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Join Giant Bomb as we strap on the PlayStation VR and check out SuperHyperCube, Thumper, Battle Zone, and more.

Rez Infinite Rez Infinite22:11 - 27:24by kaffekaskKitchen (Resident Evil 7 Demo) Kitchen (Resident Evil 7 Demo)28:06 - 34:26by kaffekaskBatman: Arkham VR Batman: Arkham VR37:26 - 1:18:07by kaffekaskHarmonix Music VR Harmonix Music VR1:18:56 - 1:44:51by kaffekaskBattlezone Battlezone1:46:26 - 2:13:06by kaffekaskTumble VR Tumble VR2:18:11 - 2:40:38by kaffekaskUntil Dawn: Rush of Blood Until Dawn: Rush of Blood2:40:46 - 2:56:29by kaffekaskThumper Thumper2:59:06 - 3:20:53by kaffekaskJob Simulator: The 2050 Archives Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives3:22:11 - 3:45:26by kaffekaskLondon Heist (VR Worlds) London Heist (VR Worlds)3:45:56 - 4:13:31by kaffekaskScavengers Odyssey (VR Worlds) Scavengers Odyssey (VR Worlds)4:15:40 - 4:33:48by kaffekaskVR Luge (VR Worlds) VR Luge (VR Worlds)4:33:56 - 4:42:59by kaffekaskDanger Ball (VR Worlds) Danger Ball (VR Worlds)4:44:35 - 4:47:57by kaffekaskAllumette Allumette4:48:06 - 4:54:57by kaffekaskVolume Coda Volume Coda4:55:06 - 5:02:53by kaffekaskSuperHyperCube SuperHyperCube5:03:11 - 5:15:21by kaffekaskWayward Sky Wayward Sky5:17:26 - 5:34:36by kaffekask

Scopin' Out Babes Scopin' Out Babes02:26 - 02:53by TurboManHead Check Head Check33:19 - 33:42by TurboManHarmonix Music VR - The Dance Harmonix Music VR - The Dance1:38:21 - 1:42:36by Nameless2000Asshole Batman Asshole Batman41:24 - 42:20by TurboManBatman gets off on violence Batman gets off on violence1:07:05 - 1:09:07by TurboManJeff demonstrates his art Jeff demonstrates his art1:34:52 - 1:36:11by TurboManBrad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea Brad Shoemaker goes through with a bad idea4:37:02 - 4:38:10by TurboMan

PlayStation VR Pre-Launch Special

Posted: Oct. 5, 2016 | with Jeff, Brad, Drew and Dan
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