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This is it. We finish our time in Arcadia Bay with more tough choices and a large helping of strange.


"On my way to steal your girl." + Austin's double gaffaw. "On my way to steal your girl." + Austin's double gaffaw.48:18 - 48:28by aestheticnoiseYou got a snack? You got a snack?2:18:59 - 2:19:28by samusmfhVinny almost deletes their save Vinny almost deletes their save01:00 - 01:36by HowieGamingDavid, kick that table! David, kick that table!1:20:56 - 1:21:07by HowieGaming

GBE Playdate: Life is Strange (01/15/2016)

Posted: Jan. 15, 2016 | with Vinny, Alex and Austin Walker
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