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"Why would I continue here?" "Why would I continue here?"19:56 - 20:22by flackbyteBest Game Best Game1:56:25 - 3:41:50by flackbyteWorst Game Worst Game1:37:58 - 1:56:23by flackbyteBest Story Best Story28:48 - 1:37:50by flackbyteOverwatch Character of the Year Overwatch Character of the Year01:41 - 28:48by flackbyteBest Looking Game Best Looking Game2:38:42 - 3:20:02by flackbyteMost Disappointing Game Most Disappointing Game1:51:22 - 2:38:42by flackbyteBest VR Experience Best VR Experience58:00 - 1:51:22by flackbyteBest New Character Best New Character03:39 - 58:00by flackbyteRecap and Wrap Up Recap and Wrap Up3:06:55 - 3:09:12by flackbyteBest Styyyyyyyyyyyyle Best Styyyyyyyyyyyyle2:02:11 - 3:06:59by flackbyteThe Hottest Mess The Hottest Mess1:13:15 - 2:02:11by flackbyteBest Debut (Best New IP) Best Debut (Best New IP)29:38 - 1:13:17by flackbyteOld Game Of The Year Old Game Of The Year05:06 - 29:40by flackbyteCategories Categories04:28 - 05:08by flackbyteThe Aliens Came The Aliens Came29:09 - 35:14by flackbyteGlitch Glitch 24:14 - 29:09by flackbyteHold My Beer Hold My Beer19:27 - 24:14by flackbyteLow Battery Low Battery13:02 - 19:25by flackbyteParticulars Particulars00:22 - 13:03by flackbyteJohn Drake: We Don't Care. We Don't Have a Business Model. John Drake: We Don't Care. We Don't Have a Business Model.1:30:32 - 1:34:56by flackbyteGrapple Knight Grapple Knight44:26 - 52:26by flackbyteDiscman: The Legend of Danny Crask Discman: The Legend of Danny Crask34:20 - 44:26by flackbytePause Ahead Pause Ahead24:28 - 34:19by flackbyteRambo: Last Blood Rambo: Last Blood18:39 - 24:28by flackbyteEastward Quest Eastward Quest12:51 - 18:38by flackbyteTeslagrad Teslagrad00:04 - 12:51by flackbyteAlex Reads About Mexican Chocolate Made in Massachusetts While Jeff Touches Himself Alex Reads About Mexican Chocolate Made in Massachusetts While Jeff Touches Himself 19:42 - 20:56by flackbyteCertified Anonymous Breast Milk Certified Anonymous Breast Milk40:50 - 44:57by flackbytePsychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin1:03:27 - 1:05:21by flackbytePolybius Polybius1:00:56 - 1:03:27by flackbyteTekken 7: Fated Retribution Tekken 7: Fated Retribution55:03 - 1:00:46by flackbyteDead Cells Dead Cells51:26 - 53:27by flackbyteMighty Gunvolt Burst Mighty Gunvolt Burst47:57 - 51:26by flackbyteNieR: Automata NieR: Automata39:14 - 47:55by flackbyteDota 2 Dota 233:49 - 39:14by flackbytePlayerunknown's Battlegrounds Playerunknown's Battlegrounds17:58 - 32:39by flackbyteSaturn Games Saturn Games09:56 - 17:59by flackbyteE-mails E-mails1:36:16 - 2:17:17by flackbyteNews News1:05:18 - 1:36:08by flackbyteVideo Games Video Games09:37 - 1:05:24by flackbyteVinny shaves Dan's head Vinny shaves Dan's head00:00 - 07:18by flackbyteVinny actually sums up MGS and Dan tries to talk about the Philosophy of MGS Vinny actually sums up MGS and Dan tries to talk about the Philosophy of MGS45:44 - 48:47by flackbyteDan tries to sum up all of MGS in 2 minutes Dan tries to sum up all of MGS in 2 minutes39:31 - 42:38by flackbyteSelf Aware Dan and Pervy Alex Self Aware Dan and Pervy Alex15:19 - 15:47by flackbyteVinny: "All I've gotta do is keep the holy water" Vinny: "All I've gotta do is keep the holy water"1:18:07 - 1:19:30by flackbyteDan Gets Click Baited Dan Gets Click Baited05:23 - 09:12by flackbyteJeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 7) Jeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 7)38:22 - 40:44by flackbyteJeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 5) Jeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 5)21:30 - 25:40by flackbyte

Podcast timestamps:
Dragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ43:29 - 46:11by flackbyte$800 Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed: Origins $800 Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed: Origins37:13 - 41:07by flackbyteHow Microsoft is Doing How Microsoft is Doing30:00 - 35:19by flackbyteFar Cry 5 Far Cry 524:03 - 26:36by flackbyteThe Artful Escape The Artful Escape20:39 - 22:12by flackbyteMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War Middle-Earth: Shadow of War12:52 - 20:39by flackbyteLife Is Strange: Before the Storm Life Is Strange: Before the Storm09:31 - 12:52by flackbyteHow Nintendo is Doing How Nintendo is Doing07:16 - 09:31by flackbyte