It will never stop snowing so I will play my favorite genre of game. The bad FMV genre.

Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree01:55 - 11:15Time Traveler Time Traveler11:52 - 20:10.38 Ambush Alley .38 Ambush Alley20:35 - 30:27Crime Patrol Crime Patrol30:41 - 52:15Drug Wars Drug Wars52:52 - 1:01:07Revenge of the Ninja Revenge of the Ninja1:01:35 - 1:04:30Hydrosub: 2021 Hydrosub: 20211:04:42 - 1:07:20The Rescue of Pops Ghostly The Rescue of Pops Ghostly1:07:57 - 1:12:40
Other timestamps:

FMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:13:03

Vinny's FMV Snow Day

Posted: Mar. 21, 2018 | with Vinny
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