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It's another fifty turns of delight and wonderment and you're all invited!

Playing:Mario Party 2
Drew's free star Drew's free star11:44 - 12:26by phanpy986

TRIPLE KILL! TRIPLE KILL!33:44 - 34:23by hondoJump rope battle Jump rope battle1:35:23 - 1:37:03Game of skill Game of skill2:49:17 - 2:49:56Am I Apollo? Am I Apollo?2:50:54 - 2:51:54by planetaryThis game is racist to colorblind people This game is racist to colorblind people18:45 - 19:31by planetaryThank you, Conner Tharp! Thank you, Conner Tharp!43:23 - 43:42by planetaryBrad's two-star turn blows Dan's mind Brad's two-star turn blows Dan's mind44:32 - 46:22by planetary"Conner Tharp" is an anagram for "F*** Dan Ryckert" "Conner Tharp" is an anagram for "F*** Dan Ryckert"1:02:41 - 1:03:33by planetaryDWGF is defined DWGF is defined1:25:32 - 1:26:00by planetaryDan's turn (in absentia) Dan's turn (in absentia)2:02:37 - 2:03:06by planetaryCake Factory Cake Factory2:26:09 - 2:28:25by TheTRules Land Rules Land03:10 - 03:30by kAmui

Mario Party Party 2

Posted: Nov. 6, 2014 | with Jeff, Brad, Drew and Dan
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