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The carrot top of streaming The carrot top of streaming24:26 - 25:06by TurboManDerek, fuck you Derek, fuck you2:21:01 - 2:21:46by TurboManVinny Shock game Vinny Shock game00:00 - 00:39by TurboManSeventeen interviews Britney Spears Seventeen interviews Britney Spears2:14:54 - 2:17:38by TurboManTop 5 fuckable pokemon Top 5 fuckable pokemon2:09:31 - 2:14:34by TurboManAlex tied up Alex tied up1:22:30 - 1:24:23by TurboManGoodbye Drums Goodbye Drums2:50:20 - 2:52:59by TurboManThe announcement. The announcement.06:14 - 08:11by TurboManJeff's offer letter to Gamespot Jeff's offer letter to Gamespot1:55:52 - 2:02:47by TurboManI don't like this. I don't like this.00:50 - 04:10by TurboManJeff finds a bug Jeff finds a bug31:39 - 32:19by TurboManVinny makes another jump Vinny makes another jump54:56 - 56:05by TurboManTime to drink Time to drink19:26 - 20:53by TurboManBootleg Q*bert Bootleg Q*bert1:02:38 - 1:04:21by TurboManGraphics on Playstation 5 Graphics on Playstation 529:57 - 31:09by TurboManBackstory of Jeff falling off rail Backstory of Jeff falling off rail28:49 - 33:23by TurboManJeff is broken Jeff is broken25:11 - 28:08by TurboMan1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red 1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red27:55 - 31:43by TurboMan1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red 1337 hackerz attacks CD Projekt Red27:55 - 31:43by TurboManGiant Bomb presents: Kentia Hall Stream Giant Bomb presents: Kentia Hall Stream25:19 - 28:05by TurboManSteven Segal blues solo Steven Segal blues solo1:07:45 - 1:08:38by TurboManComprimised Ghost Comprimised Ghost30:22 - 31:42by TurboManToilet Shenanigans Toilet Shenanigans50:40 - 52:37by TurboManFace Touching Face Touching41:30 - 42:46by TurboManTime to jack in Time to jack in36:56 - 39:21by TurboManSexy car Sexy car1:11:40 - 1:13:16by TurboManThe Big Joke The Big Joke09:52 - 10:57by TurboManWeird inflection Weird inflection24:10 - 24:37by TurboManFirst room First room06:06 - 06:32by TurboManwhat's beyond the fogdoor? what's beyond the fogdoor?1:19:39 - 1:20:09by TurboManFists are blunt weapons Fists are blunt weapons08:21 - 09:12by TurboManCar/Human hybrid Car/Human hybrid1:15:04 - 1:16:32by TurboManHE BEAT IT! HE BEAT IT!55:48 - 58:03by TurboManI play it for the puzzles I play it for the puzzles1:12:28 - 1:13:23by TurboManDabby Dabby02:13 - 02:36by TurboManPrioritize Image Quality or Prioritize Resolution Prioritize Image Quality or Prioritize Resolution43:50 - 45:52by TurboManToobin in the church Toobin in the church1:07:13 - 1:08:30by TurboManit's gross it's gross19:01 - 19:13by TurboManMaybe this emulator isn't perfect? Maybe this emulator isn't perfect?41:47 - 42:31by TurboManA. A. Navarro A. A. Navarro2:29:22 - 2:31:02by TurboManSpelunky's companion AI is still questionable Spelunky's companion AI is still questionable30:08 - 31:50by TurboManIt's Ramen Timer Time It's Ramen Timer Time58:06 - 1:01:46by TurboMano.o o.o18:33 - 19:59by TurboManThe platform falls when you land on it The platform falls when you land on it26:33 - 27:23by TurboManGrand Canyon run Grand Canyon run1:09:15 - 1:10:40by TurboMancontradicting york contradicting york38:58 - 40:14by TurboManStar Wars Metallica Remake Star Wars Metallica Remake1:10:48 - 1:18:02by TurboManterrible terrible1:29:06 - 1:30:32by TurboManThe Nether (Jeff's View) The Nether (Jeff's View)11:23 - 12:37by TurboManBoy that was wrong Boy that was wrong17:43 - 18:38by TurboManIf you are playing this game in Japan you are involved in a crime. If you are playing this game in Japan you are involved in a crime.1:39:10 - 1:39:47by TurboManA Winner Is You A Winner Is You1:09:08 - 1:12:55by TurboManA fun glitch A fun glitch11:28 - 12:34by TurboManInca People Inca People1:08:40 - 1:11:41by TurboManThis is my fetish This is my fetish36:17 - 37:20by TurboManHow's the audio? How's the audio?03:07 - 03:46by TurboManNPCs are here NPCs are here04:56 - 05:44by TurboManMondo Call Mondo Call10:54 - 13:12by TurboManNo toad left behind No toad left behind1:02:46 - 1:03:17by TurboManJeff recaps his experience Jeff recaps his experience34:13 - 35:05by TurboManEDI? EDI?58:46 - 1:02:15by TurboManSpace Dragon Space Dragon30:50 - 31:43by TurboMancontinuing F&F narative continuing F&F narative13:18 - 13:38by TurboManMr. Morooka Mr. Morooka01:22 - 04:15by TurboManF&F Tokyo Drift RPG F&F Tokyo Drift RPG08:30 - 09:15by TurboManIt would be best if you went to bed early today It would be best if you went to bed early today03:40 - 04:33by TurboManCharlie Tuna Charlie Tuna03:51 - 04:51by TurboManuhhhhh uhhhhh54:16 - 54:51by TurboManJeff's the greates- Jeff's the greates-27:28 - 28:16by TurboManYou can pet the dog You can pet the dog00:04 - 00:49by TurboManVinny explains his love of Bubble Bobble Vinny explains his love of Bubble Bobble09:16 - 10:24by TurboManJump Man Jump Man17:20 - 18:09by TurboManOH! OH!13:28 - 14:29by TurboMantricky jump puzzles tricky jump puzzles06:07 - 06:55by TurboManinfinite 1ups infinite 1ups01:50 - 03:02by TurboMan#ad #ad1:16:53 - 1:18:15by TurboManRorie's fun song Rorie's fun song1:11:49 - 1:12:46by TurboManHaving a hard time with the camera Having a hard time with the camera41:26 - 42:29by TurboManLol!!!!! Lol!!!!!31:13 - 32:34by TurboManBen's an honestperson69 Ben's an honestperson6918:44 - 19:44by TurboManWhy didn't you do it? Why didn't you do it?06:24 - 08:40by TurboManGiant Bomb Reacts to Fast And Furious 9 trailer Giant Bomb Reacts to Fast And Furious 9 trailer1:13:19 - 1:18:10by TurboManMy favorite Kobe Bryant moment My favorite Kobe Bryant moment52:10 - 53:44by TurboManGrandia 3 Director has some hair Grandia 3 Director has some hair07:40 - 11:27by TurboManA Must Have Hit A Must Have Hit1:28:31 - 1:29:13by TurboManG.U.N. G.U.N.1:26:18 - 1:27:02by TurboManShadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog1:21:44 - 1:23:58by TurboManShadow Hearts Shadow Hearts27:24 - 28:44by TurboManArtificial Mind & Movement Artificial Mind & Movement17:59 - 18:22by TurboManVinny goes to space Vinny goes to space1:32:27 - 1:34:55by TurboManVinny thinkin' bout space Vinny thinkin' bout space1:24:41 - 1:25:21by TurboManTime to plan the wedding! Time to plan the wedding!1:18:58 - 1:19:55by TurboManVinny's building a rocket Vinny's building a rocket49:21 - 50:52by TurboManVinny still at it Vinny still at it1:00:02 - 1:00:54by TurboManDonut cam Donut cam00:39 - 02:39by TurboManBye Dan Bye Dan3:22:02 - 3:25:46by TurboManRIP Funky Shop RIP Funky Shop47:37 - 48:52by TurboManFobwashed has an idea Fobwashed has an idea07:33 - 08:33by TurboManBaby Jeff Baby Jeff49:57 - 51:05by TurboManIs this a ninja? Is this a ninja?1:36:42 - 1:37:43by TurboManFarming for lemons Farming for lemons1:38:33 - 1:39:42by TurboManIt's just a monkey It's just a monkey1:40:23 - 1:41:35by TurboManYOU THRUSTED YOU THRUSTED2:14:39 - 2:16:09by TurboManHot In Here Hot In Here1:11:12 - 1:13:46by TurboManLady of the Cows Lady of the Cows35:39 - 36:46by TurboManStadia is embargoed. Stadia is embargoed.43:10 - 43:58by TurboManRobert Burahll Robert Burahll1:11:50 - 1:14:59by TurboManWhy was there a helicopter? Why was there a helicopter?36:31 - 37:20by TurboManintroducing this game introducing this game01:00 - 02:14by TurboManRorie's speech Rorie's speech1:23:33 - 1:28:11by TurboManTech analysis Tech analysis1:07:24 - 1:10:30by TurboManEmbargo Embargo1:04:56 - 1:05:37by TurboManTechnical analysis of Death Stranding Technical analysis of Death Stranding1:14:42 - 1:17:37by TurboManMonster Energy Monster Energy28:47 - 30:16by TurboManWatch the overhead. Watch the overhead.21:18 - 22:17by TurboManIs L3 Sprint? Is L3 Sprint?11:22 - 12:04by TurboManJust cross the finish line Just cross the finish line28:06 - 29:22by TurboManTriple H making it happen Triple H making it happen1:37:37 - 1:39:08by TurboManThe entrances The entrances1:35:29 - 1:40:30by TurboManVinny somehow crashes Mario 64 Vinny somehow crashes Mario 641:33:49 - 1:34:53by TurboManVinny does DK Rap Vinny does DK