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Throw a rock Throw a rock32:47 - 33:13by psyDylBTS Photos and Alt-Dimension Endurance Runs BTS Photos and Alt-Dimension Endurance Runs32:53 - 34:48by psyDylStick into Stick into22:35 - 23:13by psyDylReading notes from "some event" Reading notes from "some event"59:16 - 1:01:50by psyDylJeff leaves, Drew pinch-hosts Jeff leaves, Drew pinch-hosts25:06 - 26:56by psyDylDog Shenanigans Dog Shenanigans30:41 - 31:17by psyDylYork-Style Flirtation York-Style Flirtation45:36 - 47:04by psyDylResizing a human Resizing a human55:03 - 56:04by psyDylDiscovering the Hidden Game (Vivian Clark) Discovering the Hidden Game (Vivian Clark)18:24 - 19:52by psyDylGeorge Saves The Day George Saves The Day03:36 - 04:43by psyDylVinny gets bored, blows it Vinny gets bored, blows it26:57 - 28:25by psyDylThe General (of inconsistent volume) The General (of inconsistent volume)11:39 - 13:47by psyDylOlliolli Oxenfree Olliolli Oxenfree1:00:50 - 1:02:40by psyDylJeff's Expensive Keyboard Habit Jeff's Expensive Keyboard Habit45:45 - 47:23by psyDylChecking The Leaderboards Checking The Leaderboards15:23 - 16:22by psyDylZach, we need to file an insurance claim. Zach, we need to file an insurance claim.25:32 - 26:01by psyDylVinny gushes Vinny gushes1:07:45 - 1:08:16by psyDylEat or pet? Eat or pet?13:26 - 13:54by psyDylBaby Gerstmann stops by Baby Gerstmann stops by2:33:07 - 2:33:43by psyDylStubbs falls apart Stubbs falls apart31:34 - 32:11by psyDyl"There's that scream again." "There's that scream again."20:36 - 21:19by psyDylFight Club: The Video Game Fight Club: The Video Game52:35 - 53:58by psyDylGamifying PS5 Purchases Gamifying PS5 Purchases50:41 - 52:31by psyDylVinny's Mighty Leap Vinny's Mighty Leap42:54 - 43:17by psyDylVirtual Jeff Virtual Jeff24:00 - 24:54by psyDylGood luck, Jeff! Good luck, Jeff!1:28:09 - 1:29:07by psyDylAir Strike Approved Air Strike Approved1:27:26 - 1:27:43by psyDylSuburban Drama Hour, brought to you by Bakalar Suburban Drama Hour, brought to you by Bakalar07:28 - 14:58by psyDylJeff distressed about Dirt 5's video options Jeff distressed about Dirt 5's video options2:42:22 - 2:46:15by psyDyl[SPOILERS] Best Game Feel Shocker [SPOILERS] Best Game Feel Shocker2:02:24 - 2:04:12by psyDylCursed or just aging? Cursed or just aging?18:18 - 19:17by psyDylBen breaks chat Ben breaks chat44:38 - 46:35by psyDylWhat happened to Kingdom Heartache What happened to Kingdom Heartache28:23 - 32:22by psyDylMEGA NOISE MEGA NOISE1:38:38 - 1:39:58by psyDylKadir, Space Minnesotan Kadir, Space Minnesotan47:33 - 48:12by psyDylIs this ska? Is this ska?07:15 - 08:28by psyDylRecursion and Peeeegs Recursion and Peeeegs1:15:36 - 1:16:58by psyDylAlex delivers bad space news Alex delivers bad space news46:31 - 47:13by psyDyl"Jump out!" "Jump out!"1:47:58 - 1:48:57by psyDylJeff is broken Jeff is broken48:19 - 49:06by psyDyl"You've got to whack him off!" "You've got to whack him off!"56:34 - 57:06by psyDylVinny Gets Dirty Vinny Gets Dirty19:56 - 21:07by psyDylSit and Spin Sit and Spin1:00:54 - 1:02:13by