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Is the commentator Steve Austin? Is the commentator Steve Austin?09:14 - 10:20by TurboManDan doesn't like this game very much Dan doesn't like this game very much06:48 - 09:06by TurboManGil is also a mime Gil is also a mime1:05:44 - 1:06:21by TurboManHi guys Hi guys56:18 - 56:57by TurboManSlam Dunk Slam Dunk20:14 - 20:56by TurboManHigh level Snipperclips play High level Snipperclips play09:24 - 11:04by TurboManGet that weak shit outta here. Get that weak shit outta here.01:31 - 01:52by TurboManThe Lust Machine The Lust Machine43:53 - 45:19by TurboManThe gang meets Komeki The gang meets Komeki20:08 - 20:30by TurboManScooby Doo and the Flintstones Scooby Doo and the Flintstones1:42:22 - 1:42:56by TurboManThe original Mr. Shakedown The original Mr. Shakedown08:31 - 09:05by TurboManChicken Test Chicken Test1:38:12 - 1:38:54by TurboManHow does this mine cart work? How does this mine cart work?1:08:58 - 1:09:32by TurboManKilling a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam Killing a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam32:34 - 34:45by TurboManAmazing problem solving skills Amazing problem solving skills26:52 - 28:50by TurboManIt's a trap! It's a trap!07:57 - 08:33by TurboManHow EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 2012 How EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 20121:55:48 - 1:57:26by TurboManVery surprised by this explosion Very surprised by this explosion19:16 - 19:45by TurboManSearching for the perfect shot Searching for the perfect shot08:26 - 09:04by TurboManJeff on CRT filters Jeff on CRT filters04:31 - 04:44by TurboManJeff eats The Legend of Zelda Jeff eats The Legend of Zelda06:03 - 07:16by TurboManVideo Intern Drew Video Intern Drew00:59 - 01:15by TurboManjuh buh juh buh51:01 - 51:19by TurboManJustabox Justabox42:18 - 42:32by TurboManJust A Box Just A Box08:01 - 08:40by TurboManFlipping switches Flipping switches03:46 - 04:18by TurboManMaybe you can just drive there Maybe you can just drive there28:31 - 29:19by TurboManAnd thus, Flight Club was born And thus, Flight Club was born13:08 - 14:10by TurboManJohnny V's legacy lives on Johnny V's legacy lives on2:08:47 - 2:09:53by TurboManPut the wrist strap on Put the wrist strap on05:19 - 06:02by TurboManAll Units All Units11:09 - 11:24by TurboManDan finds his perfect match Dan finds his perfect match38:35 - 39:23by TurboManThe Switch is a lie The Switch is a lie37:17 - 37:56by TurboManAll Units All Units05:59 - 06:28by TurboManGET THOSE FIRST GET THOSE FIRST33:03 - 34:16by TurboManGame Development is a tough gig Game Development is a tough gig04:33 - 04:51by TurboManSup? Sup?55:47 - 56:39by TurboManFull of Bees! Full of Bees!31:26 - 31:42by TurboManYou can't beat Mr. Shakedown You can't beat Mr. Shakedown1:31:00 - 1:32:58by TurboManFull of Bees! Full of Bees!1:02:02 - 1:02:21by TurboManWoo Pappa Woo Pappa59:24 - 1:00:08by TurboManWall doesn't want to high five Wall doesn't want to high five50:02 - 50:48by TurboManHow to film the magic of the big reveal. How to film the magic of the big reveal.1:03:54 - 1:05:03by TurboManJeff Makes a Joke Jeff Makes a Joke1:42:00 - 1:42:28by TurboManHow to lose all your lives in 5 seconds Pt. 1 How to lose all your lives in 5 seconds Pt. 125:32 - 26:12by TurboManIt was a trap It was a trap22:12 - 22:36by TurboManDebut of the Kermit Boss Debut of the Kermit Boss07:26 - 08:16by TurboManLadder Nightmare + Ladder Physics Ladder Nightmare + Ladder Physics08:07 - 08:55by TurboManAl Pacino playing Bequest Al Pacino playing Bequest31:34 - 32:10by TurboManThrilling conclusion Thrilling conclusion38:11 - 39:10by TurboManAn effective jump scare An effective jump scare20:29 - 21:04by TurboManLoading In Loading In19:21 - 20:21by TurboManScary things in the bathroom Scary things in the bathroom13:33 - 15:53by TurboManAgent 47 misses Agent 47 misses06:34 - 07:30by TurboManSpooky! Spooky!03:16 - 04:06by TurboManDanny Ryckertvella Danny Ryckertvella02:18 - 03:33by TurboManSuspender Penis Man Art Suspender Penis Man