Rap1:28:29 - 1:33:56by TurboManZipper's open, the Kong is out. Zipper's open, the Kong is out.07:24 - 08:00by TurboManooOOOOooooHHHHH ooOOOOooooHHHHH25:36 - 26:13by TurboManoooOOoohhHH oooOOoohhHH34:26 - 35:26by TurboManVinny leaves the room Vinny leaves the room16:41 - 17:49by TurboManYou see that mountain over there? You see that mountain over there?1:34:12 - 1:35:28by TurboManLet's go to the bathroom Let's go to the bathroom1:08:00 - 1:10:49by TurboManThe player will be choking back the tears. The player will be choking back the tears.50:32 - 51:27by TurboManCan you search for other Harry Potters? Can you search for other Harry Potters?32:47 - 36:08by TurboManTechnical issues Technical issues02:11 - 03:33by TurboManShoot him Shoot him02:13 - 03:09by TurboManShow me your biscuits Show me your biscuits08:33 - 09:13by TurboManNow I'm hooked Now I'm hooked39:57 - 41:29by TurboManThey're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition They're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition1:00:27 - 1:01:53by TurboManBen does it Ben does it54:17 - 56:05by TurboManRock n Roll! Rock n Roll!53:44 - 54:40by TurboManPlaying a song at the piano Playing a song at the piano24:06 - 25:18by TurboManGotta get the coin out of the thing Gotta get the coin out of the thing1:42:42 - 1:43:49by TurboManRewind it Rewind it44:45 - 46:28by TurboManBusiness Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! Business Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! 1:15:45 - 1:16:46by TurboManDeadly Premonition 2 Reveal Deadly Premonition 2 Reveal21:30 - 23:09by TurboManDodgeball joke Dodgeball joke1:02:06 - 1:03:13by TurboManAlex is about to quit Alex is about to quit12:14 - 13:38by TurboManMoving your arms is important Moving your arms is important02:30 - 03:21by TurboManfan reaction fan reaction20:19 - 21:52by TurboManPress plugging the game Press plugging the game16:23 - 16:55by TurboManWas that good? Was that good?17:15 - 17:45by TurboManI bet he'll get both coins I bet he'll get both coins1:21:56 - 1:23:32by TurboManBanana Hammock Banana Hammock20:03 - 20:50by TurboManKiki please Kiki please04:09 - 05:18by TurboManLet's open up the Funky Kong Shop! Let's open up the Funky Kong Shop!01:32 - 03:27by TurboManDan has a realization Dan has a realization50:43 - 51:13by TurboManTOP TEN TIME TOP TEN TIME1:29:47 - 1:32:35by TurboManTop 10 Top 101:28:29 - 1:29:51by TurboManDan is a cool guy Dan is a cool guy58:26 - 59:06by TurboManParachute works now Parachute works now49:37 - 51:04by TurboManThat's not the jump That's not the jump43:15 - 44:23by TurboManParachuting off the side of a mountain Parachuting off the side of a mountain36:52 - 37:33by TurboManP Diddy update P Diddy update1:15:23 - 1:16:22by TurboManThere is fall damage There is fall damage15:46 - 16:34by TurboManWhat is this? What is this?49:00 - 49:51by TurboManPhew Phew59:10 - 59:46by TurboManNow we're talking about silica beads? Now we're talking about silica beads?52:18 - 54:13by TurboManDan can't smell anything? Dan can't smell anything?33:30 - 34:41by TurboManDan is on cooldown Dan is on cooldown12:19 - 14:25by TurboManLosing at Frogger Losing at Frogger47:32 - 48:20by TurboManHe just jumped out He just jumped out44:54 - 45:28by TurboManAshley get out of there Ashley get out of there1:30:35 - 1:30:58by TurboManAh A Snake Ah A Snake18:31 - 19:08by TurboManGondola ride Gondola ride1:19:23 - 1:20:06by TurboManThe Food Zone The Food Zone1:07:22 - 1:10:30by TurboManWhat is going on? What is going on?10:51 - 11:47by TurboManHacker Cops Hacker Cops21:23 - 22:26by TurboManThe world is on fire The world is on fire07:52 - 09:40by TurboManSinking feeling Sinking feeling03:37 - 04:16by TurboManComing in hot Coming in hot11:21 - 11:55by TurboManExquisite Corps. Exquisite Corps.59:36 - 1:00:07by TurboManVirginLoser has invited you to his game VirginLoser has invited you to his game1:00:58 - 1:02:41by TurboManThis time maybe not an accident This time maybe not an accident42:25 - 43:04by TurboManAbby gets launched by physics Abby gets launched by physics27:35 - 28:29by TurboManVinny gets flattened Vinny gets flattened25:01 - 26:14by TurboManShould I stop? Should I stop?20:30 - 22:02by TurboManDo as Lord Vader says Do as Lord Vader says05:59 - 07:42by TurboManCombat Mutant Combat Mutant44:30 - 46:05by TurboManDan's timing is a little questionable Dan's timing is a little questionable12:41 - 13:16by TurboManLet's race back to the apartment Let's race back to the apartment1:41:00 - 1:41:39by TurboManThis Guy This Guy56:59 - 58:11by TurboManAlex is a good driver Alex is a good driver09:25 - 09:50by TurboManFirst things first First things first00:53 - 01:27by TurboManAlex Probes Uranus Alex Probes Uranus19:40 - 20:37by TurboManJohnny Cage's Fatality is pretty good Johnny Cage's Fatality is pretty good2:08:33 - 2:09:26by TurboManShao Kahn Business Shao Kahn Business2:04:35 - 2:05:58by TurboManIs there friendly fire? Is there friendly fire?10:13 - 10:32by TurboManSo brave So brave1:41:36 - 1:43:42by TurboManVery Hard Very Hard17:29 - 17:54by TurboManConflicted opinions on Shadow Man Conflicted opinions on Shadow Man1:21:45 - 1:23:06by TurboMan2D Boob Physics 2D Boob Physics1:19:30 - 1:19:59by TurboManBlue dude with the 'tude Blue dude with the 'tude27:07 - 28:30by TurboManDocking Formation Docking Formation24:48 - 25:25by TurboManAlex has a sick gun Alex has a sick gun44:13 - 45:33by TurboManNothing they can do to them Nothing they can do to them07:26 - 07:54by TurboManChat thinks they're cool Chat thinks they're cool1:31:37 - 1:32:28by TurboManGut Wrenching Gut Wrenching45:09 - 46:46by TurboManChat trash talk Chat trash talk 28:59 - 30:27by TurboManJeff almost wins. Jeff almost wins.2:53:06 - 2:54:36by TurboManNow this is a Mario game Now this is a Mario game1:58:16 - 1:58:50by TurboManHave you seen my killer tattoo? Have you seen my killer tattoo?44:45 - 45:50by TurboManThis game seems... amazing? This game seems... amazing?32:45 - 34:35by TurboManThis is Blood Warrior This is Blood Warrior29:47 - 30:34by TurboManWatch your step Watch your step06:39 - 07:06by TurboManA very fast bear attack A very fast bear attack22:03 - 23:05by TurboManKeyboard sounds Keyboard sounds22:16 - 23:19by TurboManYou have to leave the area You have to leave the area19:57 - 20:44by TurboManLeft Alive seems real dumb Left Alive seems real dumb40:36 - 42:15by TurboManVinny gets his story Vinny gets his story01:18 - 01:55by TurboManHe's on fire He's on fire1:31:04 - 1:32:14by TurboManGAAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAH1:14:52 - 1:16:07by TurboManAlex had to be kicked off the show Alex had to be kicked off the show02:00 - 03:00by TurboManBradley Broken Bradley Broken1:26:49 - 1:27:27by TurboManBrad tries World Record strats Brad tries World Record strats23:17 - 25:02by TurboManDan's a garbage person Dan's a garbage person1:42:07 - 1:42:33by TurboManStill figuring out the last level Still figuring out the last level09:30 - 11:10by TurboManIt happens again It happens again01:44 - 02:50by TurboManDan doing weird butt stuff with Vinny's chair Dan doing weird butt stuff with Vinny's chair02:02 - 03:01by TurboManNot the run Not the run44:36 - 45:23by TurboManWatch out for the potato Watch out for the potato31:51 - 32:38by TurboManBrad demonstrates the Landrover Brad demonstrates the Landrover28:25 - 29:38by TurboManJeff... Jeff...11:21 - 11:44by TurboManJan's a fan of stuff Jan's a fan of stuff1:27:39 - 1:28:41by TurboManWater Monster Water Monster58:22 - 1:00:00by TurboManI hear footsteps I hear footsteps27:02 - 27:35by TurboManVinny throws a tantrum Vinny throws a tantrum03:25 - 03:51by TurboManJeff's Machinima Channel Jeff's Machinima Channel38:25 - 39:23by TurboManTesting out Natural Motion Testing out Natural Motion35:19 - 36:56by TurboManBen has a joke Ben has a joke32:29 - 32:50by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and I'll literally do anything for a discount. I'm Commander Shepherd and I'll literally do anything for a discount.1:18:07 - 1:18:56by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and I'm a massive sellout. I'm Commander Shepherd and I'm a massive sellout.1:16:37 - 1:17:06by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite store on the Citadel. I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite store on the Citadel. 