psyDylDaryl Dixon Don't Duck Daryl Dixon Don't Duck12:42 - 13:49by psyDylVinny's Stories - Lone Cup of Coffee Vinny's Stories - Lone Cup of Coffee1:35:55 - 1:36:47by psyDylPoor, Freaky Twins Poor, Freaky Twins21:29 - 22:23by psyDylQuestionable Best Family Game Award Nominees Questionable Best Family Game Award Nominees11:30 - 12:42by psyDylBring Hot Stuff To Life In Herre Bring Hot Stuff To Life In Herre22:27 - 23:52by psyDylSave states can't save Brad Save states can't save Brad1:18:24 - 1:19:19by psyDylLackluster hints Lackluster hints52:04 - 53:26by psyDylSad Scoopy Sad Scoopy28:18 - 28:49by psyDylDangerous Dancing Dangerous Dancing56:00 - 56:50by psyDylJan's Existential Crisis Jan's Existential Crisis20:56 - 23:30by psyDyl"Mario 1 physics are great!" "Mario 1 physics are great!"38:27 - 39:04by psyDylTaint Misbehavin' Taint Misbehavin'52:56 - 53:40by psyDylBrad breaks time and space then pays the consequences Brad breaks time and space then pays the consequences24:00 - 25:20by psyDylStream needed more Marios Stream needed more Marios1:22:11 - 1:24:09by psyDylGetting Brad in The Zone Getting Brad in The Zone50:47 - 52:42by psyDylTiny-Ass Bus Tiny-Ass Bus1:32:12 - 1:32:50by psyDylGrand L. Bush (Balrog) stops by Grand L. Bush (Balrog) stops by1:07:38 - 1:15:04by psyDylBrad's Limitless Hair Brad's Limitless Hair35:51 - 38:48by psyDylBrad's "completely glassed" Brad's "completely glassed"04:28 - 05:54by psyDylRubber bullet math doesn't add up Rubber bullet math doesn't add up25:32 - 26:53by psyDylChuck E. Cheese Goes Bankrupt Chuck E. Cheese Goes Bankrupt1:00:43 - 1:08:07by psyDylThe Weirdest Song The Weirdest Song1:19:48 - 1:21:54by psyDylVinny's Tunnel Vinny's Tunnel33:59 - 35:15by psyDylVinny Emerges Vinny Emerges1:21:22 - 1:22:29by psyDylTater Tot Attacks Tater Tot Attacks2:25:09 - 2:26:01by psyDylBrad Splashmaker Brad Splashmaker1:32:37 - 1:33:49by psyDyl"What's a dookie rope chain?!" "What's a dookie rope chain?!"1:31:52 - 1:32:20by psyDylHow to Draw a "Cool S" How to Draw a "Cool S"1:35:58 - 1:39:36by psyDylJeff Minter's Romhack Jeff Minter's Romhack22:04 - 23:24by psyDylEmulator gets real good Emulator gets real good12:01 - 13:32by psyDylJeff approves Jeff approves2:01:50 - 2:02:07by psyDylDigging Straight Up Digging Straight Up1:57:57 - 2:00:40by psyDylEnderman stops by Enderman stops by53:09 - 54:29by psyDylIt's a Raid It's a Raid49:34 - 52:19by psyDyl"Can we cut the chatter from the orchestra, please?" "Can we cut the chatter from the orchestra, please?"21:05 - 21:53by psyDylBrad's cousin's Chrono Trigger save Brad's cousin's Chrono Trigger save37:14 - 38:39by psyDyl "Hey Vinny, you want some lithium?" "Hey Vinny, you want some lithium?"1:43:18 - 1:44:19by psyDylBrad Finds Lithium Brad Finds Lithium1:34:50 - 1:36:12by psyDylBrad's Bounty Brad's Bounty1:08:19 - 1:09:19by psyDylSulik Loses His Cool Sulik Loses His Cool58:29 - 1:00:00by psyDylDance Lesson Dance Lesson54:49 - 58:16by psyDylBen's Shrek impersonation Ben's Shrek impersonation1:09:42 - 1:09:54by psyDylUFC frozen pizza UFC frozen pizza1:00:40 - 1:01:47by psyDylTerror on the Tracks Terror on the Tracks1:32:50 - 1:33:55by psyDylA Llama is Named A Llama is Named1:29:55 - 1:30:40by psyDylAbby rides the minecart Abby rides the minecart1:15:17 - 1:16:18by psyDylMinecraft Minecarting Minecraft Minecarting1:05:15 - 1:06:40by psyDylJan having the time of his life Jan having the time of his life58:29 - 59:23by psyDylRiding the Llama Riding the Llama53:15 - 54:34by psyDylLlama Visitor Llama Visitor52:35 - 53:06by psyDylJeff Blazin' Jeff Blazin'24:45 - 25:18by psyDylA Very Vinny Solution A Very Vinny Solution03:55 - 04:42by psyDylGlimpsing a hell screen Glimpsing a hell screen1:03:02 - 1:03:56by psyDylJeff complains Jeff complains27:37 - 27:52by psyDylA Demoralizing Discovery A Demoralizing Discovery21:53 - 23:13by psyDylEmbarrassing Bar Brawl Embarrassing Bar Brawl37:02 - 38:49by psyDylLava choices Lava choices2:09:38 - 2:10:11by psyDylVinny and Brad went to a Mojang Party Vinny and Brad went to a Mojang Party56:56 - 58:13by psyDyl"This one seems a little funky." "This one seems a little funky."02:50 - 03:21by psyDylVinny is the best pirate Vinny is the best pirate2:07:30 - 2:08:32by psyDylAnnie makes an appearance Annie makes an appearance2:10:26 - 2:10:50by psyDylRats vs VATS Rats vs VATS2:04:48 - 2:05:42by psyDylBen resizes Ben resizes1:48:00 - 1:48:59by psyDylCool bong and creepy dudes Cool bong and creepy dudes06:44 - 07:18by psyDylA faaaaaantastic opening fill A faaaaaantastic opening fill2:41:38 - 2:42:04by psyDylBrad breaks the loading barrier Brad breaks the loading barrier1:38:07 - 1:39:37by psyDylAnother Rover Seat Experiment Another Rover Seat Experiment1:12:55 - 1:13:32by psyDylLiftoff (?!) Liftoff (?!)1:07:37 - 1:08:13by psyDylVinny pulls space hijinks Vinny pulls space hijinks 04:37 - 06:12by psyDylNPCs aren't here, man NPCs aren't here, man1:43:06 - 1:43:50by psyDylGlitched dogs are here Glitched dogs are here23:13 - 24:32by psyDylTruck down! Truck down!1:09:39 - 1:10:41by psyDyl"I want to play golf on a compact disc!" "I want to play golf on a compact disc!"57:34 - 58:07by psyDylJeff kicks some brains Jeff kicks some brains40:25 - 42:55by psyDylJan's story: 72oz steak on the boss's dime Jan's story: 72oz steak on the boss's dime1:34:41 - 1:36:54by psyDylRover Seat Experiment Two Rover Seat Experiment Two2:01:13 - 2:02:57by psyDylRover Seat Experiment One Rover Seat Experiment One1:51:07 - 1:52:37by psyDylPaving the world Paving the world27:13 - 28:43by psyDylHippeux The Hippo Hippeux The Hippo1:51:22 - 1:53:20by psyDylPuppy Time! Puppy Time!02:04 - 02:33by psyDylFire Bar Bullshit Fire Bar Bullshit1:15:22 - 1:16:58by psyDylJeff gets trolled Jeff gets trolled1:03:59 - 1:04:36by psyDylWorld 3-4 - A Special Hell World 3-4 - A Special Hell43:38 - 44:53by psyDylA Crappy Spring A Crappy Spring17:43 - 18:05by psyDyl"Oh, I seemed to have stumbled into something here." "Oh, I seemed to have stumbled into something here."02:19 - 02:52by psyDylNo Foreplay No Foreplay54:02 - 54:21by psyDylSkipping the cutscene Skipping the cutscene10:33 - 11:26by psyDylThe