Art09:20 - 10:11by TurboManEasy Top 3 Easy Top 31:06:58 - 1:07:25by TurboManNew Stratz New Stratz17:39 - 18:14by TurboManThe story of 6.8 The story of 6.850:53 - 52:58by TurboManThat's a person That's a person13:36 - 14:23by TurboManOne of these days the Proximity Mine will not be worthless One of these days the Proximity Mine will not be worthless29:37 - 30:43by TurboManCapture the briefcase Capture the briefcase57:23 - 57:59by TurboManCrazy legs Crazy legs55:36 - 55:57by TurboManDan cuts a promo as Alex Dan cuts a promo as Alex47:24 - 48:35by TurboManTaking a look at some Yo-Kai Taking a look at some Yo-Kai04:28 - 05:55by TurboManMark wants to talk to you about money Mark wants to talk to you about money14:52 - 17:01by TurboManCars don't do that Cars don't do that1:42:13 - 1:43:12by TurboManThat's not how it went That's not how it went1:29:49 - 1:30:40by TurboManFiguring out the controls Figuring out the controls06:17 - 06:43by TurboManBrad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea Brad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea4:37:02 - 4:38:10by TurboManJeff demonstrates his art Jeff demonstrates his art1:34:52 - 1:36:11by TurboManBatman gets off on violence Batman gets off on violence1:07:05 - 1:09:07by TurboManAsshole Batman Asshole Batman41:24 - 42:20by TurboManQL Crew namedrop QL Crew namedrop07:23 - 08:07by TurboManHead Check Head Check33:19 - 33:42by TurboManScopin' Out Babes Scopin' Out Babes02:26 - 02:53by TurboManMatt Kessler gives a warning to all of the kids who might be watching. Matt Kessler gives a warning to all of the kids who might be watching.1:14:58 - 1:16:07by TurboManHeartbreaker. Heartbreaker.15:38 - 17:10by TurboManShark Attack Shark Attack11:32 - 11:52by TurboManJeff breaks the game Jeff breaks the game08:42 - 09:14by TurboManPopplio gets a few supporters. Popplio gets a few supporters.32:04 - 32:49by TurboManDr. Kirby Dr. Kirby09:54 - 11:31by TurboManThat's Frostbite's Music! That's Frostbite's Music!1:03:17 - 1:05:51by TurboManTHA NET GAWD THA NET GAWD58:57 - 1:00:40by TurboManFoot race injuries Foot race injuries49:04 - 50:02by TurboManCuts to the crowd Cuts to the crowd36:22 - 36:45by TurboManShots at John Carmack Shots at John Carmack1:15:14 - 1:15:58by TurboManVinny seeks Brad's approval on a possible Quake Moba Vinny seeks Brad's approval on a possible Quake Moba43:30 - 44:00by TurboManThat's John Carmack's music! That's John Carmack's music!1:05:30 - 1:08:49by TurboManFake Dialog Fake Dialog40:22 - 42:37by TurboManMillennials. Millennials.1:57:28 - 1:58:04by TurboManHideo Motherfuckin' Kojima Hideo Motherfuckin' Kojima1:17:04 - 1:18:07by TurboManWay too much for a Patapon sequel Way too much for a Patapon sequel18:50 - 20:01by TurboManHuman Pile + Exploding Toilet of Doom Human Pile + Exploding Toilet of Doom2:15:31 - 2:19:37by TurboManWhen you wake up and have no clothes on When you wake up and have no clothes on1:01:13 - 1:01:46by TurboManExploding Toilet Challenge Complete Exploding Toilet Challenge Complete56:24 - 57:03by TurboManAPC Turret APC Turret41:29 - 42:43by TurboManReady with the one-liners. Ready with the one-liners.18:53 - 19:23by TurboManCrazy day at work Crazy day at work32:39 - 33:34by TurboManReaper's Origins Reaper's Origins29:13 - 30:13by TurboManBrad skips the one-liner Brad skips the one-liner1:05:34 - 1:06:33by TurboManTaking out the masseuse and cleaning up the mess. Taking out the masseuse and cleaning up the mess.1:01:03 - 1:02:13by TurboManBowling. Bowling.1:01:48 - 1:05:24by TurboManYou have died an unfortunate death by exploding You have died an unfortunate death by exploding51:12 - 52:03by TurboManVinny falls into a hole and then freaky shit happens Vinny falls into a hole and then freaky shit happens20:54 - 23:16by TurboManYou are going to get stabbed in the stomach You are going to get stabbed in the stomach31:26 - 32:10by TurboManI got this van! I got this van!1:10:10 - 1:10:46by TurboMan"I gave him a little pat-pat" "I gave him a little pat-pat"1:27:20 - 1:27:53by TurboManTank Man. Tank Man.14:32 - 15:29by