1:06:07 - 1:07:15by TurboManNo Bond No Bond1:06:19 - 1:06:34by TurboManVinny uses toilets weird Vinny uses toilets weird45:22 - 46:14by TurboManGoku 2 Goku 204:57 - 05:23by TurboManAbby meets Mr. X Abby meets Mr. X18:17 - 20:05by TurboManMatt Rorie's Makeup Tutorial Matt Rorie's Makeup Tutorial06:01 - 07:04by TurboManUnfortunate News Unfortunate News01:59 - 03:46by TurboManBusiness Dave is trying his best. Business Dave is trying his best.47:35 - 48:33by TurboManThe challenge is made The challenge is made07:26 - 08:35by TurboManWhat are you afraid of? Why? What are you afraid of? Why?05:52 - 07:21by TurboManStuck in Art Stuck in Art19:23 - 21:16by TurboManLicker Debut Licker Debut17:33 - 18:17by TurboManWhy would you let go? Why would you let go?11:51 - 12:31by TurboManNo hot doggin' No hot doggin'34:01 - 34:59by TurboManSuccess! Success!36:10 - 37:01by TurboManToilet Simulator Toilet Simulator56:22 - 1:00:31by TurboManI told you not to touch me! I told you not to touch me!1:13:24 - 1:14:18by TurboManThis game seems ok This game seems ok1:01:20 - 1:02:04by TurboManHorny for the Tank Horny for the Tank57:09 - 57:34by TurboManLet's take a look at God Eater 3. Let's take a look at God Eater 3.39:18 - 39:38by TurboManWhap her in the face Whap her in the face13:12 - 14:16by TurboManFF7 PS4 Remake FF7 PS4 Remake1:30:00 - 1:30:48by TurboManSpace Boys Forever Space Boys Forever35:58 - 38:53by TurboManoh god oh god1:42:14 - 1:42:48by TurboManCan't escape the garf Can't escape the garf2:25:15 - 2:26:37by TurboManOi You What You Lookin' At? Oi You What You Lookin' At?22:45 - 24:08by TurboManThis is rad. This is rad.19:36 - 20:20by TurboManPlease Hug Me Please Hug Me07:46 - 08:31by TurboManHonest Abe Honest Abe02:18 - 02:55by TurboManVinny has a point... Vinny has a point...1:08:28 - 1:09:47by TurboManDead Rising talk Dead Rising talk55:29 - 56:08by TurboManIt's like an Optical Illusion It's like an Optical Illusion37:59 - 38:54by TurboManDick Diary Dick Diary29:09 - 30:02by TurboManDon't cut the rope Don't cut the rope49:47 - 50:50by TurboManThe fall The fall37:22 - 38:05by TurboManGames are Art. Games are Art.31:45 - 32:37by TurboManDeath by Stairs Death by Stairs16:12 - 16:30by TurboManCool Graffiti Cool Graffiti 07:34 - 08:04by TurboManPhysics Physics05:42 - 06:05by TurboManWhat is going on? What is going on?03:14 - 03:35by TurboManPro Gameplay Pro Gameplay16:20 - 16:53by TurboManED EFFFFFFFFFF ED EFFFFFFFFFF16:16 - 16:35by TurboManBen's got a fancy new segment. Ben's got a fancy new segment.58:21 - 59:21by TurboManUh Brad Uh Brad46:26 - 47:25by TurboManHold No Bars Hold No Bars09:39 - 10:21by TurboManJeff found some Sunglasses Jeff found some Sunglasses49:27 - 50:13by TurboManThat shot That shot06:58 - 07:15by TurboManSkittles! Skittles!49:24 - 51:52by TurboManDid someone say Goku Factory? Did someone say Goku Factory?1:01:35 - 1:02:06by TurboManVinny can't help himself. Vinny can't help himself.1:13:51 - 1:15:22by TurboManVinny succeeds Vinny succeeds1:12:41 - 1:13:27by TurboManBusiness Business47:42 - 49:40by TurboManClose the door! Close the door!45:17 - 45:48by TurboManRorie Time! Rorie Time!2:13:02 - 2:13:29by TurboManHR!!!! HR!!!!2:06:04 - 2:07:08by TurboManGreat music Great music1:46:24 - 1:47:09by TurboManGiant Bomb Face Lift Giant Bomb Face Lift1:02:43 - 1:03:53by TurboManDan! Dan!19:51 - 20:31by TurboManBrad's got a ticket Brad's got a ticket2:47:20 - 2:48:14by TurboManJeff has some criticism Jeff has some criticism2:22:24 - 2:23:04by TurboManLuigi dissapears Luigi dissapears1:27:25 - 1:27:51by TurboManThere's a Garfield over here. There's a Garfield over here.1:25:26 - 1:25:52by TurboManHey Luigi Hey Luigi1:13:54 - 1:14:30by TurboManThe Pump The Pump43:34 - 44:07by TurboManTwitter is just Mario Party Twitter is just Mario Party32:54 - 33:36by TurboManIt's Mario Time It's Mario Time25:31 - 26:25by TurboManGame of Skill Game of Skill16:54 - 17:44by TurboManJeff joins a cult Jeff joins a cult07:53 - 08:38by TurboManDeath by axe Death by axe39:57 - 41:14by TurboManBrad commits murder Brad commits murder46:06 - 48:36by TurboManResident Evil FMV Resident Evil FMV1:33:17 - 1:35:47by TurboManPlaystation has thought of everything. Playstation has thought of everything.1:03:47 - 1:05:02by TurboManChampion Ship Champion Ship41:30 - 42:11by TurboManLike Comment and Subscribe to War Like Comment and Subscribe to War00:22 - 00:56by TurboManHey Whassup guys? Hey Whassup guys?53:42 - 54:21by TurboManYou Are Dead You Are Dead1:36:30 - 1:39:53by TurboManMacBeatnik 1.0 MacBeatnik 1.01:32:03 - 1:33:29by TurboManBakalar experiences Total Distortion Bakalar experiences Total Distortion1:28:44 - 1:29:33by TurboManCalculating the score for Nier: Automata Calculating the score for Nier: Automata2:32:06 - 2:37:18by TurboManCalculating the score for Super Mario Bros. Calculating the score for Super Mario Bros.2:39:36 - 2:42:11by TurboManCalculating the score for Spider-Man Calculating the score for Spider-Man2:33:20 - 2:38:33by TurboManThe Spreadsheet The Spreadsheet2:27:53 - 2:31:17by TurboManDevil computer Devil computer2:45:52 - 2:46:40by TurboManInternet hell Internet hell2:55:02 - 2:56:18by TurboManThis game rules This game rules2:35:19 - 2:37:25by TurboManDan's cool guy intro Dan's cool guy intro00:00 - 01:47by TurboManGame setup Game setup23:52 - 24:33by TurboManWWE Aftershock looks good WWE Aftershock looks good39:16 - 40:34by TurboManAlex has to go Alex has to go52:46 - 54:04by TurboManJeff is already sold Jeff is already sold01:23 - 02:04by TurboManKent Clips Only Kent Clips Only39:06 - 41:24by TurboManOh I'm press now Oh I'm press now47:41 - 48:26by TurboManHe went right to heaven He went right to heaven31:31 - 32:07by TurboManAHH! AHH!42:43 - 43:21by TurboManAH! AH!21:46 - 22:38by TurboManThirteen Scary Frights! Thirteen Scary Frights!55:53 - 56:45by TurboManScary door! Scary door!36:20 - 36:44by TurboManSpooky door! Spooky door!20:38 - 21:04by TurboManOh, there's two hands. Oh, there's two hands.03:00 - 03:43by TurboManTV Personality Tom Arnold TV Personality Tom Arnold1:47:06 - 1:47:27by TurboManJapanese Donald Duck Japanese Donald Duck1:18:06 - 1:18:28by TurboManJeff is about to watch some Kingdom Hearts Jeff is about to watch some Kingdom Hearts1:11:21 - 1:12:13by TurboManStatue setup Statue setup02:41 - 03:44by TurboManCheck out this beauty spot. Check out this beauty spot.26:09 - 27:04by TurboManPeople in the crowd finally look good People in the crowd finally look good20:09 - 20:54by TurboManFlossin' at 1440p Flossin' at 1440p06:04 - 06:31by TurboManLet's catch up with David Aldridge Let's catch up with David Aldridge1:29:28 - 1:30:05by TurboManAtari Spiderman Atari Spiderman1:50:27 - 1:51:23by TurboManAre you guys going to cover the Zone of the Enders remaster? Are you guys going to cover the Zone of the Enders remaster?53:32 - 53:51by TurboManStolen is basically MGS Stolen is basically MGS31:14 - 32:12by TurboManBrad and Will meet up Brad and Will meet up29:42 - 30:31by TurboManGet those orders in now! Get those orders in now!40:54 - 42:07by TurboManThat's an apple That's an apple34:05 - 34:56by TurboManDick and Ball physics Dick and Ball physics05:58 - 06:23by TurboManBrad finds the phaser Brad finds the phaser1:11:29 - 1:12:30by TurboManSo much for the prime directive So much for the prime directive1:04:14 - 1:04:55by TurboManWhat's the point of this? What's the point of this?1:01:53 - 1:02:15by TurboManThey call him little face They call him little face59:39 - 1:00:19by TurboManCall the cops Call the cops20:29 - 21:19by TurboManMetal Gear was a mistake. Metal Gear was a mistake.1:23:54 - 1:24:44by TurboManTurn off your targeting computer Turn off your targeting computer1:45:06 - 1:47:28by TurboManVideo games are art. Video games are art.1:00:09 - 1:01:41by TurboManTime to get wet. Time to get wet.54:01 - 55:12by TurboManWario's plan to make money Wario's plan to make money01:17 - 01:52by TurboManBrad just whacking shit Brad just whacking shit20:07 - 20:33by TurboManWe got a problem captain We got a problem captain26:50 - 27:09by TurboManWhat was that? What was that?29:01 - 29:30by TurboManVictim Victim06:17 - 06:36by TurboManDan sends a message. Dan sends a message.2:48:46 - 2:51:16by TurboManDan starts this boss fight off on the right foot. Dan starts this boss fight off on the right foot.2:44:17 - 2:46:19by TurboManBrowsing the clips Browsing the clips11:22 - 11:49by TurboManJeff opens up a chest Jeff opens up a chest10:29 - 11:04by TurboManImportant mechanics Important mechanics04:34 - 05:13by TurboManCheck out my gamer chair Check out my gamer chair02:13 - 02:58by TurboManOuter Heaven Outer Heaven09:38 - 10:04by TurboManWhat's that genre name? What's that genre name?1:48:57 - 1:49:20by TurboMan10 years later, Brad is still blowing himself up in Red FactionreferenceBack in 2009. 