Mushroom Genie The Mushroom Genie2:35:27 - 2:36:02by psyDylFull strokes Full strokes2:06:52 - 2:08:21by psyDylJeff's poor parenting decision Jeff's poor parenting decision1:49:04 - 1:49:38by psyDylDan leaves GB with an injury Dan leaves GB with an injury1:45:30 - 1:46:24by psyDylVinny bets 3 shines Vinny bets 3 shines1:28:48 - 1:29:21by psyDylChronic The Hedgehog stops by Chronic The Hedgehog stops by1:00:26 - 1:01:32by psyDylBario and Gnario Bario and Gnario55:01 - 56:31by psyDylAnime punfest Anime punfest1:15:17 - 1:16:06by psyDylVinny's gummi ship Vinny's gummi ship29:30 - 30:25by psyDylKH3 is the WWE KH3 is the WWE26:00 - 26:32by psyDylJan over-prepared to discuss KH3 Jan over-prepared to discuss KH321:36 - 22:53by psyDylBrad's bullet point battle Brad's bullet point battle1:45:48 - 1:46:39by psyDylWelcome back, toilet! Welcome back, toilet!19:05 - 19:45by psyDylAlex dances to "Africa" Alex dances to "Africa"2:13:23 - 2:14:06by psyDylJeff walks on sunshine Jeff walks on sunshine1:17:31 - 1:21:41by psyDylBad roommates Bad roommates1:10:18 - 1:13:12by psyDylDeath Stranding Gamespot score Death Stranding Gamespot score06:54 - 17:39by psyDylMikey McD Stranding Mikey McD Stranding50:17 - 51:08by psyDylGohan to college Gohan to college44:50 - 46:02by psyDylMetal technical error Metal technical error12:01 - 13:21by psyDylJeff lashes out at FF X-2 Jeff lashes out at FF X-21:03:55 - 1:05:01by psyDylFun with Plushtrap Fun with Plushtrap35:11 - 36:46by psyDylJust leave the lobby, Brad Just leave the lobby, Brad1:45:06 - 1:46:40by psyDylHow to view your balls How to view your balls19:58 - 20:15by psyDyl"The sickest video game music committed to music" (Daddy Mulk) "The sickest video game music committed to music" (Daddy Mulk)22:05 - 24:21by psyDyl10 Free Throws 10 Free Throws43:22 - 44:44by psyDylMechacombo! Mechacombo!19:21 - 20:35by psyDylSearch for Dobby Search for Dobby34:28 - 35:52by psyDylAbby meets Dobby Abby meets Dobby33:27 - 34:07by psyDylIt's magic (or a glitch)! It's magic (or a glitch)!28:00 - 29:02by psyDylSpiral staircases (?) Spiral staircases (?)02:58 - 03:37by psyDylBorderlands 3 withheld from reviewers Borderlands 3 withheld from reviewers1:48:45 - 1:59:15by psyDylThe Ballad of Gork The Ballad of Gork58:55 - 59:19by psyDylRewinding to victory Rewinding to victory45:18 - 46:28by psyDylLet's watch Sonic die Let's watch Sonic die22:20 - 22:39by psyDylCo-op chaos Co-op chaos48:19 - 50:06by psyDylMultiplayer seems... complex... Multiplayer seems... complex...36:57 - 39:56by psyDylVinny's getting a bumper Vinny's getting a bumper40:18 - 41:18by psyDylGBA video clips GBA video clips16:54 - 17:31by psyDylAlex, avenged Alex, avenged17:07 - 17:33by psyDylAlex, betrayed Alex, betrayed04:25 - 06:38by psyDylTongue-skinned creature Tongue-skinned creature15:53 - 17:25by psyDylBFG fun BFG fun1:32:09 - 1:32:36by psyDyl"You got two babies!" "You got two babies!"36:58 - 37:33by psyDylVinny throws 74 foots Vinny throws 74 foots18:16 - 19:22by psyDylAbby being real cool Abby being real cool23:25 - 24:15by psyDylBig