TurboManDrew's Otacon impression as Snake Drew's Otacon impression as Snake12:15 - 12:58by TurboManHead Check #6 Head Check #61:17:15 - 1:17:44by TurboManRIP Frank RIP Frank34:46 - 35:36by TurboManHead Check #5 Head Check #523:48 - 25:20by TurboManPinball Table Maintenance Simulator. Pinball Table Maintenance Simulator.3:30:45 - 3:31:44by TurboManTwitchception on the Moon. Twitchception on the Moon. 3:15:59 - 3:19:32by TurboManHead Check #4 Head Check #41:59:06 - 1:59:52by TurboManAnime time. Anime time.1:27:15 - 1:27:46by TurboManDrew gets stuck in time. Drew gets stuck in time. 1:05:56 - 1:08:19by TurboManDon't turn the video quality up Don't turn the video quality up41:39 - 43:49by TurboManHead Check #3 Head Check #326:55 - 28:27by TurboManHead Check #2 Head Check #215:57 - 16:30by TurboManDan is YouTube ready. Dan is YouTube ready.07:37 - 08:42by TurboManHead Check #1 Head Check #116:10 - 16:41by TurboManJeff Becomes Mega Jeff Becomes Mega05:54 - 06:35by TurboManNow that's what I call a duck. Now that's what I call a duck.47:21 - 47:53by TurboManMagic of the Six Axis controller Magic of the Six Axis controller1:53:02 - 1:55:41by TurboManNBA Live "Demo" NBA Live "Demo"1:33:19 - 1:34:57by TurboManBlast Lacrosse B-Roll Blast Lacrosse B-Roll1:07:18 - 1:08:02by TurboManChest Bump Chest Bump08:11 - 09:00by TurboManOpening of Double Dragon II Opening of Double Dragon II17:00 - 18:23by TurboManWould it mean anything if nature did this? Would it mean anything if nature did this?47:40 - 48:09by TurboManRIP Jebidiah RIP Jebidiah27:35 - 30:46by TurboManA strong start. A strong start.21:21 - 22:30by TurboManJ-Blow Does The Challenge [SPOILERS?] J-Blow Does The Challenge [SPOILERS?]1:00:36 - 1:07:56by TurboManSuccess Success1:49:50 - 1:51:18by TurboManZangief's Critical Art Zangief's Critical Art16:05 - 16:32by TurboManAll right! Nice throw! All right! Nice throw!35:10 - 35:35by TurboManCould you hit F5? Could you hit F5?1:24:10 - 1:25:10by TurboManCat Lady Mirror Match Cat Lady Mirror Match28:20 - 31:30by TurboManKermit Neil Young Kermit Neil Young1:02:43 - 1:03:28by TurboManFinal Review Final Review53:42 - 54:33by TurboManJoust With Dongs Joust With Dongs52:48 - 53:25by TurboManTurning the corner... Turning the corner...51:22 - 52:10by TurboManFirst Impressions First Impressions45:08 - 46:32by TurboManJason's Translating Jason's Translating43:56 - 46:05by TurboMan815 81510:55 - 12:05by TurboManI don't need medics, I'm a duck. I don't need medics, I'm a duck.10:19 - 12:11by TurboManHello Jason. Hello Jason.00:07 - 00:54by TurboManHe's Anime, Sir He's Anime, Sir1:35:16 - 1:35:35by dudeglove, TurboManAttempt to hijack a helicopter #2 Attempt to hijack a helicopter #236:40 - 37:20by TurboManAttempt to hijack a helicopter #1 Attempt to hijack a helicopter #121:54 - 22:13by TurboManShowing off the fighting system Showing off the fighting system13:25 - 15:30by TurboManYou guys looking at the UI? You guys looking at the UI?08:30 - 09:30by TurboManShady Shady00:04 - 00:49by TurboManDo you trust me? Do you trust me?1:56:30 - 1:57:40by TurboManChecking in on the passengers. Checking in on the passengers.1:45:45 - 1:47:20by TurboManWipey the Wiper Wipey the Wiper1:49:50 - 1:50:30by TurboManPutting clues together Putting clues together19:00 - 19:40by TurboManI'm going to fuck and die I'm going to fuck and die06:20 - 07:00by TurboManDrew is real life Psycho Mantis. Drew is real life Psycho Mantis.11:40 - 13:30by TurboMan, cyberlink420Is everything ok Detective? Is everything ok Detective?20:15 - 21:00by TurboManThe Haunted Trunk Bit The Haunted Trunk Bit17:59 - 18:35by TurboManThe Haunted Locker Bit The Haunted Locker Bit11:10 - 11:46by TurboManTyler Breeze is done wrestling. Tyler Breeze is done wrestling.34:00 - 35:20by TurboManWildlife Cop Wildlife Cop1:54:30 - 1:59:15by TurboManAre you seeing this, Chloe? Are you seeing this, Chloe?32:00 - 32:50by TurboManIs this safe? Is this safe?54:48 - 55:09by TurboManMorale is raised Morale is raised04:19 - 05:05by TurboMan

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