10 years later, Brad is still blowing himself up in Red FactionreferenceBack in 2009.24:54 - 25:39by TurboManFull circle Full circle44:40 - 45:18by TurboManCelebrity Gamer: Patton Oswalt Celebrity Gamer: Patton Oswalt1:45:45 - 1:49:39by TurboManThis is gonna look real cool This is gonna look real cool09:03 - 09:41by TurboManCurrent Events Current Events23:33 - 24:34by TurboManXbox is done with this QL. Xbox is done with this QL.27:03 - 28:27by TurboManVinny clears the fish Vinny clears the fish20:27 - 21:05by TurboManVinny buys a shark Vinny buys a shark16:33 - 17:05by TurboManDan uses his super meter Dan uses his super meter07:33 - 08:26by TurboManNepoletan Nepoletan54:39 - 55:33by TurboManPitch Story Pitch Story47:16 - 48:21by TurboManSQUAT SQUAT42:30 - 43:19by TurboManI have prepared a statement. I have prepared a statement.16:52 - 25:17by TurboManJV's list continues JV's list continues15:00 - 15:39by TurboManJV's got a list of rules for this show JV's got a list of rules for this show13:04 - 14:30by TurboManAustin Creed describes his job Austin Creed describes his job02:03 - 03:18by TurboManOne question for Andy One question for Andy40:19 - 41:05by TurboManMizuguchi talks about working on Sega VR in the 90's Mizuguchi talks about working on Sega VR in the 90's07:07 - 10:55by TurboManPhil goes down the list Phil goes down the list51:51 - 52:55by TurboManJeff asking Phil Spencer the real questions Jeff asking Phil Spencer the real questions46:10 - 47:15by TurboManSnack Minute Snack Minute10:58 - 12:56by TurboManLoot Box Discussions Loot Box Discussions25:56 - 27:30by TurboManThe story of Chrono Cross 10/10 Gamespot Review The story of Chrono Cross 10/10 Gamespot Review20:27 - 24:29by TurboManJeff has memories Jeff has memories19:06 - 20:17by TurboManTime for the pills Time for the pills19:36 - 19:56by TurboManSomething seems off about this Sony presser Something seems off about this Sony presser16:33 - 17:20by TurboManTrials reveal Trials reveal34:56 - 36:23by TurboManThis guy is very happy about Just Dance This guy is very happy about Just Dance19:26 - 20:22by TurboManThe Quiet Man Reaction The Quiet Man Reaction34:45 - 36:04by TurboManYou're all fired You're all fired1:28:15 - 1:28:40by TurboManB.E.T.A. announcement B.E.T.A. announcement1:19:34 - 1:20:19by TurboManTime till Skooma Time till Skooma36:53 - 37:38by TurboManGreatest card game you say? Greatest card game you say?30:32 - 31:16by TurboManReddit.com Reddit.com23:20 - 23:36by TurboManAndrew WK is Rage 2 Andrew WK is Rage 215:49 - 18:59by TurboManFunko Pops! Funko Pops!1:36:01 - 1:36:57by TurboManBattletoads is BACK! Battletoads is BACK!1:33:12 - 1:34:14by TurboManAnime Game Reaction Anime Game Reaction1:25:18 - 1:27:38by TurboManDMC 5 reaction DMC 5 reaction1:16:51 - 1:19:34by TurboManI don't trust this AI I don't trust this AI1:06:03 - 1:06:44by TurboManWanna Drift Wanna Drift43:56 - 44:38by TurboManWhat happened to Mickey? What happened to Mickey?35:17 - 36:09by TurboManWOO! AHHH! WOO! AHHH!21:45 - 22:29by TurboManThey got in They got in11:31 - 12:08by TurboManBakalar's still not in the building Bakalar's still not in the building03:07 - 04:00by TurboManBakalar goes through the metal detector Bakalar goes through the metal detector 05:21 - 06:08by TurboManWhat are waifus? What are waifus?24:15 - 24:55by TurboManInspirational E-Sports Story Inspirational E-Sports Story52:16 - 54:29by TurboManVince doesn't give a fuck Vince doesn't give a fuck28:29 - 31:24by TurboManDo not spawn on this squad Do not spawn on this squad02:38 - 03:13by TurboManNot The Bugs Not The Bugs38:09 - 40:28by TurboManVinny's a skeleton now Vinny's a skeleton now45:23 - 46:18by TurboManEnding Ending1:20:24 - 1:21:13by TurboManWhen in doubt, drum. When in doubt, drum.17:53 - 18:25by TurboManCLAP CLAP51:41 - 54:16by TurboManClap Bitch Clap Bitch08:24 - 09:29by TurboManDan... Dan...03:11 - 04:10by TurboManThis Closeup. This Closeup.42:14 - 45:19by TurboManE3's coming up soon E3's coming up soon36:22 - 37:15by TurboManTeam Brad Team Brad3:14:23 - 3:15:29by TurboManMario Fact from the chat Mario Fact from the chat1:11:36 - 1:12:16by TurboManBrad's full of Pro Moves Brad's full of Pro Moves18:21 - 18:58by TurboManZooming out to see the scope Zooming out to see the scope56:59 - 57:39by TurboManDan learns about resizing toilets Dan learns about resizing toilets54:27 - 56:15by TurboManSam Fisher is hacking the computer Sam Fisher is hacking the computer1:16:15 - 1:18:28by TurboManSam Fisher is back! Sam Fisher is back!1:14:36 - 1:15:13by TurboManVinny infiltrates the area Vinny infiltrates the area16:15 - 17:37by TurboManOaktag? Oaktag?16:51 - 18:38by TurboManQuestion from the chat Question from the chat15:49 - 16:15by TurboManJeff's got a hot take Jeff's got a hot take15:59 - 17:07by TurboManJason dies? Jason dies?1:19:53 - 1:20:23by TurboManGood luck Good luck42:09 - 42:49by TurboManThis is fine. This is fine.31:32 - 31:52by TurboManCrouch Walkin' Crouch Walkin'04:25 - 05:14by TurboManThe shock factor The shock factor01:01 - 01:41by TurboManIt's Drew! It's Drew!1:08:38 - 1:09:08by TurboManA city full of Drews A city full of Drews10:26 - 11:34by TurboManDIT DIT44:36 - 45:06by TurboManKiryu's Selfie Kiryu's Selfie35:07 - 36:19by TurboManThe last shine The last shine2:58:41 - 2:59:35by TurboManJeff auditions for Gamestop TV Demos Jeff auditions for Gamestop TV Demos51:24 - 52:37by TurboManEven the civilians know Stunt Position Even the civilians know Stunt Position28:10 - 28:22by TurboManAre there walls? Are there walls?02:01 - 02:24by TurboManDan's still developing his Object Permanence Dan's still developing his Object Permanence 02:37 - 03:14by TurboManDan and Vinny duels a boss Dan and Vinny duels a boss05:13 - 05:55by TurboManDan and Vinny goes against a boss for the first time Dan and Vinny goes against a boss for the first time06:35 - 07:21by TurboManMan Cannon is dumb Man Cannon is dumb29:56 - 31:12by TurboManDifferent Commentary in Knockout Mode Different Commentary in Knockout Mode22:05 - 23:53by TurboManOh... they added story to this game? Oh.... Oh... they added story to this game? Oh....14:18 - 15:30by TurboManJeff's first kill Jeff's first kill12:36 - 13:17by TurboManDan overcomes the bullshit factor and earns this tough shine Dan overcomes the bullshit factor and earns this tough shine15:45 - 17:22by TurboManYou hate to see that happen, folks You hate to see that happen, folks13:47 - 14:29by TurboManOops! I Did It Again. Oops! I Did It Again.11:34 - 12:26by TurboManMy dumb joke lands My dumb joke lands1:12:26 - 1:12:51by TurboManAbby goes on a killing spree Abby goes on a killing spree19:40 - 20:17by TurboManThere's a clown here, gross. There's a clown here, gross.2:32:40 - 2:33:21by TurboManHello There Hello There42:43 - 43:23by TurboManThe Ryan Davis Burger The Ryan Davis Burger54:41 - 55:03by TurboManJeff's final assessment on VRChat Jeff's