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EA’s set to show more sports, more Star Wars, and more Need for Speed. Think they’ll have anything else? #skate4


Live from the Creator Caaaave Live from the Creator Caaaave29:32 - 30:09by TurboManWorldwide Fuck Champion Worldwide Fuck Champion35:47 - 35:56by TurboManThe hard sale The hard sale55:48 - 56:14by TurboManNew Hoop Gawd New Hoop Gawd1:02:42 - 1:03:13by TurboManThe Game Changers at work The Game Changers at work1:13:40 - 1:14:55by TurboManPreorder bonus Preorder bonus1:20:20 - 1:21:19by TurboManIn Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate In Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate1:10:53 - 1:11:04by TurboMan

E3 2017: We Talk Over the EA Press Conference

Posted: Jun. 10, 2017 | with Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Dan, Alex and Intern Ben
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