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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Giant Bomb reacts to The Coupe De Villes Giant Bomb reacts to The Coupe De Villes41:14 - 44:52by drakecaimanHe's on fire He's on fire1:31:04 - 1:32:14by TurboManVinny gets his story Vinny gets his story01:18 - 01:55by TurboManThe Rover Rumble The Rover Rumble44:59 - 52:48by psyDylAlex had to be kicked off the show Alex had to be kicked off the show02:00 - 03:00by TurboManGAAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAH1:14:52 - 1:16:07by TurboMan"Cows and Cattle" "Cows and Cattle"24:38 - 25:00by kamui97Dan's finally gets his cow question answered Dan's finally gets his cow question answered26:12 - 28:01by kamui97WCW/nWo Thunder (Behind the Scenes) WCW/nWo Thunder (Behind the Scenes)38:18 - 44:03by Jubs"Was the Renaissance BCE?" "Was the Renaissance BCE?"15:29 - 16:10by kamui972000 BCE, confirmed not the Renaissance 2000 BCE, confirmed not the Renaissance16:57 - 17:44by kamui97"Did cavemen ride horses?" "Did cavemen ride horses?"14:37 - 15:10by kamui97Dan prefaces his input in this quick look Dan prefaces his input in this quick look02:15 - 02:31by kamui97Left Alive seems real dumb Left Alive seems real dumb40:36 - 42:15by TurboManYou have to leave the area You have to leave the area19:57 - 20:44by TurboManKeyboard sounds Keyboard sounds22:16 - 23:19by TurboManLet's look here... Let's look here...27:25 - 27:40by TheNubster"Look at me..." "Look at me..."13:10 - 13:21by VlaphorIt ain't so bad kid, unkle just needs a nap It ain't so bad kid, unkle just needs a nap13:43 - 14:10by thembaWolf is coming on the bottom Wolf is coming on the bottom09:19 - 10:04by Eighty80Rorie's vision of the future Rorie's vision of the future1:43:45 - 1:44:16by allodude"Ya gotta get 'em" "Ya gotta get 'em"10:23 - 11:20by treddleWarframe Krakens and water puddles Warframe Krakens and water puddles45:13 - 46:29by Eighty80The most competent NPC on top of a van The most competent NPC on top of a van10:48 - 11:55by datarebornBradley Broken Bradley Broken1:26:49 - 1:27:27by TurboManBrad tries World Record strats Brad tries World Record strats23:17 - 25:02by TurboManVinny gives it a shot Vinny gives it a shot1:32:25 - 1:34:47by GearWatching the DMC5 development cutscenes Watching the DMC5 development cutscenes42:42 - 48:21by cyberlink420I'm behind you, Dan. I'm behind you, Dan.44:36 - 45:17Not the run Not the run44:36 - 45:23by TurboManWatch out for the potato Watch out for the potato31:51 - 32:38by TurboManBrad demonstrates the Landrover Brad demonstrates the Landrover28:25 - 29:38by TurboManStill figuring out the last level Still figuring out the last level09:30 - 11:10by TurboManDan's a garbage person Dan's a garbage person1:42:07 - 1:42:33by TurboManTalking to Sid Meier about Sim Golf Talking to Sid Meier about Sim Golf06:45 - 18:50by kamui97It happens again It happens again01:44 - 02:50by TurboManDay goes Day goes1:46:11 - 1:46:35Dan doing weird butt stuff with Vinny's chair Dan doing weird butt stuff with Vinny's chair02:02 - 03:01by TurboManJeff dances to Inca People Jeff dances to Inca People1:09:55 - 1:11:40Some unfortunate wording Some unfortunate wording1:35:35 - 1:38:35Jeff... Jeff...11:21 - 11:44by TurboManJan's a fan of stuff Jan's a fan of stuff1:27:39 - 1:28:41by TurboManAbby meets Mr. X Abby meets Mr. X18:17 - 20:05by TurboManVinny uses toilets weird Vinny uses toilets weird45:22 - 46:14by TurboManNo Bond No Bond1:06:19 - 1:06:34by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite store on the Citadel. I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite store on the Citadel. 