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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):introducing this game introducing this game01:00 - 02:14by TurboManGohan to college Gohan to college44:50 - 46:02by psyDylMikey McD Stranding Mikey McD Stranding50:17 - 51:08by psyDylMetal technical error Metal technical error12:01 - 13:21by psyDylWhipped Cream and Dan Whipped Cream and Dan3:12:59 - 3:13:46Business Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 101:30:40 - 1:58:30by wilsbowskiRorie's speech Rorie's speech1:23:33 - 1:28:11by TurboManJeff feels stupid Jeff feels stupid07:36 - 08:16by hinsaiTechnical analysis of Death Stranding Technical analysis of Death Stranding1:14:42 - 1:17:37by TurboManEmbargo Embargo1:04:56 - 1:05:37by TurboManTech analysis Tech analysis1:07:24 - 1:10:30by TurboManMonster Energy Monster Energy28:47 - 30:16by TurboManIs L3 Sprint? Is L3 Sprint?11:22 - 12:04by TurboManJust cross the finish line Just cross the finish line28:06 - 29:22by TurboManWatch the overhead. Watch the overhead.21:18 - 22:17by TurboManTemporary Secretary Temporary Secretary2:18:47 - 2:20:52by deli2000Triple H making it happen Triple H making it happen1:37:37 - 1:39:08by TurboManBusiness Dave Top 10 Business Dave Top 1045:52 - 1:03:22by wilsbowskiBusiness Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 101:01:19 - 1:19:58by wilsbowskiBusiness Dave's Top 10 Business Dave's Top 1048:20 - 1:09:10by wilsbowskiFun with Plushtrap Fun with Plushtrap35:11 - 36:46by psyDylJeff lashes out at FF X-2 Jeff lashes out at FF X-21:03:55 - 1:05:01by psyDylWelcome to my Twitch stream! Welcome to my Twitch stream!1:47:46 - 1:48:07The entrances The entrances1:35:29 - 1:40:30by TurboManHow to view your balls How to view your balls19:58 - 20:15by psyDylJust leave the lobby, Brad Just leave the lobby, Brad1:45:06 - 1:46:40by psyDylCollusion! Collusion!1:45:52 - 1:46:30by deli2000Wanna see something weird? Wanna see something weird?1:39:18 - 1:42:49by deli2000Biker Taker Entrance Biker Taker Entrance1:24:38 - 1:26:10by deli2000Randy Savage Randy Savage20:48 - 21:24by deli2000Dusty Rhodes Dusty Rhodes10:19 - 10:41by deli2000You're the circumscientist! You're the circumscientist!1:36:57 - 1:38:48by kinglbf10 Free Throws 10 Free Throws43:22 - 44:44by psyDyl"The sickest video game music committed to music" (Daddy Mulk) "The sickest video game music committed to music" (Daddy Mulk)22:05 - 24:21by psyDylMechacombo! Mechacombo!19:21 - 20:35by psyDylAbby's Password Abby's Password11:57 - 12:53by deli2000The Power of Friendship! The Power of Friendship!27:00 - 27:32by HeelMaggleThe final run The final run1:31:55 - 1:34:03by deli2000I'm afraid that doesn't count. I'm afraid that doesn't count.1:01:58 - 1:02:39by deli2000Tiny's dead. Tiny's dead.23:19 - 24:02by deli2000YOU BLEW IT! YOU BLEW IT!1:21:09 - 1:21:59by deli2000Ranking of Kongs Ranking of Kongs2:26:39 - 2:28:34by treddleGBA video clips GBA video clips16:54 - 17:31by psyDylVinny somehow crashes Mario 64 Vinny somehow crashes Mario 641:33:49 - 1:34:53by TurboManNow that's comedy! Now that's comedy!1:00:38 - 1:02:02by deli2000Here we... go? Here we... go?1:33:46 - 1:34:48by deli2000HERE WE GO!! HERE WE GO!!30:33 - 32:00by SonOfMechaMummySassy Vinny is best Vinny Sassy Vinny is best Vinny36:53 - 37:03by DogpostsonlyTrue Feelings Revealed True Feelings Revealed07:23 - 07:43by MikeBorderlands 3 withheld from reviewers Borderlands 3 withheld from reviewers1:48:45 - 