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We may be done with Bond and 007 but we're definitely not done with spies and FMV. Join us as we attempt to play one game, and then visit some new creations and an old favorite instead.

Hitman 2 Hitman 21:26:30 - 1:52:07by treddleDreams Dreams40:08 - 1:26:12by treddleFox Hunt Fox Hunt03:01 - 37:15by treddle

Purple Pants Surprise Purple Pants Surprise1:04:53 - 1:09:01by ashghanistan
Other timestamps:

Hitman Elusive Target: The Prince Hitman Elusive Target: The Prince1:26:20 - 1:52:07by treddleFMVinny FMVinny03:01 - 37:15by treddle

GBE Playdate: 04/17/2019

Posted: Apr. 17, 2019 | with Vinny, Dan and Abby
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