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JUMP CUT! JUMP CUT!14:11 - 14:40by PirateogtaKitty cat Kitty cat1:06:15 - 1:08:12by PirateogtaThis isn't an arm This isn't an arm49:06 - 49:37by PirateogtaBOUNCE PAD!!!! BOUNCE PAD!!!!33:05 - 34:03by PirateogtaFunky moves Funky moves1:01:19 - 1:03:26by PirateogtaI'm not gonna shoot a dog I'm not gonna shoot a dog43:05 - 43:41by PirateogtaThis is how sex shouldn't happen This is how sex shouldn't happen05:19 - 08:43by PirateogtaThat's video games right there That's video games right there49:10 - 49:30by PirateogtaWhat the fuck just happened?! What the fuck just happened?!1:12:06 - 1:13:05by PirateogtaI got something on my shoe I got something on my shoe1:00:12 - 1:00:49by Pirateogta

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