Lord Boy Big Lord Boy12:34 - 14:03by psyDylWhat's your handle? What's your handle?12:28 - 13:58by psyDylAlex, you ready for the thing? Alex, you ready for the thing?1:08:09 - 1:08:58by psyDylJank Effect 2 Jank Effect 240:59 - 41:49by psyDylJigsaw stops by Jigsaw stops by1:40:50 - 1:41:56by psyDylMJ Victory Dance MJ Victory Dance16:30 - 17:16by psyDylThis dude looks familiar... This dude looks familiar...39:19 - 39:39by psyDylVinny translates Vinny translates46:53 - 48:12by psyDylJeff dreams of onion sabotage Jeff dreams of onion sabotage19:47 - 21:05by psyDylDrew gets stuck Drew gets stuck07:20 - 08:13by psyDylAlright chill out, Ryan Alright chill out, Ryan25:41 - 27:12by psyDylTakayuki transforms Takayuki transforms12:14 - 12:49by psyDylWan Hazmer curses Shaq and Dave Lang in Malaysian Wan Hazmer curses Shaq and Dave Lang in Malaysian29:29 - 30:16by psyDylJason, noted hat wearer Jason, noted hat wearer1:01:31 - 1:02:21by psyDylJeff has a sore throat Jeff has a sore throat24:33 - 24:43by psyDylThe Texican Whopper The Texican Whopper39:14 - 42:20by psyDylHarris Foster got threatened by an energy drinker Harris Foster got threatened by an energy drinker20:24 - 21:34by psyDylGuest Name from Reference Text stops by Guest Name from Reference Text stops by00:13 - 00:50by psyDylJordan WHO?! Jordan WHO?!40:28 - 41:38by psyDylConan O'Brien's jacket Conan O'Brien's jacket07:23 - 07:38by psyDylWas Vinny mad? Was Vinny mad?05:20 - 06:13by psyDylRunning up on Vinny Running up on Vinny01:09 - 01:30by psyDylGamestop stocks on fire Gamestop stocks on fire1:11:49 - 1:13:56by psyDylThe Dance of Las Plagas The Dance of Las Plagas1:05:45 - 1:06:20by psyDylAlex nukes Alex nukes1:14:29 - 1:15:36by psyDylAlex's immortal snake Alex's immortal snake06:06 - 08:48by psyDylRorie plays I Love Puppies! Rorie plays I Love Puppies!33:15 - 51:55by psyDylAbby's cool-looking car Abby's cool-looking car40:48 - 41:23by psyDylSomething's fishy... Something's fishy...1:26:05 - 1:28:01by psyDyl"I'm coming for you, Scanlon!" "I'm coming for you, Scanlon!"3:24:51 - 3:25:44by psyDylHit the mat (and grab it!) Hit the mat (and grab it!)3:04:30 - 3:05:09by psyDylBrad cleans house Brad cleans house3:03:03 - 3:03:23by psyDyl"Let me hear that in Grover, Brad." "Let me hear that in Grover, Brad."1:04:10 - 1:04:39by psyDylVinny's "Awesome Tetris" Vinny's "Awesome Tetris"11:17 - 12:31by psyDyl"Alright, be prepared for anything..." "Alright, be prepared for anything..."29:04 - 29:38by psyDylSkitch him! Skitch him!1:45:33 - 1:46:03by psyDylBen's bowling grampa Ben's bowling grampa 1:33:54 - 1:34:48by psyDylDural vs Kumachan Dural vs Kumachan3:15:31 - 3:17:11by psyDylSawada Mirror Match Sawada Mirror Match2:38:02 - 2:41:32by psyDylStreet Fighter: The Movie Street Fighter: The Movie2:31:23 - 2:45:34by psyDylFetus of God Fetus of God2:07:50 - 2:09:57by psyDylJad the Taff Jad the Taff1:17:20 - 1:18:33by psyDylRiffing on Clockwork Knight Riffing on Clockwork Knight58:37 - 1:02:46by psyDylJason brought some stuff Jason brought some stuff17:41 - 18:44by