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Oh yeah! You've got to be able to actually complete the course you create before you upload it. Maybe less goombas?


Jeff is big and Dan is no longer in the know Jeff is big and Dan is no longer in the know13:53 - 16:09by BillyMaysRIPDiscovering new mechanics Discovering new mechanics51:19 - 53:09The Mushroom Cannon conspiring against us The Mushroom Cannon conspiring against us1:20:14 - 1:21:17Hit. The. Spike. Hit. The. Spike.1:29:38 - 1:30:30Doable! Doable!1:40:03 - 1:40:59Latency issues Latency issues1:03:17 - 1:03:57Revenge of the P-Switch Bridge Revenge of the P-Switch Bridge1:48:48 - 1:49:15by dudeglove

Giant Bomb Makes Mario - Part 04

Posted: Mar. 24, 2016 | with Jeff and Dan
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