final assessment on VRChat2:15:57 - 2:16:45by TurboManDon't call Norm. Don't call Norm.04:09 - 07:03by TurboManGrand Escape Grand Escape2:19:25 - 2:19:54by TurboManLady Killed Lady Killed1:12:35 - 1:13:22by TurboManMeme Expert Meme Expert10:10 - 10:55by TurboManJeff steals from his teammate and makes a Monster Dunk Jeff steals from his teammate and makes a Monster Dunk49:39 - 50:27by TurboManA nicer Handibot A nicer Handibot44:15 - 44:49by TurboManMVP Denial MVP Denial55:29 - 56:09by TurboManExcuse me Excuse me17:22 - 18:00by TurboManThe power of VR compels you The power of VR compels you31:19 - 32:27by TurboManBrad shows off the combat Brad shows off the combat10:43 - 11:29by TurboManWhat? What?1:17:26 - 1:18:29by TurboManWhip it Whip it2:11:34 - 2:12:21by TurboManJeff tests the crotch chop Jeff tests the crotch chop2:06:06 - 2:06:47by TurboManJeff's coming for Hulk Hogan Jeff's coming for Hulk Hogan2:03:35 - 2:05:20by TurboManTICKLE HOT TICKLE HOT1:39:02 - 1:39:53by TurboManA good reveal A good reveal43:27 - 44:18by TurboManDon't let Rick win Don't let Rick win19:43 - 20:10by TurboManI'ma cop, coming through I'ma cop, coming through27:51 - 28:15by TurboManDr. Popp Dr. Popp42:02 - 42:15by TurboManFire Extinguisher: Still funny Fire Extinguisher: Still funny30:04 - 30:41by TurboManYoda gets tossed Yoda gets tossed53:56 - 54:16by TurboManGiant Bomb starting up their own pixel count videos Giant Bomb starting up their own pixel count videos03:35 - 04:19by TurboManAmiibo Loot Boxes Amiibo Loot Boxes12:09 - 15:48by TurboManThis game is endlessly fascinating This game is endlessly fascinating 1:34:15 - 1:35:31by TurboManWWE WWE1:24:11 - 1:24:37by TurboManlaid back magic laid back magic10:10:42 - 10:12:44by TurboManAustin's not impressed with this trick Austin's not impressed with this trick10:00:32 - 10:01:19by TurboManThere's something fishy about this trick There's something fishy about this trick9:39:47 - 9:41:23by TurboManDan has a sweet magic trick for us Dan has a sweet magic trick for us9:12:28 - 9:14:50by TurboManHow abby feels about eating chips How abby feels about eating chips04:14 - 04:35by TurboManooooh Banana! ooooh Banana!1:19:26 - 1:19:47by TurboManSTANGER THINGS STANGER THINGS42:39 - 43:19by TurboManYoutube Miiverse is NSFW Youtube Miiverse is NSFW27:10 - 27:48by TurboManFun fact from the chat Fun fact from the chat22:20 - 22:50by TurboManDan has taken control Dan has taken control06:55 - 08:56by TurboManThis game will knock you on your *vroom* This game will knock you on your *vroom*1:48:31 - 1:49:29by TurboManSeifer Kutherland Seifer Kutherland1:19:14 - 1:19:30by TurboManEnhanced Chicken Mechanics Enhanced Chicken Mechanics57:26 - 57:50by TurboManWho did that? Who did that?11:45 - 12:01by TurboManSlide under its legs Slide under its legs44:35 - 45:23by TurboManDub Dub1:19:35 - 1:19:58by TurboManWWE 2K User Uploaded images WWE 2K User Uploaded images20:48 - 22:08by TurboManAbby is a monster. Abby is a monster.1:19:23 - 1:20:18by TurboManA little slippy out here. A little slippy out here.39:50 - 40:28by TurboManWhat did I do wrong? Oh. What did I do wrong? Oh.44:07 - 45:07by TurboManA really good physics moment A really good physics moment58:50 - 59:21by TurboManLOG KING LOG KING04:10 - 05:01by TurboManJeff's got an idea Jeff's got an idea47:37 - 48:22by TurboManGauntlet is beaten and glitched out! Gauntlet is beaten and glitched out!6:19:04 - 6:21:24by TurboManBrain implant bit Brain implant bit36:50 - 37:15by TurboManHmmmm Hmmmm52:02 - 53:02by TurboManTechnical Support Hotline Technical Support Hotline07:20 - 08:55by TurboManMy baby's name is Jareth My baby's name is Jareth1:21:45 - 1:22:34by TurboManIt's easy It's easy1:19:09 - 1:20:01by TurboManBonk Bonk13:49 - 14:44by TurboManNintendo confirms Mario punching Yoshi Nintendo confirms Mario punching Yoshi41:17 - 42:06by TurboManAfter two hours, the crew finally gets through the gauntlet! After two hours, the crew finally gets through the gauntlet!2:38:41 - 2:40:16by TurboManMario punches Yoshi Mario punches Yoshi1:49:01 - 1:49:40by TurboManKirby is sick Kirby is sick36:09 - 36:43by TurboManDon't trust that dog Don't trust that dog07:25 - 07:45by TurboMan*rimshot* *rimshot*37:05 - 37:26by TurboManWinner Winner Chicken Dinner! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!1:46:27 - 1:48:41by TurboManBoat Hijacking Boat Hijacking20:37 - 21:34by TurboManThank you Kevin, I'm here with the co- Thank you Kevin, I'm here with the co-49:53 - 50:18by TurboManDiverse set of models Diverse set of models28:45 - 29:40by TurboManPre Game Show Pre Game Show05:58 - 07:39by TurboManStill throwing up the horns Still throwing up the horns17:42 - 18:03by TurboManThrowing up the horns Throwing up the horns05:22 - 05:41by TurboManLook at that corn Look at that corn02:08 - 02:23by TurboManThe Polish Slim Shady The Polish Slim Shady19:32 - 19:57by TurboManAlex earns a shine! Alex earns a shine!1:24:46 - 1:25:57by TurboManHere's my observation about this situation Here's my observation about this situation1:27:18 - 1:27:50by TurboManBody pile room Body pile room27:47 - 29:23by TurboManThe devil wants more souls The devil wants more souls15:46 - 16:01by TurboManLady is possessed by the devil Lady is possessed by the devil11:22 - 11:40by TurboManShooting down Shooting down01:23 - 02:02by TurboManBen has a moment of clarity Ben has a moment of clarity28:45 - 29:07by TurboManWhat did you do to Yoshi? What did you do to Yoshi?1:11:14 - 1:12:12by TurboManArkqua Girl Arkqua Girl1:12:29 - 1:13:49by TurboManPoop Button Poop Button23:16 - 24:07by TurboManArk man murders Ark man murders19:34 - 22:01by TurboManMaking the Ark man Making the Ark man06:36 - 07:29by TurboManBrad's cool helmet Brad's cool helmet01:25 - 02:07by TurboManAlex tries to make a joke Alex tries to make a joke33:27 - 33:53by TurboManMario kills Mario kills31:00 - 31:38by TurboManKeys open doors Keys open doors27:05 - 27:40by TurboManWhat the fuck you do? What the fuck you do?1:56:07 - 1:57:26by TurboManBen gets fucked up Ben gets fucked up17:30 - 18:49by TurboManWhelp. Whelp.42:52 - 43:25by TurboManThings go badly for Vincenzo Things go badly for Vincenzo40:15 - 40:40by TurboManRyckert proves his worth Ryckert proves his worth27:40 - 28:27by TurboManThe Great Wiggler The Great Wiggler09:05 - 09:53by TurboManObjective: Stop Them From Building The Bridge Objective: Stop Them From Building The Bridge1:00:37 - 1:01:34by TurboManObjective: Build The Bridge Objective: Build The Bridge49:08 - 50:05by TurboManPigs vs. T-Rex Pigs vs. T-Rex27:25 - 27:55by TurboManDid Dan make this game? Did Dan make this game?21:35 - 21:59by TurboManThe Brachiosaurus is over powered The Brachiosaurus is over powered19:46 - 20:24by TurboManThe great battle The great battle12:07 - 13:07by TurboManT-Rex vs. Three Dogs T-Rex vs. Three Dogs05:35 - 07:16by TurboManPhoto Mode Photo Mode25:50 - 26:27by TurboManMario's a cop Mario's a cop1:09:30 - 1:09:56by TurboManCalling a car Calling a car05:40 - 05:51by TurboManConflicting opinions + Fun animations Conflicting opinions + Fun animations04:28 - 05:38by TurboManMega Man Sunshine Mega Man Sunshine06:26 - 07:00by TurboManBrooklyn Man Brooklyn Man03:33 - 05:29by TurboManVirtual Fighter Virtual Fighter1:12:37 - 1:13:38by TurboManHitDuder HitDuder50:52 - 59:27by TurboManChomp Chomp Die Chomp Chomp Die13:01 - 14:43by TurboManDan gets helpful advice from the chat Dan gets helpful advice from the chat21:42 - 22:15by TurboManBequest is still a terrifying game. Bequest is still a terrifying game.14:44 - 16:31by TurboManChecking out Burst mode Checking out Burst mode18:20 - 19:37by TurboManHorn Guy Horn Guy39:34 - 41:34by TurboManThe Idiot Clan The Idiot Clan09:52 - 11:01by TurboManThat's unfortunate That's unfortunate12:56 - 14:07by TurboManAlex wins and renews his friendship with Dan Alex wins and renews his friendship with Dan33:23 - 34:33by TurboMan20 guys in a little ring 20 guys in a little ring19:05 - 22:30by TurboManTraining Mode Training Mode14:29 - 15:23by TurboManEnding