psyDylStreet Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting2:07:10 - 2:15:20by psyDylTrying the Street Fighter Chain Trying the Street Fighter Chain2:03:30 - 2:07:00by psyDylBubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind2:00:50 - 2:04:10by psyDylSuper Mario Kart Super Mario Kart1:52:38 - 1:56:38by psyDylFighter's History Fighter's History1:42:54 - 1:49:58by psyDylMega Jump! Mega Jump!1:40:59 - 1:42:53by psyDylGrimey Game Genie Grimey Game Genie1:32:30 - 1:38:40by psyDylWordtris Wordtris1:22:32 - 1:26:47by psyDylFatal Fury 2 Fatal Fury 21:16:45 - 1:22:16by psyDylBill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball1:14:54 - 1:16:25by psyDylRock N' Roll Racing Rock N' Roll Racing1:08:54 - 1:14:31by psyDylUniracers Uniracers1:00:36 - 1:08:41by psyDylThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past59:52 - 1:00:14by psyDylChrono Trigger Chrono Trigger56:12 - 59:38by psyDylFinal Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VI53:25 - 56:05by psyDylSuper Mario World Super Mario World52:11 - 52:38by psyDylSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars48:43 - 51:38by psyDylF-Zero and Dookie F-Zero and Dookie45:15 - 46:01by psyDylF-Zero F-Zero44:31 - 48:11by psyDylSuper Mario All-Stars Super Mario All-Stars42:08 - 44:10by psyDylThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past40:31 - 41:54by psyDylSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island38:31 - 40:16by psyDylSuper Metroid Super Metroid37:21 - 38:35by psyDylActRaiser ActRaiser29:01 - 33:22by psyDylBrad Introduces Jeff's Retrode Brad Introduces Jeff's Retrode26:30 - 27:49by psyDylSuper Mario World Super Mario World21:58 - 27:55by psyDylSuper Turrican Super Turrican10:34 - 21:58by psyDylDirty Ass Cartridges Dirty Ass Cartridges01:08 - 02:25by psyDylINTENSE Sanrio Match INTENSE Sanrio Match3:13:07 - 3:14:46by psyDylWelcome to Gasroom Welcome to Gasroom2:01:07 - 2:01:49by psyDyl"Yoshi is a side piece." "Yoshi is a side piece."1:04:35 - 1:07:16by psyDylBrad helps build Brad Brad helps build Brad1:18:29 - 1:19:21by psyDylCriminally Jeff Criminally Jeff1:33:31 - 1:34:16by psyDylThe Pogi Boys - Part 2 The Pogi Boys - Part 21:09:58 - 1:17:06by psyDylThe Pogi Boys - Part 1 The Pogi Boys - Part 153:57 - 57:44by psyDylSkate 4 Featuring Tony Hawk Skate 4 Featuring Tony Hawk59:14 - 1:02:51by psyDylHarkin's secret weapon Harkin's secret weapon56:03 - 56:46by psyDylBeing tall at concerts Being tall at concerts24:46 - 28:01by psyDylRorie splats Rorie splats1:34:42 - 1:35:31by psyDylSkeleton fisticuffs Skeleton fisticuffs08:22 - 09:43by psyDylBig Rigs bullshit! Big Rigs bullshit!1:32:44 - 1:33:14by psyDylVinny, a good driver? Vinny, a good driver?1:28:30 - 1:29:06by psyDylRobo-Radio Robo-Radio15:56 - 16:55by psyDylThe Switch gets finished The Switch gets finished31:11 - 31:33by psyDylFour controllers, one Dan Four controllers, one Dan56:19 - 58:00by psyDylTear down the wall! Tear down the wall!2:59:36 - 3:00:03by psyDylFinal Zone II Title Song Final Zone II Title Song03:37 - 05:24by psyDylYou want some Slap