1:06:07 - 1:07:15by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and I'll literally do anything for a discount. I'm Commander Shepherd and I'll literally do anything for a discount.1:18:07 - 1:18:56by TurboManI'm Commander Shepherd and I'm a massive sellout. I'm Commander Shepherd and I'm a massive sellout.1:16:37 - 1:17:06by TurboManJeff's Machinima Channel Jeff's Machinima Channel38:25 - 39:23by TurboManTesting out Natural Motion Testing out Natural Motion35:19 - 36:56by TurboManBen has a joke Ben has a joke32:29 - 32:50by TurboManWater Monster Water Monster58:22 - 1:00:00by TurboManI hear footsteps I hear footsteps27:02 - 27:35by TurboManVinny throws a tantrum Vinny throws a tantrum03:25 - 03:51by TurboManGoku 2 Goku 204:57 - 05:23by TurboManMatt Rorie's Makeup Tutorial Matt Rorie's Makeup Tutorial06:01 - 07:04by TurboManUnfortunate News Unfortunate News01:59 - 03:46by TurboManSurprise! Surprise!1:12:41 - 1:13:14by WemibelleAlex loses it when a big face pops up Alex loses it when a big face pops up1:27:54 - 1:29:02by PrestigeThe challenge is made The challenge is made07:26 - 08:35by TurboManBusiness Dave is trying his best. Business Dave is trying his best.47:35 - 48:33by TurboManVinny hits Dan in the head Vinny hits Dan in the head13:28 - 14:51FF7 PS4 Remake FF7 PS4 Remake1:30:00 - 1:30:48by TurboManSpace Boys Forever Space Boys Forever35:58 - 38:53by TurboManoh god oh god1:42:14 - 1:42:48by TurboManCan't escape the garf Can't escape the garf2:25:15 - 2:26:37by TurboManWhap her in the face Whap her in the face13:12 - 14:16by TurboManLet's take a look at God Eater 3. Let's take a look at God Eater 3.39:18 - 39:38by TurboManHorny for the Tank Horny for the Tank57:09 - 57:34by TurboManThis game seems ok This game seems ok1:01:20 - 1:02:04by TurboManI told you not to touch me! I told you not to touch me!1:13:24 - 1:14:18by TurboManLicker Debut Licker Debut17:33 - 18:17by TurboManWhat are you afraid of? Why? What are you afraid of? Why?05:52 - 07:21by TurboManStuck in Art Stuck in Art19:23 - 21:16by TurboManA conversation about hair products A conversation about hair products42:05 - 46:26by kamui97Some questions from the chat Some questions from the chat1:51:58 - 1:52:33by BillyMaysRIPThis game's fun. This game's fun.1:29:18 - 1:29:34by KennedyToilet Simulator Toilet Simulator56:22 - 1:00:31by TurboManSuccess! Success!36:10 - 37:01by TurboManNo hot doggin' No hot doggin'34:01 - 34:59by TurboManWhy would you let go? Why would you let go?11:51 - 12:31by TurboManFBI staff bullying FBI staff bullying28:25 - 28:55by thembaSquirrels with Monkey conciousness Squirrels with Monkey conciousness14:20 - 14:25by thembaThe big reveal The big reveal01:40 - 02:33by matsemann08Dead Rising talk Dead Rising talk55:29 - 56:08by TurboManVinny has a point... Vinny has a point...1:08:28 - 1:09:47by TurboManIt's like an Optical Illusion It's like an Optical Illusion37:59 - 38:54by TurboManHonest Abe Honest Abe02:18 - 02:55by TurboManPlease Hug Me Please Hug Me07:46 - 08:31by TurboManThis is rad. This is rad.19:36 - 20:20by TurboManOi You What You Lookin' At? Oi You What You Lookin' At?22:45 - 24:08by TurboManVinny's hand gesture Vinny's hand gesture14:56 - 15:42by stayandlisten"I didn't know pirates worked on this game" "I didn't know pirates worked on this game"01:40 - 03:06by treddleAbby's been getting drunk in the control room Abby's been getting drunk in the control room41:45 - 42:20by treddleAbby compliments Dan's pro skills Abby compliments Dan's pro skills15:52 - 15:57by jbick89Germany has successfully implemented teleportation Germany has successfully implemented teleportation2:08:51 - 2:09:10by thembaVinny Lays Some Pipe Vinny Lays Some Pipe48:18 - 48:28by Hunt270Dan is a man of culture Dan is a man of culture12:30 - 12:41by treddle"I'm gonna watch this guy blow up" "I'm gonna watch this guy blow up"33:32 - 33:47by dudegloveFractals. F**k 'em! Fractals. F**k 'em!43:30 - 43:53by zlo2