to Reign Maker vs. Paper Cut Ending to Reign Maker vs. Paper Cut12:31 - 13:10by TurboManThere's a lot of camera options... too many camera options There's a lot of camera options... too many camera options09:25 - 10:45by TurboManReign Maker and Paper Cut make their entrances Reign Maker and Paper Cut make their entrances06:06 - 07:50by TurboManVincenzo saves the day Vincenzo saves the day48:32 - 48:53by TurboManDan was tasked with replacing the gumball machine Dan was tasked with replacing the gumball machine02:05 - 03:37by TurboManSoulcalibur Soulcalibur15:40 - 23:49by TurboManHey fobwashed Hey fobwashed16:23 - 17:07by TurboManSandwich Chat Sandwich Chat01:31 - 05:14by TurboManAlex dies spectacularly Alex dies spectacularly1:15:13 - 1:16:08by TurboManDan dies spectacularly Dan dies spectacularly1:13:06 - 1:14:24by TurboManAbby dies spectacularly Abby dies spectacularly1:10:00 - 1:10:42by TurboManBrad Max Brad Max1:29:05 - 1:30:18by TurboManNetwork Lag Detected Network Lag Detected1:13:45 - 1:14:39by TurboManJeff wasn't ready for the eSports Jeff wasn't ready for the eSports02:56 - 03:12by TurboManMario goes to jail Mario goes to jail16:02 - 18:05by TurboManSo close So close1:46:20 - 1:46:59by TurboManMario Sunshine is horrifying Mario Sunshine is horrifying51:46 - 55:14by TurboManThe cough button The cough button34:46 - 35:10by TurboManShoot The Lock Shoot The Lock35:32 - 36:22by TurboManKrav Maga Krav Maga08:38 - 09:05by TurboManJeff shoots the plane Jeff shoots the plane1:06:48 - 1:07:11by TurboManBlue combat pants Blue combat pants43:27 - 46:23by TurboManDan has an idea. Dan has an idea.39:01 - 40:27by TurboManStephon Marbury's crib Stephon Marbury's crib54:08 - 56:07by TurboManVinny eats anime Vinny eats anime02:33 - 03:14by TurboManLady Suit Lady Suit16:08 - 16:44by TurboManA little off the top A little off the top11:23 - 11:55by TurboManPlease Don't Shake The Baby Please Don't Shake The Baby1:13:16 - 1:14:00by TurboManEnd of the wiener run End of the wiener run2:09:05 - 2:09:44by TurboManRoasted Wieners Roasted Wieners2:00:09 - 2:01:03by TurboManGetting in character Getting in character21:52 - 22:05by TurboManAlex has qualms about the Twitch gear in PUBG Alex has qualms about the Twitch gear in PUBG1:00:37 - 1:01:17by TurboManAlex still has qualms about Twitch gear in PUBG Alex still has qualms about Twitch gear in PUBG2:11:04 - 2:11:44by TurboManWho wants to fuck this?! Who wants to fuck this?!2:06:18 - 2:06:51by TurboManA game of luck A game of luck1:55:15 - 1:55:58by TurboManMary tells the truth about PUBG Mary tells the truth about PUBG1:48:45 - 1:49:50by TurboManToast to Taswell Toast to Taswell02:06 - 03:01by TurboManFilling up the orgasm meter Filling up the orgasm meter12:44 - 13:35by TurboManAre you drunk? Are you drunk?10:37 - 11:12by TurboManWhip it out button Whip it out button08:45 - 10:01by TurboManYou will never get this You will never get this2:03:21 - 2:03:43by TurboManJust checking the audio Just checking the audio2:06:25 - 2:07:55by TurboManCreepy dolls Creepy dolls2:09:00 - 2:10:17by TurboManSassy talk Sassy talk29:07 - 29:38by TurboManBoat Time Boat Time21:46 - 23:59by TurboManLike dominos Like dominos29:47 - 30:46by TurboManKilling Jason Killing Jason23:52 - 24:51by TurboManGo Trish! Go Trish!12:43 - 13:09by TurboManEnding with an impromptu song Ending with an impromptu song4:50:49 - 4:56:59by TurboManThe sound of a fresh shoe The sound of a fresh shoe4:08:32 - 4:09:05by TurboManAdam Boyes wrecks Johnny V's brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee Adam Boyes wrecks Johnny V's brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee4:23:44 - 4:27:13by TurboManDave Lang makes a speech Dave Lang makes a speech3:44:28 - 3:46:53by TurboManLet me clear my throat Let me clear my throat3:40:16 - 3:40:56by TurboManGo to hell Go to hell1:07:13 - 1:08:11by TurboManThe very sad people attending E3 The very sad people attending E33:42:29 - 3:42:55by TurboManKinda Funny > Giant Bomb Kinda Funny > Giant Bomb3:37:03 - 3:37:35by TurboManThe Bully 2 story The Bully 2 story3:24:10 - 3:27:58by TurboManMary gets wild Mary gets wild3:21:59 - 3:22:36by TurboManLuke Smith's gamer voice Luke Smith's gamer voice3:07:53 - 3:08:16by TurboManBubsy 3D Bubsy 3D3:01:04 - 3:03:34by TurboManGamer Voice Gamer Voice2:32:46 - 2:33:29by TurboManJanina calls out Giant Bomb Janina calls out Giant Bomb2:30:45 - 2:31:46by TurboManMilkshake Nazi Milkshake Nazi1:36:26 - 1:37:11by TurboManOh by the way.... Oh by the way....1:12:24 - 1:12:55by TurboManGiant Bomb reacts to Mario Odyssey Giant Bomb reacts to Mario Odyssey47:29 - 50:07by TurboManKirby 3:16 Kirby 3:1631:24 - 31:49by TurboManPolygon + Waypoint play Sea of Thieves Polygon + Waypoint play Sea of Thieves4:10:24 - 4:12:19by TurboManNew gif guy New gif guy3:50:23 - 3:51:49by TurboManBanana Business Banana Business3:31:51 - 3:32:43by TurboManXavier Woods comes up with another show idea Xavier Woods comes up with another show idea1:52:04 - 1:53:35by TurboMan<3 Phil Spencer <3 <3 Phil Spencer <352:16 - 53:24by TurboManItch.io's E3 Press Conference happens on Giant Bomb's couch Itch.io's E3 Press Conference happens on Giant Bomb's couch1:52:07 - 1:53:04by TurboManWelcome To The Vapor Chamber Welcome To The Vapor Chamber1:38:05 - 1:39:03by TurboManMy Brand My Brand1:15:58 - 1:16:23by TurboManMillennials Millennials01:12 - 02:37by TurboManSpiderman Expert Alex Navarro Spiderman Expert Alex Navarro2:04:14 - 2:04:50by TurboManJason approves Jason approves1:16:59 - 1:21:06by TurboMan'Shu a cop? 'Shu a cop?25:21 - 26:12by TurboManGood Jokes Good Jokes09:37 - 10:30by TurboManHippo War Hippo War1:49:29 - 1:50:55by TurboManDabbing Panda Dabbing Panda1:13:59 - 1:14:42by TurboManPirate v Pirates Pirate v Pirates1:05:55 - 1:06:48by TurboManCrazy Crazy1:03:21 - 1:04:31by TurboMan| |44:17 - 44:50by TurboManYves, Leader of the Fuckshit Squadron Yves, Leader of the Fuckshit Squadron26:21 - 26:43by TurboManBen and Alex makes fake tweets Ben and Alex makes fake tweets23:53 - 24:40by TurboManIn Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate In Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate1:10:53 - 1:11:04by TurboManPreorder bonus Preorder bonus1:20:20 - 1:21:19by TurboManAnother one for the board Another one for the board45:40 - 46:13by TurboManHow do you think Bethesda paid for this amusement park? How do you think Bethesda paid for this amusement park?32:20 - 32:38by TurboManWhere is Dad? Where is Dad?29:19 - 29:42by TurboManGriffin McElroy prepared an arrangement Griffin McElroy prepared an arrangement1:54:48 - 1:55:12by TurboManInternet Beef Internet Beef1:47:48 - 1:48:18by TurboManWhat is happening? What is happening?1:11:40 - 1:13:08by TurboManPut one on the board for him Put one on the board for him41:56 - 42:14by TurboManHow small? How small?38:15 - 38:27by TurboManI'm really excited about numbers I'm really excited about numbers34:41 - 35:09by TurboManOH GOD IM IN THE GAME OH GOD IM IN THE GAME30:46 - 31:31by TurboManDan has a knife and bad jokes Dan has a knife and bad jokes25:08 - 25:36by TurboManBubsy Box Bubsy Box01:56 - 03:04by TurboManThe Game Changers at work The Game Changers at work1:13:40 - 1:14:55by TurboManNew Hoop Gawd New Hoop Gawd1:02:42 - 1:03:13by TurboManThe hard sale The hard sale55:48 - 56:14by TurboManWorldwide Fuck Champion Worldwide Fuck Champion35:47 - 35:56by TurboManLive from the Creator Caaaave Live from the Creator Caaaave29:32 - 30:09by TurboManThe origins of the word "cockpit" The origins of the word "cockpit"04:05 - 05:16by TurboManStreet Fighter 2 Gallery Street Fighter 2 Gallery27:21 - 28:40by TurboManFirst Person Street Fighter doesn't seem great First Person Street Fighter doesn't seem great14:55 - 22:07by TurboManThe sales pitch The sales pitch00:31 - 01:13by TurboManAlley Oop Alley Oop11:11 - 11:58by TurboManHEH! HEH!02:25 - 02:50by TurboManReflecting on the past Reflecting on the past02:53 - 03:41by TurboManThat shit is round That shit is round48:36 - 49:56by TurboManFile names File