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I can't read, bro! I can't read, bro!35:05 - 35:37by matsemann08Ben blows Jeff's mind Ben blows Jeff's mind32:11 - 32:59by matsemann0830 hours into the game and... 30 hours into the game and...1:33:48 - 1:34:20by matsemann08What a tease! What a tease!26:24 - 27:16by matsemann08"I don't imagine there'll be too much tearing" "I don't imagine there'll be too much tearing"52:26 - 53:31by matsemann08The big reveal The big reveal01:40 - 02:33by matsemann08This is a game from 1998 This is a game from 199805:21 - 06:31by matsemann08Giantbomb reacts to Untitled Goose Game Giantbomb reacts to Untitled Goose Game1:44:28 - 1:48:02by matsemann08Thanks again David Thanks again David59:48 - 1:00:04by matsemann08Thanks David Thanks David43:57 - 44:26by matsemann08The useful help button The useful help button01:33 - 02:04by matsemann08You didn't see shit! You didn't see shit!16:25 - 16:45by matsemann08

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