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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Jeff's startling realization that babies are people Jeff's startling realization that babies are people2:08:14 - 2:08:44by chuteVinny thinkin' bout space Vinny thinkin' bout space1:24:41 - 1:25:21by TurboManSkipping the cutscene Skipping the cutscene10:33 - 11:26by psyDylBusiness Dave Top 10 Business Dave Top 1055:23 - 1:17:05by pash1kTime to plan the wedding! Time to plan the wedding!1:18:58 - 1:19:55by TurboManDonut cam Donut cam00:39 - 02:39by TurboManVinny still at it Vinny still at it1:00:02 - 1:00:54by TurboManVinny's building a rocket Vinny's building a rocket49:21 - 50:52by TurboManVinny goes to space Vinny goes to space1:32:27 - 1:34:55by TurboManArtificial Mind & Movement Artificial Mind & Movement17:59 - 18:22by TurboManShadow Hearts Shadow Hearts27:24 - 28:44by TurboManShadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog1:21:44 - 1:23:58by TurboManG.U.N. G.U.N.1:26:18 - 1:27:02by TurboManA Must Have Hit A Must Have Hit1:28:31 - 1:29:13by TurboManGrandia 3 Director has some hair Grandia 3 Director has some hair07:40 - 11:27by TurboManBen finally breaks. Ben finally breaks.1:58:00 - 1:58:15by armandomendozaBye Dan Bye Dan3:22:02 - 3:25:46by TurboManThe Mushroom Genie The Mushroom Genie2:35:27 - 2:36:02by psyDylFull strokes Full strokes2:06:52 - 2:08:21by psyDylJeff's poor parenting decision Jeff's poor parenting decision1:49:04 - 1:49:38by psyDylDan leaves GB with an injury Dan leaves GB with an injury1:45:30 - 1:46:24by psyDylVinny bets 3 shines Vinny bets 3 shines1:28:48 - 1:29:21by psyDylChronic The Hedgehog stops by Chronic The Hedgehog stops by1:00:26 - 1:01:32by psyDylBario and Gnario Bario and Gnario55:01 - 56:31by psyDylGood luck Vinny! Good luck Vinny!26:03 - 26:40Brad's bullet point battle Brad's bullet point battle1:45:48 - 1:46:39by psyDylJan over-prepared to discuss KH3 Jan over-prepared to discuss KH321:36 - 22:53by psyDylKH3 is the WWE KH3 is the WWE26:00 - 26:32by psyDylVinny's gummi ship Vinny's gummi ship29:30 - 30:25by psyDylAnime punfest Anime punfest1:15:17 - 1:16:06by psyDylWelcome back, toilet! Welcome back, toilet!19:05 - 19:45by psyDylOverheated Racial Slur Overheated Racial Slur3:57:11 - 3:59:30by HermitHomeboyOne of the more subtle, logical methods of escaping a plane One of the more subtle, logical methods of escaping a plane55:52 - 56:58by kmg90Nancy Drew Drowns in the Channel Nancy Drew Drowns in the Channel1:02:00 - 1:02:21by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Gets Hit by Falling Concrete Nancy Drew Gets Hit by Falling Concrete58:03 - 58:40by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Eats a Baking Soda Sandwich Nancy Drew Eats a Baking Soda Sandwich15:00 - 15:44by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Takes a Weird Conspiratorial Turn Nancy Drew Takes a Weird Conspiratorial Turn2:02:20 - 2:08:59by ArmCommanderNancy Drew Is Murdered by an LL Bean Model Nancy Drew Is Murdered by an LL Bean Model2:02:13 - 2:02:37by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Is Captured by New York Villains Nancy Drew Is Captured by New York Villains1:58:45 - 1:59:07by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Sinks Her Kayak Nancy Drew Sinks Her Kayak1:42:50 - 1:43:33by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Is in a Cycling Accident Nancy Drew Is in a Cycling Accident1:06:30 - 1:06:48by TheCoffeeGrinderNancy Drew Gives Herself Food Poisoning Nancy Drew Gives Herself Food Poisoning49:53 - 50:36by TheCoffeeGrinderComplete and utter chaos Complete and utter chaos48:11 - 49:38by WemibelleThe Merle shuffle. The Merle shuffle.1:10:43 - 1:11:23by TroppmannNancy Drew Suffers a Head Injury Nancy Drew Suffers a Head