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Surprise! Surprise!1:12:41 - 1:13:14by WemibelleDon't burn or give drugs to babies Don't burn or give drugs to babies59:14 - 59:45by WemibelleAbby's grabby hands Abby's grabby hands10:21 - 10:57by WemibelleTrying to pick up things in VR Trying to pick up things in VR05:00 - 06:05by WemibelleBrad kills Batman Brad kills Batman1:21:41 - 1:22:18by Wemibelle"I'm Robin!" "I'm Robin!"1:18:14 - 1:18:27by WemibelleSomeone on voice chat asks how to play the game Someone on voice chat asks how to play the game1:16:15 - 1:16:33by WemibelleAbby gives up Abby gives up56:14 - 56:45by WemibelleAbby loses the doll Abby loses the doll44:18 - 44:58by WemibelleOoh, a key Ooh, a key28:28 - 28:41by WemibelleAbby screams loudly Abby screams loudly23:53 - 24:42by WemibelleVR doors are hard to open, part 2 VR doors are hard to open, part 236:21 - 36:44by WemibelleVR doors are hard to open VR doors are hard to open20:45 - 21:05by WemibelleAbby's quick recovery Abby's quick recovery22:20 - 22:48by WemibelleVinny the embargo buster Vinny the embargo buster51:01 - 51:47by WemibelleThings finally gets scary Things finally gets scary21:51 - 22:33by WemibelleThe studio PC is possessed The studio PC is possessed2:06:08 - 2:08:33by WemibelleThe Led Zeppelin of video games: Boulder Dash The Led Zeppelin of video games: Boulder Dash00:03 - 00:25by Wemibelle"Be gamin'!" "Be gamin'!"1:33:37 - 1:33:56by WemibelleAlex's fall story is foreshadowing Alex's fall story is foreshadowing21:11 - 22:13by WemibelleDan learns about pirates. Dan learns about pirates.1:02:05 - 1:03:09by WemibelleMickey Mouse and the Hell Butthole Mickey Mouse and the Hell Butthole04:10 - 04:50by WemibelleVinny's Frozen joke and Dan's complete bewilderment Vinny's Frozen joke and Dan's complete bewilderment02:07 - 02:57by WemibelleThe benefits of one-handed gameplay The benefits of one-handed gameplay1:26:32 - 1:26:55by WemibelleTodd Howard, the lost member of REO Speedwagon Todd Howard, the lost member of REO Speedwagon58:04 - 58:19by WemibelleOld Man BJ Old Man BJ53:56 - 54:15by WemibelleCreepy Fallout mask guy Creepy Fallout mask guy53:25 - 53:33by WemibelleWhen!? When!?11:00 - 11:20by WemibelleJeff LOVES Funko Pop! Jeff LOVES Funko Pop!1:36:15 - 1:36:50by Wemibelle'how come i never c u drift ???' 'how come i never c u drift ???'44:15 - 44:36by WemibelleBrad's still salty about Ori's soundtrack Brad's still salty about Ori's soundtrack16:46 - 17:06by WemibelleNathanias, professional Shoutcaster Nathanias, professional Shoutcaster55:41 - 55:52by WemibelleDavid Cage's Andrew House David Cage's Andrew House24:28 - 25:14by WemibelleThe Manning clan The Manning clan54:37 - 55:03by Wemibelle"How long you been clean?" "How long you been clean?"1:02:24 - 1:02:47by WemibelleJeff brings ghost problems Jeff brings ghost problems1:16:45 - 1:16:59by WemibelleComplete and utter chaos Complete and utter chaos48:11 - 49:38by WemibelleRyan makes a stunning realization Ryan makes a stunning realization1:43:55 - 1:44:20by WemibelleRyan has a suggestion for Jeff Ryan has a suggestion for Jeff05:15 - 05:47by WemibelleRyan can't take it anymore Ryan can't take it anymore12:22 - 13:11by WemibelleVinny picks an intense camera angle Vinny picks an intense camera angle30:10 - 30:33by WemibelleJeff gets out of the car Jeff gets out of the car1:01:59 - 1:02:42by WemibelleBlackwell has a graffiti problem Blackwell has a graffiti problem32:51 - 33:12by WemibelleMixed reactions to "bubble hearth" Mixed reactions to "bubble hearth"34:32 - 34:57by WemibelleMaking fun of Zachary Making fun of Zachary53:01 - 53:30by WemibelleDaguerreotype! Daguerreotype!32:27 - 32:36by WemibelleKen or Ryan Ken or Ryan01:59 - 03:13by WemibelleJust one more door Just one more door43:05 - 43:31by WemibellePatrick dies horribly Patrick dies horribly30:18 - 30:53by WemibelleEverybody loses it Everybody loses it04:13 - 04:54by WemibelleDrew and Jeff are bewildered Drew and Jeff are bewildered1:22:34 - 1:22:43by WemibelleSwitchback Switchback33:25 - 33:38by WemibelleThe "triple-fucking threat of bullshit" The "triple-fucking threat of bullshit"19:21 - 20:03by WemibelleVinny loses his headphones Vinny loses his headphones01:30 - 01:50by WemibelleKaraoke - 24-hour Cindarella Karaoke - 24-hour Cindarella34:21 - 36:20by WemibelleThe horrifying virtual Christopher Walken The horrifying virtual Christopher Walken1:29:10 - 1:29:58by WemibelleFoiled by a wet floor sign. Foiled by a wet floor sign.34:20 - 34:38by WemibelleGears of War 4 Gears of War 400:00 - 2:15:40by Wemibelle

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