names12:52 - 13:14by TurboManI'm the best Trackmania player. Everyone tells me so. I'm the best Trackmania player. Everyone tells me so.01:08 - 01:29by TurboManThe best side quest in Yakuza 0 The best side quest in Yakuza 01:40:19 - 1:45:17by TurboManMiracle Jackson Miracle Jackson20:57 - 38:20by TurboManPlease don't tell me he's about to say daddy Please don't tell me he's about to say daddy17:18 - 18:27by TurboMan20 Year Old Dan's Review 20 Year Old Dan's Review15:00 - 18:09by TurboManThe horrors of Loco Roco The horrors of Loco Roco02:48 - 03:58by TurboManFull Bow Full Bow2:29:08 - 2:29:57by TurboManJeff likes to showoff Jeff likes to showoff2:08:11 - 2:13:39by TurboManJeff wants to receive Jeff wants to receive2:07:10 - 2:07:36by TurboManJeff is Switch Man Jeff is Switch Man2:05:12 - 2:06:00by TurboManThe fuzz is here The fuzz is here1:45:50 - 1:46:37by TurboManEarly Ragdoll Early Ragdoll1:44:14 - 1:44:43by TurboManLeft her hanging Left her hanging26:58 - 27:25by TurboManKeep going Keep going09:37 - 11:16by TurboManVinny gains magical powers Vinny gains magical powers1:26:52 - 1:52:00by TurboManHolding it down in the shack Holding it down in the shack1:18:03 - 1:21:17by TurboManWorst field trip ever Worst field trip ever36:25 - 37:53by TurboManHow to make a good level How to make a good level04:26 - 05:27by TurboManBowser's Patreon Bowser's Patreon26:24 - 28:45by TurboManWhere's Alex? Where's Alex?06:20 - 07:00by TurboManThanks handy sign Thanks handy sign10:30 - 10:56by TurboManGood looking house turns bad Good looking house turns bad49:01 - 51:40by TurboManDan does some cool guy stuff / Brexit Boy Dan does some cool guy stuff / Brexit Boy1:40:33 - 1:42:16by TurboManAlex gets trigger happy Alex gets trigger happy1:15:34 - 1:16:19by TurboManHot takes on Jay-Z Hot takes on Jay-Z14:01 - 14:37by TurboManMajima prepares his stand up routine Majima prepares his stand up routine01:50 - 02:24by TurboManScary Amnesia segment with shoes instead of water Scary Amnesia segment with shoes instead of water17:27 - 18:56by TurboManThe true ending The true ending2:04:48 - 2:05:50by TurboManPut em on the glass pt 2 Put em on the glass pt 22:01:54 - 2:02:29by TurboManPut em on the glass (NSFW) Put em on the glass (NSFW)42:21 - 43:14by TurboManIs pizza a sex thing? Is pizza a sex thing?23:31 - 23:56by TurboManVinny's version of the sex scene Vinny's version of the sex scene02:27 - 03:23by TurboManThe social workers get a hold of Molly's journal The social workers get a hold of Molly's journal19:43 - 20:40by TurboManAir Hump Combo Air Hump Combo22:29 - 22:59by TurboManGame Informer's HR Training Game Informer's HR Training14:04 - 15:34by TurboManThat's not rad That's not rad2:02:52 - 2:03:07by TurboManDeath By Marlin Death By Marlin1:44:33 - 1:45:47by TurboManCool guy stuff Cool guy stuff1:40:07 - 1:40:47by TurboManThis isn't illegal, they're not having sex This isn't illegal, they're not having sex1:13:14 - 1:13:57by TurboManDan tries out his new counter move Dan tries out his new counter move37:25 - 37:50by TurboManTaskmaster's Tape Taskmaster's Tape11:57 - 13:27by TurboManMajima has a little inner monologue moment Majima has a little inner monologue moment1:15:58 - 1:16:53by TurboManTrump vs. Hilary Trump vs. Hilary54:19 - 55:27by TurboManLet's take another look Let's take another look28:40 - 29:31by TurboManLafcadio for my Boonehole Lafcadio for my Boonehole01:14 - 01:35by TurboManKey Tactical Errors Key Tactical Errors1:31:43 - 1:33:07by TurboManSerpentine Serpentine1:11:26 - 1:11:51by TurboManFirst encounter First encounter 24:47 - 28:26by TurboManWhat if I replaced her with the Mandarin Orange? What if I replaced her with the Mandarin Orange?1:42:26 - 1:43:05by TurboManThey're people, Dan. They're people, Dan.39:01 - 39:49by TurboManAlex listens to the comments. Buys a Mandarin Orange. Alex listens to the comments. Buys a Mandarin Orange.03:12 - 04:07by TurboManIs the commentator Steve Austin? Is the commentator Steve Austin?09:14 - 10:20by TurboManDan doesn't like this game very much Dan doesn't like this game very much06:48 - 09:06by TurboManGil is also a mime Gil is also a mime1:05:44 - 1:06:21by TurboManHi guys Hi guys56:18 - 56:57by TurboManSlam Dunk Slam Dunk20:14 - 20:56by TurboManHigh level Snipperclips play High level Snipperclips play09:24 - 11:04by TurboManGet that weak shit outta here. Get that weak shit outta here.01:31 - 01:52by TurboManThe Lust Machine The Lust Machine43:53 - 45:19by TurboManThe gang meets Komeki The gang meets Komeki20:08 - 20:30by TurboManScooby Doo and the Flintstones Scooby Doo and the Flintstones1:42:22 - 1:42:56by TurboManThe original Mr. Shakedown The original Mr. Shakedown08:31 - 09:05by TurboManChicken Test Chicken Test1:38:12 - 1:38:54by TurboManHow does this mine cart work? How does this mine cart work?1:08:58 - 1:09:32by TurboManKilling a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam Killing a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam32:34 - 34:45by TurboManAmazing problem solving skills Amazing problem solving skills26:52 - 28:50by TurboManIt's a trap! It's a trap!07:57 - 08:33by TurboManHow EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 2012 How EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 20121:55:48 - 1:57:26by TurboManVery surprised by this explosion Very surprised by this explosion19:16 - 19:45by TurboManSearching for the perfect shot Searching for the perfect shot08:26 - 09:04by TurboManJeff on CRT filters Jeff on CRT filters04:31 - 04:44by TurboManJeff eats The Legend of Zelda Jeff eats The Legend of Zelda06:03 - 07:16by TurboManVideo Intern Drew Video Intern Drew00:59 - 01:15by TurboManjuh buh juh buh51:01 - 51:19by TurboManJustabox Justabox42:18 - 42:32by TurboManJust A Box Just A Box08:01 - 08:40by TurboManFlipping switches Flipping switches03:46 - 04:18by TurboManMaybe you can just drive there Maybe you can just drive there28:31 - 29:19by TurboManAnd thus, Flight Club was born And thus, Flight Club was born13:08 - 14:10by TurboManJohnny V's legacy lives on Johnny V's legacy lives on2:08:47 - 2:09:53by TurboManPut the wrist strap on Put the wrist strap on05:19 - 06:02by TurboManAll Units All Units11:09 - 11:24by TurboManDan finds his perfect match Dan finds his perfect match38:35 - 39:23by TurboManThe Switch is a lie The Switch is a lie37:17 - 37:56by TurboManAll Units All Units05:59 - 06:28by TurboManGET THOSE FIRST GET THOSE FIRST33:03 - 34:16by TurboManGame Development is a tough gig Game Development is a tough gig04:33 - 04:51by TurboManSup? Sup?55:47 - 56:39by TurboManFull of Bees! Full of Bees!31:26 - 31:42by TurboManYou can't beat Mr. Shakedown You can't beat Mr. Shakedown1:31:00 - 1:32:58by TurboManFull of Bees! Full of Bees!1:02:02 - 1:02:21by TurboManWoo Pappa Woo Pappa59:24 - 1:00:08by TurboManWall doesn't want to high five Wall doesn't want to high five50:02 - 50:48by TurboManHow to film the magic of the big reveal. How to film the magic of the big reveal.1:03:54 - 1:05:03by TurboManJeff Makes a Joke Jeff Makes a Joke1:42:00 - 1:42:28by TurboManHow to lose all your lives in 5 seconds Pt. 1 How to lose all your lives in 5 seconds Pt. 125:32 - 26:12by TurboManIt was a trap It was a trap22:12 - 22:36by TurboManDebut of the Kermit Boss Debut of the Kermit Boss07:26 - 08:16by TurboManLadder Nightmare + Ladder Physics Ladder Nightmare + Ladder Physics08:07 - 08:55by TurboManAl Pacino playing Bequest Al Pacino playing Bequest31:34 - 32:10by TurboManThrilling conclusion Thrilling conclusion38:11 - 39:10by TurboManAn effective jump scare An effective jump scare20:29 - 21:04by TurboManLoading In Loading In19:21 - 20:21by TurboManScary things in the bathroom Scary things in the bathroom13:33 - 15:53by TurboManAgent 47 misses Agent 47 misses06:34 - 07:30by TurboManSpooky! Spooky!03:16 - 04:06by TurboManDanny Ryckertvella Danny Ryckertvella02:18 - 03:33by TurboManSuspender Penis Man Art Suspender Penis Man Art09:20 - 10:11by TurboManEasy Top 3 Easy Top 31:06:58 - 1:07:25by TurboManNew Stratz New Stratz17:39 - 