddleThe Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit trailer The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit trailer25:04 - 27:01by treddleFallout 76 trailer Fallout 76 trailer20:17 - 25:01by treddleSekiro trailer Sekiro trailer17:53 - 20:17by treddleOri and the Will of the Wisps trailer Ori and the Will of the Wisps trailer15:40 - 17:46by treddleHalo Infinite trailer Halo Infinite trailer09:19 - 11:36by treddleNBA Live 19 trailer NBA Live 19 trailer49:42 - 50:56by treddleAnthem presentation Anthem presentation1:07:10 - 1:27:24by treddleCommand & Conquer Rivals presentation Command & Conquer Rivals presentation55:40 - 1:04:16by treddleMadden 19 presentation Madden 19 presentation50:56 - 55:36by treddleSea of Solitude presentation Sea of Solitude presentation44:31 - 49:42by treddleUnravel Two presentation Unravel Two presentation34:57 - 43:40by treddleStar Wars Battlefront II presentation Star Wars Battlefront II presentation30:57 - 34:57by treddleEA Play / Origin Access Premier presentation EA Play / Origin Access Premier presentation24:27 - 28:23by treddleFIFA 19 presentation FIFA 19 presentation17:27 - 24:28by treddleBattlefield V presentation Battlefield V presentation11:42 - 17:27by treddle"Make a meme face" "Make a meme face"00:46 - 01:41by treddle"I didn't know pirates worked on this game" "I didn't know pirates worked on this game"01:40 - 03:06by treddle"Get close to him" "Get close to him"15:18 - 15:43by treddleDan has trouble sitting still Dan has trouble sitting still40:50 - 41:37by treddleAsh Ketchum Ash Ketchum3:03:18 - 3:04:20by treddleThat helicopter's full That helicopter's full54:53 - 55:40by treddleEven more internet memes Even more internet memes39:05 - 40:35by treddleFun with choppers, tanks, and ATVs Fun with choppers, tanks, and ATVs40:53 - 47:38by treddleKessler critiques Ryan, plus more internet memes Kessler critiques Ryan, plus more internet memes31:26 - 33:52by treddleInternet memes Internet memes24:42 - 25:28by treddleJeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games Jeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games1:31:12 - 1:32:22by treddle"I would eat some Burger King" "I would eat some Burger King"1:12:03 - 1:12:52by treddleJeff auditions for Garfield Jeff auditions for Garfield2:15:23 - 2:15:45by treddleQVC Japan QVC Japan56:22 - 57:00by treddleeBay Garfield eBay Garfield34:43 - 37:00by treddleHow's this for a change? How's this for a change?3:33:34 - 3:33:59by treddleDrew reaches his breaking point Drew reaches his breaking point2:24:09 - 2:25:10by treddleNaruto make a statement Naruto make a statement21:53 - 22:45by treddleSpyfall, round 2 Spyfall, round 28:11:25 - 8:50:29by treddleSpyfall, round 1 Spyfall, round 14:56:14 - 5:20:26by treddleGiant Beast Academy: Game Design with Construct 2 Giant Beast Academy: Game Design with Construct 23:31:02 - 5:35:50by treddleRock Band 4 Rock Band 412:11:33 - 12:16:46by treddleChess Ultra Chess Ultra11:17:17 - 12:11:32by treddleCuphead Cuphead9:00:46 - 10:52:14by treddleMario Party 2 Mario Party 26:42:00 - 8:10:51by treddleThe Sims 4 The Sims 45:42:17 - 6:36:05by treddleThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2:24:55 - 3:22:29by treddleContra Contra1:47:56 - 2:23:41by treddleTom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands15:51 - 1:41:34by treddleWhat is Dan doing? What is Dan doing?27:31 - 28:24by treddleWindows '95 and MS Paint: Part 2 Windows '95 and MS Paint: Part 21:31:31 - 1:34:14by treddleWindows '95 and MS Paint Windows '95 and MS Paint02:08 - 07:26by treddleWe dancin'! We dancin'!1:00:38 - 1:01:11by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 27:28by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:28:34by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 2:07:55by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 2:22:01by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:30:38by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 16:21by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 2:10:40by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:53:02by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 2:29:49by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:40:07by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:15:18by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:57:58by treddleFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 2:05:50by treddleKaren gets a tough question Karen gets a tough question1:25:07 - 1:25:33by treddleDan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders' Dan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders'1:40:04 - 1:40:56by treddleKid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt Kid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt47:42 - 48:51by treddleAustin quits Austin quits43:35 - 44:02by treddleWhy are we...? Why are we...?46:23 - 47:11by treddleBeyond Good & Evil 2 E3 in-engine demo Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 in-engine demo53:12 - 1:08:08by treddleAsuka 120% Limited Burning Fest. Asuka 120% Limited Burning Fest.1:23:59 - 1:49:33by treddleJazzpunk Jazzpunk1:09:52 - 1:23:47by treddleThe Hunter: Call of the Wild The Hunter: Call of the Wild26:43 - 52:47by treddleDivekick Divekick03:41 - 22:47by treddleMajima learns Makoto's story Majima learns Makoto's story38:01 - 39:31by treddleDan shoots the plane Dan shoots the plane1:51:02 - 1:51:42by treddleAlex names his autobiography Alex names his autobiography44:19 - 44:27by treddleMutant Football League Mutant Football League1:45:14 - 1:53:33by treddleForza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels DLC Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels DLC1:12:56 - 1:42:16by treddleStreet Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 244:46 - 1:11:21by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Badboy Hitman Elusive Target: The Badboy10:36 - 43:10by treddleHitman Hitman10:36 - 43:10by treddleMarvel Heroes Omega Marvel Heroes Omega1:16:00 - 1:42:02by treddleI Am The Hero I Am The Hero47:15 - 1:14:19by treddleElusive Target: The Identity Thief Elusive Target: The Identity Thief02:37 - 42:56by treddleBrad's run Brad's run52:04 - 1:33:49by treddleDan's run Dan's run04:03 - 38:39by treddleBrad's run Brad's run24:45 - 1:00:22by treddleDan's run Dan's run02:50 - 22:41by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Wild Card Hitman Elusive Target: The Wild Card00:00 - 1:02:40by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Forger Hitman Elusive Target: The Forger13:39 - 36:49by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Congressman Hitman Elusive Target: The Congressman28:31 - 59:55by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Gunrunner Hitman Elusive Target: The Gunrunner38:44 - 50:14by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Pharmacist Hitman Elusive Target: The Pharmacist13:03 - 52:40by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Fixer Hitman Elusive Target: The Fixer00:00 - 14:40by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Chef Hitman Elusive Target: The Chef52:18 - 1:10:00by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Angel of Death Hitman Elusive Target: The Angel of Death1:21:20 - 1:44:31by treddleHitman Holiday Bonus Map: Holiday Hoarders Hitman Holiday Bonus Map: Holiday Hoarders1:21:34 - 1:42:01by treddleVinny meets Santa Vinny meets Santa37:56 - 38:26by treddleElusive Target: The Guru Elusive Target: The Guru57:00 - 1:19:42by treddleAlex drums Yes - Roundabout Alex drums Yes - Roundabout1:52:54 - 2:01:37by treddleAlex drums Deep Purple - Space Truckin' Alex drums Deep Purple - Space Truckin'1:34:17 - 1:39:24by treddleKopanito All-Stars Soccer Kopanito All-Stars Soccer1:39:27 - 1:51:13by treddleSpace Trucker Space Trucker1:10:30 - 1:34:22by treddleNidhogg II Nidhogg II31:08 - 1:05:22by treddleSuperhot VR Superhot VR17:50 - 29:43by treddleOculus Medium Oculus Medium04:49 - 17:36by treddleHitman: Absolution Hitman: Absolution00:00 - 1:15:38by treddleHitman Go Hitman Go00:00 - 48:02by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 50:03by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 1:16:28by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 1:17:12by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 1:42:27by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 1:11:13by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 2:23:08by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 59:10by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 1:04:21by treddleHitman Hitman00:00 - 50:04by treddleHitman Hitman02:12 - 1:19:42by treddleHitman Hitman4:55:46 - 6:51:28by treddleOverwatch Overwatch4:12:42 - 4:52:57by treddleTitanfall 2 Titanfall 23:12:16 - 4:02:51by treddleDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 22:38:00 - 3:09:55by treddleHitman Hitman20:54 - 2:34:26by treddleGears of War 4 Gears of War 402:26 - 3:54:48by treddleSuper Mario Maker Super Mario Maker02:13 - 1:20:02by treddleOvercooked! Overcooked!01:06 - 1:15:55by treddleHitman (Brad's Run) Hitman (Brad's Run)07:12 - 14:34by treddleMerry Christmas! Merry Christmas!1:31:50 - 1:32:45by treddleBrief Karate Foolish Brief Karate Foolish1:42:27 - 1:51:37by treddleHitman Hitman1:21:34 - 1:42:01by treddleAstroneer Astroneer45:40 - 1:18:04by treddleFinal Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VI13:01 - 45:00by treddleBrad tries out the proximity mine Brad tries out the proximity mine42:59 - 44:54by treddle

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