Loosen those ties, kick off those shoes, and join us live from Los Angeles as we break down the events of E3 alongside the game industry’s finest minds!

Hour #1: Staff Recap
Hour #2: Steve Gaynor (Fullbright), Clint Bundrick (Crackdown), Chris Charla ([email protected]), Joe Neate (Rare), Brian Ekberg (Turn 10)
Hour #3: Jens Matthies (Wolfenstein II) -- Hour #4: Felix Kramer (Best Goal Keep), Adam "Atomic" Saltsman (Finji), Spencer Hayes (itchio)
Hour #5: Janina Gavankar (Star Wars Battlefront II), Ben Esposito (Donut County), Luke Smith (Bungie), Nathan Vella (Capy)
Hour #6: Arthur Gies (Polygon), Ben Reeves (Game Informer), Mike Drucker (Writer), Greg Miller (Kinda Funny), Mary Kish (Twitch), Amarisse Sullivan (Twitch)

Giant Bomb at Nite - Live From E3 2017: Nite 1

Posted: Jun. 14, 2017 | with Jeff, Brad, Dan, Alex, Intern Ben, Abby, Steve Gaynor, Clint Bundrick, Chris Charla, Joe Neate, Brian Ekberg, Jens Matthies, Felix Kramer, Adam Saltsman, Spencer Hayes, Janina Gavankar, Ben Esposito, Luke Smith, Nathan Vella, Arthur Gies, Ben Reeves, Mike Drucker, Greg Miller, Mary Kish and Amarisse Sullivan
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