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Hop in with the Beast Crew as they talk you through their new GTA Online feature and do the first heist setup.


Alex is a good driver Alex is a good driver09:25 - 09:50by TurboManThis Guy This Guy56:59 - 58:11by TurboManLet's race back to the apartment Let's race back to the apartment1:41:00 - 1:41:39by TurboManKifflom, brother. Kifflom, brother.35:58 - 36:59by VonDozier
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Q&A from chat Q&A from chat58:10 - 1:06:00by kamui97
Part of: GB Crime Crew

GB Crime Crew: Episode 00

Posted: May. 8, 2019 | with Vinny, Alex, Dan and Abby
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