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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):"They know." "They know."1:54:30 - 1:55:11by nocamHe just jumped out He just jumped out44:54 - 45:28by TurboManLosing at Frogger Losing at Frogger47:32 - 48:20by TurboMan30 hours into the game and... 30 hours into the game and...1:33:48 - 1:34:20by matsemann08Gondola ride Gondola ride1:19:23 - 1:20:06by TurboManYoung Brad Young Brad1:00:00 - 1:02:04by reflexMaybe just shut the hell up and play the F**king game Maybe just shut the hell up and play the F**king game15:40 - 15:57by VonDozierMJ Victory Dance MJ Victory Dance16:30 - 17:16by psyDylJigsaw stops by Jigsaw stops by1:40:50 - 1:41:56by psyDylJank Effect 2 Jank Effect 240:59 - 41:49by psyDylAlex, you ready for the thing? Alex, you ready for the thing?1:08:09 - 1:08:58by psyDylWhat's your handle? What's your handle?12:28 - 13:58by psyDylVinny translates Vinny translates46:53 - 48:12by psyDylCher makes an appearance Cher makes an appearance 40:00 - 42:22by greebmanAshley get out of there Ashley get out of there1:30:35 - 1:30:58by TurboManAh A Snake Ah A Snake18:31 - 19:08by TurboManThis dude looks familiar... This dude looks familiar...39:19 - 39:39by psyDylThe Food Zone The Food Zone1:07:22 - 1:10:30by TurboManWhat is going on? What is going on?10:51 - 11:47by TurboManHacker Cops Hacker Cops21:23 - 22:26by TurboManThe world is on fire The world is on fire07:52 - 09:40by TurboManSinking feeling Sinking feeling03:37 - 04:16by TurboManAlright chill out, Ryan Alright chill out, Ryan25:41 - 27:12by psyDylDrew gets stuck Drew gets stuck07:20 - 08:13by psyDylJeff dreams of onion sabotage Jeff dreams of onion sabotage19:47 - 21:05by psyDylTakayuki transforms Takayuki transforms12:14 - 12:49by psyDylThe Gamer Gummies™ The Gamer Gummies™08:33 - 10:03by TheCoffeeGrinderComing in hot Coming in hot11:21 - 11:55by TurboManAbby's cool-looking car Abby's cool-looking car40:48 - 41:23by psyDylWan Hazmer curses Shaq and Dave Lang in Malaysian Wan Hazmer curses Shaq and Dave Lang in Malaysian29:29 - 30:16by psyDylThis time maybe not an accident This time maybe not an accident42:25 - 43:04by TurboManVirginLoser has invited you to his game VirginLoser has invited you to his game1:00:58 - 1:02:41by TurboManExquisite Corps. Exquisite Corps.59:36 - 1:00:07by TurboManThe Dance of Las Plagas The Dance of Las Plagas1:05:45 - 1:06:20by psyDylConan O'Brien's jacket Conan O'Brien's jacket07:23 - 07:38by psyDylRorie plays I Love Puppies! Rorie plays I Love Puppies!33:15 - 51:55by psyDylAffordable stained glass windows Affordable stained glass windows19:25 - 19:48by jimbomccoyGamestop stocks on fire Gamestop stocks on fire1:11:49 - 1:13:56by psyDylRunning up on Vinny Running up on Vinny01:09 - 01:30by psyDylWas Vinny mad? Was Vinny mad?05:20 - 06:13by psyDylChris Plante and Vince Zampella go to an escape room Chris Plante and Vince Zampella go to an escape room13:59 - 16:11by BillyMaysRIPGuest Name from Reference Text stops by Guest Name from Reference Text stops by00:13 - 00:50by psyDylHarris Foster got threatened by an energy drinker Harris Foster got threatened by an energy drinker20:24 - 21:34by psyDylThe Texican Whopper The Texican Whopper39:14 - 42:20by psyDylJeff has a sore throat Jeff has a sore throat24:33 - 24:43by psyDylJason, noted hat wearer Jason, noted hat wearer1:01:31 - 1:02:21by psyDylTalking with Phil Spencer about Phantasy Star Online 2 Talking with Phil Spencer about Phantasy Star Online 237:30 - 42:12by datarebornChris Plante has a request to the Watch Dogs team Chris Plante has a request to the Watch Dogs team30:46 - 31:54by BillyMaysRIPChris Plante and Vince