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Jeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games Jeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games1:31:12 - 1:32:22by treddle"I would eat some Burger King" "I would eat some Burger King"1:12:03 - 1:12:52by treddleQVC Japan QVC Japan56:22 - 57:00by treddleeBay Garfield eBay Garfield34:43 - 37:00by treddleHow's this for a change? How's this for a change?3:33:34 - 3:33:59by treddleDrew reaches his breaking point Drew reaches his breaking point2:24:09 - 2:25:10by treddleNaruto make a statement Naruto make a statement21:53 - 22:45by treddleWhat is Dan doing? What is Dan doing?27:31 - 28:24by treddleWe dancin'! We dancin'!1:00:38 - 1:01:11by treddleKaren gets a tough question Karen gets a tough question1:25:07 - 1:25:33by treddleDan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders' Dan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders'1:40:04 - 1:40:56by treddleKid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt Kid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt47:42 - 48:51by treddleAustin quits Austin quits43:35 - 44:02by treddleWhy are we...? Why are we...?46:23 - 47:11by treddleMajima learns Makoto's story Majima learns Makoto's story38:01 - 39:31by treddleDan shoots the plane Dan shoots the plane1:51:02 - 1:51:42by treddleAlex names his autobiography Alex names his autobiography44:19 - 44:27by treddleHitman Elusive Target: The Badboy Hitman Elusive Target: The Badboy10:36 - 43:10by treddleVinny meets Santa Vinny meets Santa37:56 - 38:26by treddleMerry Christmas! Merry Christmas!1:31:50 - 1:32:45by treddleBrad tries out the proximity mine Brad tries out the proximity mine42:59 - 44:54by treddle