Slappers? You want some Slap Slappers?1:08:03 - 1:08:45by psyDylBrad gets ACTIVATED Brad gets ACTIVATED28:01 - 28:33by psyDylHacked C64 Tunes Hacked C64 Tunes2:22:32 - 2:31:30by psyDylJeff's Shoulder Cat Jeff's Shoulder Cat1:26:15 - 1:29:35by psyDylJeff's a star! Jeff's a star!00:35 - 01:09by psyDylSir Edward vs the troll Sir Edward vs the troll1:57:16 - 1:59:05by psyDyl"Classy humor for classy people." "Classy humor for classy people."1:30:43 - 1:31:21by psyDylDad Vibes Dad Vibes24:28 - 25:24by psyDylJan goofs up Jan goofs up13:17 - 14:37by psyDylThe Rover Rumble The Rover Rumble44:59 - 52:48by psyDylScientist gets personal Scientist gets personal45:58 - 46:16by psyDylGod Bless the Menu Noise God Bless the Menu Noise36:09 - 37:04by psyDylFinal Fantasy: Bless The Ring Final Fantasy: Bless The Ring33:43 - 34:40by psyDylA great fighting game? A great fighting game?23:43 - 24:04by psyDylGore vs Gore Gore vs Gore18:31 - 20:40by psyDylLook at this guy Look at this guy11:18 - 12:59by psyDylBaffled by Kirby Baffled by Kirby21:12 - 24:02by psyDylWho's the Donkey Kong in the shirt? Who's the Donkey Kong in the shirt?34:57 - 36:18by psyDyl"It's super trippy!" "It's super trippy!"12:58 - 14:04by psyDylBrad has never finished Super Mario Bros. Brad has never finished Super Mario Bros.12:07 - 12:27by psyDylButter Man and quinoa Butter Man and quinoa11:54 - 13:10by psyDylLOCKED LOCKED5:59:52 - 6:00:47by psyDyl"Ben appears to have, uh, stepped on a rake." "Ben appears to have, uh, stepped on a rake."2:04:22 - 2:05:00by psyDylJeff's Hometown Tour Jeff's Hometown Tour23:21 - 25:26by psyDylWiggler wranglin' Wiggler wranglin'2:02:38 - 2:03:28by psyDyl"BWAAAA!" "BWAAAA!"2:01:52 - 2:02:30by psyDylBomberman Bomberman2:06:26 - 2:07:40by psyDylSonic Advance Sonic Advance1:54:54 - 2:01:09by psyDylN-Gage Mouthfeel N-Gage Mouthfeel1:56:23 - 1:56:42by psyDylSSX Out of Bounds SSX Out of Bounds1:51:36 - 1:54:11by psyDylMile High Pinball Mile High Pinball1:48:48 - 1:51:02by psyDylWorms World Party Worms World Party1:36:50 - 1:46:46by psyDylThe Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey1:25:53 - 1:36:23by psyDylThe Barking Blade The Barking Blade1:31:46 - 1:32:54by psyDylBlazin' the Elder Scrolls Blazin' the Elder Scrolls1:28:18 - 1:29:02by psyDylVirtua Cop Virtua Cop1:20:44 - 1:25:34by psyDylSuper Monkey Ball Super Monkey Ball1:18:20 - 1:20:11by psyDylThe King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood1:10:19 - 1:17:27by psyDylTony Hawk's Pro Skater Tony Hawk's Pro Skater1:01:18 - 1:07:42by psyDylGlimmerati Glimmerati50:17 - 1:00:02by psyDylMGS Karting MGS Karting46:37 - 49:42by psyDylA Goofy spawn location A Goofy spawn location24:30 - 24:49by psyDylWWE Aftershock WWE Aftershock35:49 - 44:58by psyDylOne One23:51 - 34:50by psyDylBen's N-Gage D-pad review Ben's N-Gage D-pad review32:18 - 33:39by psyDylChecking the N-Gage inbox Checking the N-Gage inbox20:13 - 21:15by psyDylSpider Man 2 Spider Man 205:16 - 19:22by psyDylDay One Hair Day One Hair40:00 - 40:36by psyDylEye see it Eye see it1:27:18 - 1:28:09by psyDylMacBEATNIK 