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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Dab chamber Dab chamber20:27 - 21:35by PrestigeSurprise Geth Colossus Surprise Geth Colossus1:07:41 - 1:08:08by PrestigeAlex has to go Alex has to go52:46 - 54:04by TurboManWWE Aftershock looks good WWE Aftershock looks good39:16 - 40:34by TurboManThirteen Scary Frights! Thirteen Scary Frights!55:53 - 56:45by TurboManDan meets his just end Dan meets his just end3:44:19 - 3:46:55by kamui97TV Personality Tom Arnold TV Personality Tom Arnold1:47:06 - 1:47:27by TurboManJapanese Donald Duck Japanese Donald Duck1:18:06 - 1:18:28by TurboManJeff is about to watch some Kingdom Hearts Jeff is about to watch some Kingdom Hearts1:11:21 - 1:12:13by TurboManScary door! Scary door!36:20 - 36:44by TurboManSpooky door! Spooky door!20:38 - 21:04by TurboManOh, there's two hands. Oh, there's two hands.03:00 - 03:43by TurboManAH! AH!21:46 - 22:38by TurboManAHH! AHH!42:43 - 43:21by TurboManSomeone on voice chat asks how to play the game Someone on voice chat asks how to play the game1:16:15 - 1:16:33by Wemibelle"I'm Robin!" "I'm Robin!"1:18:14 - 1:18:27by WemibelleBrad kills Batman Brad kills Batman1:21:41 - 1:22:18by WemibelleHe went right to heaven He went right to heaven31:31 - 32:07by TurboManOh I'm press now Oh I'm press now47:41 - 48:26by TurboManTrying to pick up things in VR Trying to pick up things in VR05:00 - 06:05by WemibelleAbby's grabby hands Abby's grabby hands10:21 - 10:57by WemibelleDon't burn or give drugs to babies Don't burn or give drugs to babies59:14 - 59:45by WemibelleKent Clips Only Kent Clips Only39:06 - 41:24by TurboManJeff is already sold Jeff is already sold01:23 - 02:04by TurboMan"Let's build it with love" "Let's build it with love"23:27 - 23:44by treddleStatue setup Statue setup02:41 - 03:44by TurboManAbby gives up Abby gives up56:14 - 56:45by WemibelleAbby loses the doll Abby loses the doll44:18 - 44:58by WemibelleVR doors are hard to open, part 2 VR doors are hard to open, part 236:21 - 36:44by WemibelleOoh, a key Ooh, a key28:28 - 28:41by WemibelleAbby screams loudly Abby screams loudly23:53 - 24:42by WemibelleAbby's quick recovery Abby's quick recovery22:20 - 22:48by WemibelleVR doors are hard to open VR doors are hard to open20:45 - 21:05by WemibellePeople in the crowd finally look good People in the crowd finally look good20:09 - 20:54by TurboManFlossin' at 1440p Flossin' at 1440p06:04 - 06:31by TurboManCheck out this beauty spot. Check out this beauty spot.26:09 - 27:04by TurboManLet's catch up with David Aldridge Let's catch up with David Aldridge1:29:28 - 1:30:05by TurboManThings get real for Abby Things get real for Abby42:43 - 43:24by treddleDifferent Commentary in Knockout Mode Different Commentary in Knockout Mode22:05 - 23:53by TurboMan"Never seen this one before, huh?" "Never seen this one before, huh?"1:35:38 - 1:37:21by hinsaiVinny channels Dan Vinny channels Dan01:06 - 02:45by treddleDrew's Rotor Issues Drew's Rotor Issues46:48 - 47:19by hinsaiVinny's Rotor Trouble Vinny's Rotor Trouble44:35 - 45:30by hinsaiVinny the embargo buster Vinny the embargo buster51:01 - 51:47by Wemibelle"I should probably not climb on this" "I should probably not climb on this"30:29 - 35:01by kamui97Things finally gets scary Things finally gets scary21:51 - 22:33by WemibelleThe woman Ben will never forget The woman Ben will never forget59:12 - 1:00:13by psyDylA plea for Crunk Juice A plea for Crunk Juice1:40:25 - 1:41:10by jimbomccoyAtari Spiderman Atari Spiderman1:50:27 - 1:51:23by TurboManAre you guys going to cover the Zone of the Enders remaster? Are you guys going to cover the Zone of the Enders remaster?53:32 - 53:51by TurboMan"Load 'em!" "Load 'em!"48:57 - 49:54by treddleDan writes his own fan fiction Dan writes his own fan fiction1:13:41 - 1:14:25by treddle"Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot!" "Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot!"40:04 - 40:37by treddleThomas Haden Church Thomas Haden Church23:55 - 24:12by treddleGiantbomb reacts to Untitled Goose Game Giantbomb reacts to Untitled Goose Game1:44:28 - 1:48:02by matsemann08Brad finds the phaser Brad finds the phaser1:11:29 - 1:12:30by TurboManWhat's the point of this? What's the point of this?1:01:53 - 1:02:15by TurboManThey call him little face They call him little face59:39 - 1:00:19by TurboManCall the cops Call the cops20:29 - 21:19by TurboManHE DROPPED THE DATA MODULE! HE DROPPED THE DATA MODULE!56:02 - 56:22by Eighty80Stolen is basically MGS Stolen is basically MGS31:14 - 32:12by TurboManBrad and Will meet up Brad and Will meet up29:42 - 30:31by TurboManWe don't like balloons around here. We don't like balloons around here.23:52 - 24:45Dick and Ball physics Dick and Ball physics05:58 - 06:23by TurboManThat's an apple That's an apple34:05 - 34:56by TurboManGet those orders in now! Get those orders in now!40:54 - 42:07by TurboManAnyone can make a Metal Gear Anyone can make a Metal Gear1:35:54 - 1:37:31by treddleSophie's tragic backstory Sophie's tragic backstory12:34 - 12:58by treddleSo much for the prime directive So much for the prime directive1:04:14 - 1:04:55by TurboManTurn off your targeting computer Turn off your targeting computer1:45:06 - 1:47:28by TurboManVideo games are art. Video games are art.1:00:09 - 1:01:41by TurboManMetal Gear was a mistake. Metal Gear was a mistake.1:23:54 - 1:24:44by TurboManOfficer Lang Officer Lang09:50 - 12:12by psyDylWhy Odie sucks Why Odie sucks1:09:28 - 1:10:50by psyDylDracula's favorite Joker Dracula's favorite Joker28:16 - 29:10by psyDylKessler discovers he's been sabotaged Kessler discovers he's been sabotaged05:50 - 07:14by psyDylSabotage! Sabotage!06:39 - 07:51by psyDylVictim Victim06:17 - 06:36by TurboManWhat was that? What was that?29:01 - 29:30by TurboManVinny's here to succeed Vinny's here to succeed45:49 - 46:36by treddleVinny's incredible engineering Vinny's incredible engineering 1:31:57 - 1:33:33DOG DOG1:06:33 - 1:07:07by ashghanistanAnother story about Dan being a monster Another story about Dan being a monster1:01:20 - 1:02:22by psyDylWario's plan to make money Wario's plan to make money01:17 - 01:52by TurboManKermit the Frog Kermit the Frog13:50 - 14:11by stayandlistenGame audio suddenly and loudly turns on in the studio Game audio suddenly and loudly turns on in the studio21:52 - 22:03by rayne117Dan sends a message. Dan sends a message.2:48:46 - 2:51:16by TurboManDan starts this boss fight off on the right foot. Dan starts this boss fight off on the right foot.2:44:17 - 2:46:19by TurboManDan explains Metal Gear lore using actual science Dan explains Metal Gear lore using actual science59:24 - 1:03:25by treddleDan blows up the east wall Dan blows up the east wall50:05 - 51:56by treddleDid Dan write this? Did Dan write this?58:28 - 59:00by treddleWhat does 'Sunder' mean? What does 'Sunder' mean?1:22:20 - 1:23:17by militantfreudianWe got a problem captain We got a problem captain26:50 - 27:09by TurboManBrad just whacking shit Brad just whacking shit20:07 - 20:33by TurboManRoasted! Roasted!33:56 - 34:29by treddleVinny meets a bear Vinny meets a bear19:10 - 21:26by treddle"Can you throw dynamite up there?" "Can you throw dynamite up there?"1:52:56 - 1:53:22by psyDylCheck out my gamer chair Check out my gamer chair02:13 - 02:58by TurboManImportant mechanics Important mechanics04:34 - 05:13by TurboManJeff opens up a chest Jeff opens up a chest10:29 - 11:04by TurboMan