18:14by TurboManThe story of 6.8 The story of 6.850:53 - 52:58by TurboManThat's a person That's a person13:36 - 14:23by TurboManOne of these days the Proximity Mine will not be worthless One of these days the Proximity Mine will not be worthless29:37 - 30:43by TurboManCapture the briefcase Capture the briefcase57:23 - 57:59by TurboManCrazy legs Crazy legs55:36 - 55:57by TurboManDan cuts a promo as Alex Dan cuts a promo as Alex47:24 - 48:35by TurboManTaking a look at some Yo-Kai Taking a look at some Yo-Kai04:28 - 05:55by TurboManMark wants to talk to you about money Mark wants to talk to you about money14:52 - 17:01by TurboManCars don't do that Cars don't do that1:42:13 - 1:43:12by TurboManThat's not how it went That's not how it went1:29:49 - 1:30:40by TurboManFiguring out the controls Figuring out the controls06:17 - 06:43by TurboManBrad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea Brad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea4:37:02 - 4:38:10by TurboManJeff demonstrates his art Jeff demonstrates his art1:34:52 - 1:36:11by TurboManBatman gets off on violence Batman gets off on violence1:07:05 - 1:09:07by TurboManAsshole Batman Asshole Batman41:24 - 42:20by TurboManQL Crew namedrop QL Crew namedrop07:23 - 08:07by TurboManHead Check Head Check33:19 - 33:42by TurboManScopin' Out Babes Scopin' Out Babes02:26 - 02:53by TurboManMatt Kessler gives a warning to all of the kids who might be watching. Matt Kessler gives a warning to all of the kids who might be watching.1:14:58 - 1:16:07by TurboManHeartbreaker. Heartbreaker.15:38 - 17:10by TurboManShark Attack Shark Attack11:32 - 11:52by TurboManJeff breaks the game Jeff breaks the game08:42 - 09:14by TurboManPopplio gets a few supporters. Popplio gets a few supporters.32:04 - 32:49by TurboManDr. Kirby Dr. Kirby09:54 - 11:31by TurboManThat's Frostbite's Music! That's Frostbite's Music!1:03:17 - 1:05:51by TurboManTHA NET GAWD THA NET GAWD58:57 - 1:00:40by TurboManFoot race injuries Foot race injuries49:04 - 50:02by TurboManCuts to the crowd Cuts to the crowd36:22 - 36:45by TurboManShots at John Carmack Shots at John Carmack1:15:14 - 1:15:58by TurboManVinny seeks Brad's approval on a possible Quake Moba Vinny seeks Brad's approval on a possible Quake Moba43:30 - 44:00by TurboManThat's John Carmack's music! That's John Carmack's music!1:05:30 - 1:08:49by TurboManFake Dialog Fake Dialog40:22 - 42:37by TurboManMillennials. Millennials.1:57:28 - 1:58:04by TurboManHideo Motherfuckin' Kojima Hideo Motherfuckin' Kojima1:17:04 - 1:18:07by TurboManWay too much for a Patapon sequel Way too much for a Patapon sequel18:50 - 20:01by TurboManHuman Pile + Exploding Toilet of Doom Human Pile + Exploding Toilet of Doom2:15:31 - 2:19:37by TurboManWhen you wake up and have no clothes on When you wake up and have no clothes on1:01:13 - 1:01:46by TurboManExploding Toilet Challenge Complete Exploding Toilet Challenge Complete56:24 - 57:03by TurboManAPC Turret APC Turret41:29 - 42:43by TurboManReady with the one-liners. Ready with the one-liners.18:53 - 19:23by TurboManCrazy day at work Crazy day at work32:39 - 33:34by TurboManReaper's Origins Reaper's Origins29:13 - 30:13by TurboManBrad skips the one-liner Brad skips the one-liner1:05:34 - 1:06:33by TurboManTaking out the masseuse and cleaning up the mess. Taking out the masseuse and cleaning up the mess.1:01:03 - 1:02:13by TurboManBowling. Bowling.1:01:48 - 1:05:24by TurboManYou have died an unfortunate death by exploding You have died an unfortunate death by exploding51:12 - 52:03by TurboManVinny falls into a hole and then freaky shit happens Vinny falls into a hole and then freaky shit happens20:54 - 23:16by TurboManYou are going to get stabbed in the stomach You are going to get stabbed in the stomach31:26 - 32:10by TurboManI got this van! I got this van!1:10:10 - 1:10:46by TurboMan"I gave him a little pat-pat" "I gave him a little pat-pat"1:27:20 - 1:27:53by TurboManTank Man. Tank Man.14:32 - 15:29by TurboManDrew's Otacon impression as Snake Drew's Otacon impression as Snake12:15 - 12:58by TurboManHead Check #6 Head Check #61:17:15 - 1:17:44by TurboManRIP Frank RIP Frank34:46 - 35:36by TurboManHead Check #5 Head Check #523:48 - 25:20by TurboManPinball Table Maintenance Simulator. Pinball Table Maintenance Simulator.3:30:45 - 3:31:44by TurboManTwitchception on the Moon. Twitchception on the Moon. 3:15:59 - 3:19:32by TurboManHead Check #4 Head Check #41:59:06 - 1:59:52by TurboManAnime time. Anime time.1:27:15 - 1:27:46by TurboManDrew gets stuck in time. Drew gets stuck in time. 1:05:56 - 1:08:19by TurboManDon't turn the video quality up Don't turn the video quality up41:39 - 43:49by TurboManHead Check #3 Head Check #326:55 - 28:27by TurboManHead Check #2 Head Check #215:57 - 16:30by TurboManDan is YouTube ready. Dan is YouTube ready.07:37 - 08:42by TurboManHead Check #1 Head Check #116:10 - 16:41by TurboManJeff Becomes Mega Jeff Becomes Mega05:54 - 06:35by TurboManNow that's what I call a duck. Now that's what I call a duck.47:21 - 47:53by TurboManMagic of the Six Axis controller Magic of the Six Axis controller1:53:02 - 1:55:41by TurboManNBA Live "Demo" NBA Live "Demo"1:33:19 - 1:34:57by TurboManBlast Lacrosse B-Roll Blast Lacrosse B-Roll1:07:18 - 1:08:02by TurboManChest Bump Chest Bump08:11 - 09:00by TurboManOpening of Double Dragon II Opening of Double Dragon II17:00 - 18:23by TurboManWould it mean anything if nature did this? Would it mean anything if nature did this?47:40 - 48:09by TurboManRIP Jebidiah RIP Jebidiah27:35 - 30:46by TurboManA strong start. A strong start.21:21 - 22:30by TurboManJ-Blow Does The Challenge [SPOILERS?] J-Blow Does The Challenge [SPOILERS?]1:00:36 - 1:07:56by TurboManSuccess Success1:49:50 - 1:51:18by TurboManZangief's Critical Art Zangief's Critical Art16:05 - 16:32by TurboManAll right! Nice throw! All right! Nice throw!35:10 - 35:35by TurboManCould you hit F5? Could you hit F5?1:24:10 - 1:25:10by TurboManCat Lady Mirror Match Cat Lady Mirror Match28:20 - 31:30by TurboManKermit Neil Young Kermit Neil Young1:02:43 - 1:03:28by TurboManFinal Review Final Review53:42 - 54:33by TurboManJoust With Dongs Joust With Dongs52:48 - 53:25by TurboManTurning the corner... Turning the corner...51:22 - 52:10by TurboManFirst Impressions First Impressions45:08 - 46:32by TurboManJason's Translating Jason's Translating43:56 - 46:05by TurboMan815 81510:55 - 12:05by TurboManI don't need medics, I'm a duck. I don't need medics, I'm a duck.10:19 - 12:11by TurboManHello Jason. Hello Jason.00:07 - 00:54by TurboManHe's Anime, Sir He's Anime, Sir1:35:16 - 1:35:35by dudeglove, TurboManAttempt to hijack a helicopter #2 Attempt to hijack a helicopter #236:40 - 37:20by TurboManAttempt to hijack a helicopter #1 Attempt to hijack a helicopter #121:54 - 22:13by TurboManShowing off the fighting system Showing off the fighting system13:25 - 15:30by TurboManYou guys looking at the UI? You guys looking at the UI?08:30 - 09:30by TurboManShady Shady00:04 - 00:49by TurboManDo you trust me? Do you trust me?1:56:30 - 1:57:40by TurboManChecking in on the passengers. Checking in on the passengers.1:45:45 - 1:47:20by TurboManWipey the Wiper Wipey the Wiper1:49:50 - 1:50:30by TurboManPutting clues together Putting clues together19:00 - 19:40by TurboManI'm going to fuck and die I'm going to fuck and die06:20 - 07:00by TurboManDrew is real life Psycho Mantis. Drew is real life Psycho Mantis.11:40 - 13:30by TurboMan, cyberlink420Is everything ok Detective? Is everything ok Detective?20:15 - 21:00by TurboManThe Haunted Trunk Bit The Haunted Trunk Bit17:59 - 18:35by TurboManThe Haunted Locker Bit The Haunted Locker Bit11:10 - 11:46by TurboManTyler Breeze is done wrestling. Tyler Breeze is done wrestling.34:00 - 35:20by TurboManWildlife Cop Wildlife Cop1:54:30 - 1:59:15by TurboManAre you seeing this, Chloe? Are you seeing this, Chloe?32:00 - 32:50by TurboManIs this safe? Is this safe?54:48 - 55:09by TurboManMorale is raised Morale is raised04:19 - 05:05by TurboMan

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