1:59:15by psyDylCandy Kong Candy Kong1:18:34 - 1:19:57by SonOfMechaMummyAwful case of crab brain Awful case of crab brain23:00 - 23:50by jimbomccoyVinny does DK Rap Vinny does DK Rap1:28:29 - 1:33:56by TurboManZipper's open, the Kong is out. Zipper's open, the Kong is out.07:24 - 08:00by TurboManVinny shows off his skills Vinny shows off his skills59:33 - 1:00:33by deli2000Vinny wins the race Vinny wins the race44:29 - 45:33by deli2000Kaldea!? Kaldea!?15:44 - 16:45by deli2000Can you search for other Harry Potters? Can you search for other Harry Potters?32:47 - 36:08by TurboManSearch for Dobby Search for Dobby34:28 - 35:52by psyDylIt's magic (or a glitch)! It's magic (or a glitch)!28:00 - 29:02by psyDylAbby's Dave Lang Impersonation Abby's Dave Lang Impersonation45:52 - 46:28by deli2000#TEAMBRAD :ProMoves (SMM2 Edition) #TEAMBRAD :ProMoves (SMM2 Edition)2:22:16 - 2:23:40by HermitHomeboyoooOOoohhHH oooOOoohhHH34:26 - 35:26by TurboManooOOOOooooHHHHH ooOOOOooooHHHHH25:36 - 26:13by TurboManVinny leaves the room Vinny leaves the room16:41 - 17:49by TurboManThanks once again David Thanks once again David51:09 - 51:35by deli2000You see that mountain over there? You see that mountain over there?1:34:12 - 1:35:28by TurboManLet's go to the bathroom Let's go to the bathroom1:08:00 - 1:10:49by TurboManThe player will be choking back the tears. The player will be choking back the tears.50:32 - 51:27by TurboManAbby meets Dobby Abby meets Dobby33:27 - 34:07by psyDylSpiral staircases (?) Spiral staircases (?)02:58 - 03:37by psyDylBen does it Ben does it54:17 - 56:05by TurboManThey're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition They're making a sequel to Deadly Premonition1:00:27 - 1:01:53by TurboManNow I'm hooked Now I'm hooked39:57 - 41:29by TurboManShoot him Shoot him02:13 - 03:09by TurboManShow me your biscuits Show me your biscuits08:33 - 09:13by TurboManTechnical issues Technical issues02:11 - 03:33by TurboManRock n Roll! Rock n Roll!53:44 - 54:40by TurboManAlex is about to quit Alex is about to quit12:14 - 13:38by TurboManMoving your arms is important Moving your arms is important02:30 - 03:21by TurboManGotta get the coin out of the thing Gotta get the coin out of the thing1:42:42 - 1:43:49by TurboManThe Ballad of Gork The Ballad of Gork58:55 - 59:19by psyDylDrew vs The Ladder Drew vs The Ladder49:47 - 52:01by emphulioRewind it Rewind it44:45 - 46:28by TurboManPlaying a song at the piano Playing a song at the piano24:06 - 25:18by TurboManLet's watch Sonic die Let's watch Sonic die22:20 - 22:39by psyDylRewinding to victory Rewinding to victory45:18 - 46:28by psyDylBusiness Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! Business Dave Top 10 Welcome back Jeff! 1:15:45 - 1:16:46by TurboManDeadly Premonition 2 Reveal Deadly Premonition 2 Reveal21:30 - 23:09by TurboManVinny's getting a bumper Vinny's getting a bumper40:18 - 41:18by psyDylCo-op chaos Co-op chaos48:19 - 50:06by psyDylMultiplayer seems... complex... Multiplayer seems... complex...36:57 - 39:56by psyDylDodgeball joke Dodgeball joke1:02:06 - 1:03:13by TurboManAlex, avenged Alex, avenged17:07 - 17:33by psyDylAlex, betrayed Alex, betrayed04:25 - 06:38by psyDylTongue-skinned creature Tongue-skinned creature15:53 - 17:25by psyDylBFG fun BFG fun1:32:09 - 1:32:36by psyDyl"You got two babies!" "You got two babies!"36:58 - 37:33by psyDyl"Thanks, homie!" "Thanks, homie!"45:30 - 45:45by TheCoffeeGrinderKitty cat Kitty cat1:06:15 - 1:08:12by Pirateogta