Injury23:13 - 23:45by TheCoffeeGrinderTastes so good make a grown man pie Tastes so good make a grown man pie1:59:26 - 2:00:04by JasperKazaiHot In Here Hot In Here1:11:12 - 1:13:46by TurboManBen's gonna FINISH IT! Ben's gonna FINISH IT!1:41:39 - 1:42:15by AlwaysBeClothingYou need to chill out. You need to chill out.06:21 - 06:49by TroppmannJeff walks on sunshine Jeff walks on sunshine1:17:31 - 1:21:41by psyDylAlex dances to "Africa" Alex dances to "Africa"2:13:23 - 2:14:06by psyDylBad roommates Bad roommates1:10:18 - 1:13:12by psyDylDeath Stranding Gamespot score Death Stranding Gamespot score06:54 - 17:39by psyDylWhales rule! Whales rule!33:26 - 34:03by SonOfMechaMummyYOU THRUSTED YOU THRUSTED2:14:39 - 2:16:09by TurboManRIP Funky Shop RIP Funky Shop47:37 - 48:52by TurboManChecking out the new envirosuit Checking out the new envirosuit1:28:23 - 1:29:28by HermitHomeboyLady of the Cows Lady of the Cows35:39 - 36:46by TurboManI can't read, bro! I can't read, bro!35:05 - 35:37by matsemann08Jan's sobble story Jan's sobble story1:06:15 - 1:12:35by kamui97Business Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 101:30:43 - 1:48:30by wilsbowskiFobwashed has an idea Fobwashed has an idea07:33 - 08:33by TurboManBaby Jeff Baby Jeff49:57 - 51:05by TurboManHorse Stance Horse Stance39:44 - 42:09by deli2000Vinny discusses "the cars of the cloud" Vinny discusses "the cars of the cloud"52:25 - 53:00by kamui97It's just a monkey It's just a monkey1:40:23 - 1:41:35by TurboManFarming for lemons Farming for lemons1:38:33 - 1:39:42by TurboManIs this a ninja? Is this a ninja?1:36:42 - 1:37:43by TurboManWhy was there a helicopter? Why was there a helicopter?36:31 - 37:20by TurboManRobert Burahll Robert Burahll1:11:50 - 1:14:59by TurboManBen blows Jeff's mind Ben blows Jeff's mind32:11 - 32:59by matsemann08Stadia is embargoed. Stadia is embargoed.43:10 - 43:58by TurboManintroducing this game introducing this game01:00 - 02:14by TurboManGohan to college Gohan to college44:50 - 46:02by psyDylMikey McD Stranding Mikey McD Stranding50:17 - 51:08by psyDylMetal technical error Metal technical error12:01 - 13:21by psyDylWhipped Cream and Dan Whipped Cream and Dan3:12:59 - 3:13:46Business Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 101:30:40 - 1:58:30by wilsbowskiRorie's speech Rorie's speech1:23:33 - 1:28:11by TurboManJeff feels stupid Jeff feels stupid07:36 - 08:16by hinsaiTechnical analysis of Death Stranding Technical analysis of Death Stranding1:14:42 - 1:17:37by TurboManEmbargo Embargo1:04:56 - 1:05:37by TurboManTech analysis Tech analysis1:07:24 - 1:10:30by TurboManMonster Energy Monster Energy28:47 - 30:16by TurboManIs L3 Sprint? Is L3 Sprint?11:22 - 12:04by TurboManJust cross the finish line Just cross the finish line28:06 - 29:22by TurboManWatch the overhead. Watch the overhead.21:18 - 22:17by TurboManTemporary Secretary Temporary Secretary2:18:47 - 2:20:52by deli2000Triple H making it happen Triple H making it happen1:37:37 - 1:39:08by TurboManBusiness Dave Top 10 Business Dave Top 1045:52 - 1:03:22by wilsbowskiBusiness Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 101:01:19 - 1:19:58by wilsbowskiBusiness Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 1048:20 - 1:09:10by wilsbowskiFun with Plushtrap Fun with Plushtrap35:11 - 36:46by psyDylJeff lashes out at FF X-2 Jeff lashes out at FF X-21:03:55 - 1:05:01by psyDylWelcome to my Twitch stream! Welcome to my Twitch stream!1:47:46 - 1:48:07The entrances The entrances1:35:29 - 1:40:30by TurboManHow to view your balls How to view your balls19:58 - 20:15by psyDylJust leave the lobby, Brad Just leave the lobby, Brad1:45:06 - 1:46:40by psyDylCollusion! Collusion!1:45:52 - 1:46:30by deli2000Wanna see something weird? Wanna see something weird?1:39:18 - 1:42:49by deli2000