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Jeff cannot believe it. Jeff cannot believe it.1:08:14 - 1:08:39by FatalisDan breaks Contra. Dan breaks Contra.39:10 - 41:57by FatalisVinny and Dan forget how to play Contra. Vinny and Dan forget how to play Contra.33:42 - 34:31by FatalisVinny has no idea what's happening. Vinny has no idea what's happening.30:45 - 31:34by FatalisSpelunky 2 Announced. Spelunky 2 Announced.1:02:37 - 1:04:02by FatalisHoney I'm Home! Honey I'm Home!1:32:47 - 1:33:31by FatalisAlex Navarro Alex Navarro1:44:42 - 1:45:33by FatalisA Dubious Bet A Dubious Bet1:38:42 - 1:40:12by FatalisWHAT!? WHAT!?1:07:42 - 1:08:31by FatalisThe Elusive Red Coin The Elusive Red Coin40:27 - 40:53by FatalisDan believes he can escape jail. Dan believes he can escape jail.51:43 - 1:02:38by FatalisWhat is a Masterpiece? What is a Masterpiece?04:17 - 31:53by Fatalis"Just go through the bookshelf" "Just go through the bookshelf"45:57 - 46:25by FatalisGhoul Saga Part 1 Ghoul Saga Part 137:23 - 39:08by FatalisTHIS....WAS...Damn it, Vinny. THIS....WAS...Damn it, Vinny.52:57 - 54:17by FatalisFuck Windows Fuck Windows46:02 - 50:43by Fatalis"I'll take the bullet" "I'll take the bullet"15:09 - 15:52by FatalisVinny makes a cameo Vinny makes a cameo53:26 - 54:58by FatalisARMAGEDDON! ARMAGEDDON!49:12 - 50:17by FatalisAgent 47 plays the drums Agent 47 plays the drums22:22 - 23:28by FatalisVaulting Sheik Vaulting Sheik31:35 - 33:13by FatalisCharlie gets hit by hama Charlie gets hit by hama1:00:24 - 1:03:31by Fatalis

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