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It's a chill Friday so let's cool out and build some machines of death.


Vinny's incredible engineering Vinny's incredible engineering 1:31:57 - 1:33:33Vinny's here to succeed Vinny's here to succeed45:49 - 46:36by treddleTime to get wet. Time to get wet.54:01 - 55:12by TurboManVideo games are art. Video games are art.1:00:09 - 1:01:41by TurboManTurn off your targeting computer Turn off your targeting computer1:45:06 - 1:47:28by TurboManVinny's hand gesture Vinny's hand gesture14:56 - 15:42by stayandlisten

GBE Playdate: Besiege (08/10/2018)

Posted: Aug. 10, 2018 | with Vinny, Dan and Alex
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