1.0 MacBEATNIK 1.020:26 - 22:00by psyDylThe woman Ben will never forget The woman Ben will never forget59:12 - 1:00:13by psyDylOfficer Lang Officer Lang09:50 - 12:12by psyDylAnother story about Dan being a monster Another story about Dan being a monster1:01:20 - 1:02:22by psyDyl"Can you throw dynamite up there?" "Can you throw dynamite up there?"1:52:56 - 1:53:22by psyDylKessler discovers he's been sabotaged Kessler discovers he's been sabotaged05:50 - 07:14by psyDylSabotage! Sabotage!06:39 - 07:51by psyDylWhy Odie sucks Why Odie sucks1:09:28 - 1:10:50by psyDylGlitchfield Glitchfield1:34:37 - 1:34:50by psyDylBarrel Nightmare 2: The Camera Did It Barrel Nightmare 2: The Camera Did It1:30:19 - 1:31:07by psyDylBarrel nightmare Barrel nightmare1:27:39 - 1:29:11by psyDylSecret Hats! Secret Hats!1:03:26 - 1:04:58by psyDyl"WHA? HA? ... SHIT!" "WHA? HA? ... SHIT!"49:28 - 49:37by psyDylVenice, the city of lovers Venice, the city of lovers1:29:40 - 1:30:15by psyDylBrad checks out the developer's website Brad checks out the developer's website1:24:14 - 1:26:40by psyDylDracula's favorite Joker Dracula's favorite Joker28:16 - 29:10by psyDylThe Event Horizon room The Event Horizon room1:14:24 - 1:15:15by psyDylDon't stand there, this is unfair Don't stand there, this is unfair50:34 - 51:17by psyDyl"Well this ain't going up on YouTube!" "Well this ain't going up on YouTube!"1:11:03 - 1:12:09by psyDylAbby's First Nose Tork Abby's First Nose Tork11:58:01 - 11:58:47by psyDylFrog Man's rain dance Frog Man's rain dance14:43 - 15:19by psyDylVinny's headphones meme Vinny's headphones meme05:48 - 06:46by psyDylUnraveling the Home Alone pentalogy Unraveling the Home Alone pentalogy17:03 - 31:23by psyDylAlex pulls off the pause glitch Alex pulls off the pause glitch2:12:44 - 2:13:36by psyDylDr. Wily's "fun little puzzle" Dr. Wily's "fun little puzzle"1:39:06 - 1:45:44by psyDylDid you pause it? Did you pause it?45:27 - 45:51by psyDylThe Nefarious Roomba Man The Nefarious Roomba Man28:50 - 30:00by psyDylVinny as Captain N's Mega Man Vinny as Captain N's Mega Man 10:58 - 11:36by psyDylBuilding a Bob Building a Bob35:15 - 47:33by psyDylVinny's story of being Snapchat accosted Vinny's story of being Snapchat accosted03:33 - 05:26by psyDylThe World Cyber Games The World Cyber Games1:53:43 - 2:01:53by psyDylVinny dazzles Dan Vinny dazzles Dan22:42 - 23:14by psyDylJeff realizes "a hidden depth" of Mario Party Jeff realizes "a hidden depth" of Mario Party34:25 - 35:05by psyDylBrad's first challenger is an unexpected one... Brad's first challenger is an unexpected one...03:30 - 03:49by psyDylThe Run The Run44:56 - 46:00by psyDyl"Truly the DOOMiest room in all of DOOM." "Truly the DOOMiest room in all of DOOM."25:06 - 26:19by psyDyl"This is the most DOOM room." "This is the most DOOM room."09:59 - 10:12by psyDyl"John Romero" appears "John Romero" appears19:57 - 21:19by psyDylSleepy Brad Sleepy Brad58:01 - 59:22by psyDylAdmiring some textures. Admiring some textures.1:13:50 - 1:14:33by psyDyl

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