Zampella go to an escape room Chris Plante and Vince Zampella go to an escape room13:59 - 16:11by BillyMaysRIPJordan WHO?! Jordan WHO?!40:28 - 41:38by psyDylAlex nukes Alex nukes1:14:29 - 1:15:36by psyDylAlex's immortal snake Alex's immortal snake06:06 - 08:48by psyDylWhat a tease! What a tease!26:24 - 27:16by matsemann08Dan eats the chip Dan eats the chip11:01:40 - 11:10:10by Snacko00Hit the mat (and grab it!) Hit the mat (and grab it!)3:04:30 - 3:05:09by psyDylBrad cleans house Brad cleans house3:03:03 - 3:03:23by psyDyl"Let me hear that in Grover, Brad." "Let me hear that in Grover, Brad."1:04:10 - 1:04:39by psyDylVinny's "Awesome Tetris" Vinny's "Awesome Tetris"11:17 - 12:31by psyDyl"I'm coming for you, Scanlon!" "I'm coming for you, Scanlon!"3:24:51 - 3:25:44by psyDylSomething's fishy... Something's fishy...1:26:05 - 1:28:01by psyDylAbby gets launched by physics Abby gets launched by physics27:35 - 28:29by TurboManVinny gets flattened Vinny gets flattened25:01 - 26:14by TurboManDo as Lord Vader says Do as Lord Vader says05:59 - 07:42by TurboManShould I stop? Should I stop?20:30 - 22:02by TurboMan"Alright, be prepared for anything..." "Alright, be prepared for anything..."29:04 - 29:38by psyDylTrying the Street Fighter Chain Trying the Street Fighter Chain2:03:30 - 2:07:00by psyDylMega Jump! Mega Jump!1:40:59 - 1:42:53by psyDylGrimey Game Genie Grimey Game Genie1:32:30 - 1:38:40by psyDylF-Zero and Dookie F-Zero and Dookie45:15 - 46:01by psyDylBrad Introduces Jeff's Retrode Brad Introduces Jeff's Retrode26:30 - 27:49by psyDylDirty Ass Cartridges Dirty Ass Cartridges01:08 - 02:25by psyDylDural vs Kumachan Dural vs Kumachan3:15:31 - 3:17:11by psyDylSawada Mirror Match Sawada Mirror Match2:38:02 - 2:41:32by psyDylFetus of God Fetus of God2:07:50 - 2:09:57by psyDylJad the Taff Jad the Taff1:17:20 - 1:18:33by psyDylRiffing on Clockwork Knight Riffing on Clockwork Knight58:37 - 1:02:46by psyDylJason brought some stuff Jason brought some stuff17:41 - 18:44by psyDylBen's bowling grampa Ben's bowling grampa 1:33:54 - 1:34:48by psyDylSkitch him! Skitch him!1:45:33 - 1:46:03by psyDylFace Plant Face Plant53:35 - 54:00by nack84INTENSE Sanrio Match INTENSE Sanrio Match3:13:07 - 3:14:46by psyDylWelcome to Gasroom Welcome to Gasroom2:01:07 - 2:01:49by psyDyl"Yoshi is a side piece." "Yoshi is a side piece."1:04:35 - 1:07:16by psyDylBrad helps build Brad Brad helps build Brad1:18:29 - 1:19:21by psyDylCriminally Jeff Criminally Jeff1:33:31 - 1:34:16by psyDylAre there walls? Are there walls?02:01 - 02:24by TurboManDan's still developing his Object Permanence Dan's still developing his Object Permanence 02:37 - 03:14by TurboManCombat Mutant Combat Mutant44:30 - 46:05by TurboManIs Ruction your first name? Is Ruction your first name?11:58 - 12:11by GearLet's race back to the apartment Let's race back to the apartment1:41:00 - 1:41:39by TurboManAlex is a good driver Alex is a good driver09:25 - 09:50by TurboMan"I don't imagine there'll be too much tearing" "I don't imagine there'll be too much tearing"52:26 - 53:31by matsemann08This Guy This Guy56:59 - 58:11by TurboManFirst things first First things first00:53 - 01:27by TurboManWhere is Darth Vader from? Where is Darth Vader from?04:24 - 05:07by treddleDan's timing is a little questionable Dan's timing is a little questionable12:41 - 13:16by TurboManTHAT'S F**kING THEM! THAT'S F**kING THEM!1:09:57 - 1:11:07by datarebornHeavy Whipping Cream Heavy Whipping Cream 58:30 - 59:20by datarebornGoogle Street View of the Vape Boys and more stories Google Street View of the Vape Boys and more stories1:13:12 - 1:17:05by datarebornThe Pogi Boys - Part 2 The Pogi Boys - Part 21:09:58 - 1:17:06by psyDyl