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Vinny's hand gesture Vinny's hand gesture14:56 - 15:42by stayandlistenI build this city I build this city04:52 - 05:10by stayandlistenKermit the Frog Kermit the Frog13:50 - 14:11by stayandlistenOH ARE THEY?! OH ARE THEY?!1:28:08 - 1:28:26by stayandlistenAlex will fling Vinny Alex will fling Vinny1:13:51 - 1:14:02by stayandlisten"I thought we had to end the stream" "I thought we had to end the stream"1:39:44 - 1:40:05by stayandlistenWeird trail Weird trail24:15 - 25:02by stayandlistenWhy'd you say it like that? Why'd you say it like that?15:39 - 15:57by stayandlisten

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