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We got the whole staff together to talk about Anthem, Battlefield V, various sports... and the return of Kane?


The Manning clan The Manning clan54:37 - 55:03by WemibelleDavid Cage's Andrew House David Cage's Andrew House24:28 - 25:14by WemibelleNathanias, professional Shoutcaster Nathanias, professional Shoutcaster55:41 - 55:52by WemibelleDo not spawn on this squad Do not spawn on this squad02:38 - 03:13by TurboManVince doesn't give a fuck Vince doesn't give a fuck28:29 - 31:24by TurboManInspirational E-Sports Story Inspirational E-Sports Story52:16 - 54:29by TurboManWords of truth from the S.O.S. dev Words of truth from the S.O.S. dev46:01 - 46:15by treddle
Other timestamps:

Battlefield V presentation Battlefield V presentation11:42 - 17:27by treddleFIFA 19 presentation FIFA 19 presentation17:27 - 24:28by treddleEA Play / Origin Access Premier presentation EA Play / Origin Access Premier presentation24:27 - 28:23by treddleStar Wars Battlefront II presentation Star Wars Battlefront II presentation30:57 - 34:57by treddleUnravel Two presentation Unravel Two presentation34:57 - 43:40by treddleSea of Solitude presentation Sea of Solitude presentation44:31 - 49:42by treddleMadden 19 presentation Madden 19 presentation50:56 - 55:36by treddleCommand & Conquer Rivals presentation Command & Conquer Rivals presentation55:40 - 1:04:16by treddleAnthem presentation Anthem presentation1:07:10 - 1:27:24by treddleNBA Live 19 trailer NBA Live 19 trailer49:42 - 50:56by treddle

We Talk Over the E3 2018 EA Press Conference

Posted: Jun. 9, 2018 | with Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Dan, Alex and Intern Ben
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