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Q&A from chat Q&A from chat58:10 - 1:06:00by kamui97Caller has a suggestion for a 24/7 service for streaming random Giant Bomb content Caller has a suggestion for a 24/7 service for streaming random Giant Bomb content26:00 - 27:40by kamui97Arachnophobia mode Arachnophobia mode2:53:41 - 2:54:58by kamui97"Someone just signed into AOL" "Someone just signed into AOL"25:13 - 25:44by kamui97Trucker Vinny is a menace Trucker Vinny is a menace2:49:30 - 2:50:20by kamui97Vinny goes to space! Vinny goes to space!2:08:05 - 2:10:50by kamui97Vinny's truck flees to its death Vinny's truck flees to its death1:00:05 - 1:01:30by kamui97The great jenga tower is downed The great jenga tower is downed3:42:00 - 3:42:30by kamui97Tim Schafer v. Greg Rice Jenga Tim Schafer v. Greg Rice Jenga1:33:44 - 1:59:00by kamui97Dan's finally gets his cow question answered Dan's finally gets his cow question answered26:12 - 28:01by kamui97"Cows and Cattle" "Cows and Cattle"24:38 - 25:00by kamui97"Was the Renaissance BCE?" "Was the Renaissance BCE?"15:29 - 16:10by kamui972000 BCE, confirmed not the Renaissance 2000 BCE, confirmed not the Renaissance16:57 - 17:44by kamui97"Did cavemen ride horses?" "Did cavemen ride horses?"14:37 - 15:10by kamui97Dan prefaces his input in this quick look Dan prefaces his input in this quick look02:15 - 02:31by kamui97Talking to Sid Meier about Sim Golf Talking to Sid Meier about Sim Golf06:45 - 18:50by kamui97A conversation about hair products A conversation about hair products42:05 - 46:26by kamui97Top o' the morning! Top o' the morning!23:36 - 24:01by kamui97Dan was a big cool kid Dan was a big cool kid01:30 - 01:53by kamui97"I should probably not climb on this" "I should probably not climb on this"30:29 - 35:01by kamui97Dan meets his just end Dan meets his just end3:44:19 - 3:46:55by kamui97"You're the pitcher by the way" "You're the pitcher by the way"17:09 - 18:00by kamui97A wild Mary Kish appears A wild Mary Kish appears1:20:47 - 2:26:28by kamui97Dan asks how chickens and eggs work. Dan asks how chickens and eggs work.36:11 - 37:40by kamui97Let's get sweaty Let's get sweaty07:18 - 07:42by kAmuiRules Land Rules Land03:10 - 03:30by kAmuiMario Party 7 gets announced Mario Party 7 gets announced57:09 - 57:40by kAmuiHit me with them charts! Hit me with them charts!13:13 - 13:55by kAmuiCreating Drew Scanlon Creating Drew Scanlon01:09 - 03:28by kAmui"Jeff, I'm gonna murder my uncle" "Jeff, I'm gonna murder my uncle"02:04 - 02:34by kAmuiWe get it Roton, you vape. We get it Roton, you vape.48:59 - 49:25by kAmuiDan can't find a menu item Dan can't find a menu item1:49:17 - 1:49:48by kAmuiDan thought weed makes hats blurry Dan thought weed makes hats blurry1:04:05 - 1:05:07by kAmuiRorie's sick burn Rorie's sick burn1:37:15 - 1:37:35by kAmui

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