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Dan reflects on police oppression Dan reflects on police oppression08:22 - 09:09by ElectricBongoDan learns about imperialism. Dan learns about imperialism.2:03:50 - 2:05:03by ElectricBongoDan definitely knows what fleurs-de-lis are. Dan definitely knows what fleurs-de-lis are.07:47 - 08:00by ElectricBongoBrad gets lucky Brad gets lucky59:35 - 1:00:07by ElectricBongoJeff reads from Tim Allen's book Jeff reads from Tim Allen's book1:12:26 - 1:18:31by ElectricBongoJustin McElroy on Sherlock Holmes 7: Crimes and Punishments Justin McElroy on Sherlock Holmes 7: Crimes and Punishments25:05 - 33:52by ElectricBongoVinny invents "The Dark Souls of..." Vinny invents "The Dark Souls of..."06:50 - 07:01by ElectricBongo

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