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WHY ARE THERE TWO DANS?! WHY ARE THERE TWO DANS?!02:14 - 03:45by cyberlink420There's a giant dog in that intersection There's a giant dog in that intersection02:13 - 04:17by cyberlink420Year of the Hos(e) Year of the Hos(e)17:02 - 17:31by cyberlink420"Is grass a fish?" "Is grass a fish?"31:14 - 31:33by cyberlink420Jeff gets out there and shreds Jeff gets out there and shreds24:38 - 25:40by cyberlink420Dinosaurs aren't real Dinosaurs aren't real37:21 - 38:47by cyberlink420Watching the DMC5 development cutscenes Watching the DMC5 development cutscenes42:42 - 48:21by cyberlink420Austin forgot about the scythe Austin forgot about the scythe1:37:48 - 1:38:05by cyberlink420WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$03:18 - 1:39:57by cyberlink420John DeLancie gets kicked in the junk John DeLancie gets kicked in the junk1:22:00 - 1:22:28by cyberlink420John DeLancie gets impatient John DeLancie gets impatient1:59:00 - 1:59:46by cyberlink420Wiggler gets angry Wiggler gets angry41:30 - 41:37by cyberlink420Drew's last UPF Drew's last UPF00:00 - 1:54:04by cyberlink420Dan and Jeff watch the Sonic Boom cartoon Dan and Jeff watch the Sonic Boom cartoon18:54 - 31:49by cyberlink420Hooked on a Feeling Hooked on a Feeling42:25 - 43:15by cyberlink420The most heartbreaking Darts loss of all time The most heartbreaking Darts loss of all time38:00 - 43:16by cyberlink420Tim Allen's Idea Exchange Tim Allen's Idea Exchange1:50:36 - 1:51:20by cyberlink420Tim Allen's Idea Exchange Tim Allen's Idea Exchange1:47:47 - 1:48:29by cyberlink420Tim Allen's Idea Exchange Tim Allen's Idea Exchange1:00:52 - 1:01:50by cyberlink420Tim Allen's Idea Exchange Tim Allen's Idea Exchange34:48 - 36:41by cyberlink420Reading Tim Allen's autobiography Reading Tim Allen's autobiography1:03:53 - 1:10:05by cyberlink420Dan plays "Win Dave Lang's Money" Dan plays "Win Dave Lang's Money"43:48 - 1:03:17by cyberlink420The Malevolated Barn The Malevolated Barn2:12:15 - 2:16:24by cyberlink420WACME product demonstrations WACME product demonstrations1:50:47 - 1:54:51by cyberlink420Drew is real life Psycho Mantis. Drew is real life Psycho Mantis.11:40 - 13:30by TurboMan, cyberlink420The Investigation Team gets drunk The Investigation Team gets drunk34:12 - 49:48by cyberlink420Dave sits in on the Endurance Run Dave sits in on the Endurance Run00:00 - 55:59by cyberlink420Ryan sits in on the Endurance Run Ryan sits in on the Endurance Run00:00 - 40:01by cyberlink420Meeting Funky Student Meeting Funky Student10:50 - 15:32by cyberlink420Charlie Tunoku, Smooth Criminal Charlie Tunoku, Smooth Criminal07:11 - 07:38by cyberlink420Chie reaches Rank 10 Chie reaches Rank 1010:47 - 18:37by cyberlink420Why is Fox in the dungeon?! Why is Fox in the dungeon?!45:00 - 47:45by cyberlink420Mysterious Fox at the Junes food court Mysterious Fox at the Junes food court03:02 - 05:05by cyberlink420Meeting the Mysterious Fox Meeting the Mysterious Fox02:50 - 11:20by cyberlink420Nothing stops the Endurance Run, motherfucker. Nothing stops the Endurance Run, motherfucker.08:02 - 08:41by cyberlink420Vinny casts Bufu on things he shouldn't Vinny casts Bufu on things he shouldn't49:54 - 50:07by cyberlink420Drunken Dojima Drunken Dojima05:58 - 10:56by cyberlink420There's empty space inside! There's empty space inside!11:30 - 13:22by cyberlink420Meeting Mr. Morooka Meeting Mr. Morooka01:28 - 04:29by cyberlink420Dreaming about Chie Dreaming about Chie02:45 - 03:38by cyberlink420It's time for "Bad, Bad Bathhouse"! It's time for "Bad, Bad Bathhouse"!13:49 - 14:55by cyberlink420Teddie's head comes off Teddie's head comes off18:36 - 19:15by cyberlink420I loooove them balls. I loooove them balls.16:00 - 16:55by cyberlink420Teddie isn't Kanji's type Teddie isn't Kanji's type17:45 - 18:39by cyberlink420Teddie takes it off Teddie takes it off12:00 - 16:00by cyberlink420Teddie breaks out Teddie breaks out06:23 - 07:52by cyberlink420The victim this time was... The victim this time was...02:00 - 03:25by cyberlink420Wait, does that say "Cyberaptor"? Wait, does that say "Cyberaptor"?09:48 - 10:12by cyberlink420Ultimate Chicken Horse Ultimate Chicken Horse1:15:10 - 1:41:30by cyberlink420An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack1:08:00 - 1:13:50by cyberlink420Street Fighter V Street Fighter V39:45 - 1:05:04by cyberlink420Halo 5: Guardians Halo 5: Guardians04:50 - 38:59by cyberlink420Super Dodge Ball Super Dodge Ball07:00 - 12:28by cyberlink420Star Force Star Force12:35 - 19:40by cyberlink420The Legend of Kage The Legend of Kage19:41 - 31:00by cyberlink420Shanghai III Shanghai III00:45 - 06:24by cyberlink420Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within1:25:42 - 1:26:56by cyberlink420, datarebornThe DLC is haunted The DLC is haunted39:55 - 40:15by cyberlink420Thundercats Outtakes Thundercats Outtakes43:38 - 45:57by cyberlink420Izanagi-no-Okami's double-ended axe Izanagi-no-Okami's double-ended axe33:52 - 34:36by cyberlink420Izanagi's Cyber Bass Izanagi's Cyber Bass22:54 - 23:22by cyberlink420

Podcast timestamps:
R.I.P. Robin Williams R.I.P. Robin Williams1:21:46 - 1:23:22by cyberlink420