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On part two of our show: the return of Flight Club, VinnyVania runs wild, a speedy symphony, and we play with ourselves.

Digital Combat Simulator (MiG-15bis) Digital Combat Simulator (MiG-15bis)0:02:07Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Castlevania II: Simon's Quest0:28:14Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Castlevania: Symphony of the Night0:45:54Chomped! Chomped!1:04:07Giant Bombquizt Giant Bombquizt1:07:22Metal Gear Scanlon: Rise Of The GFB Metal Gear Scanlon: Rise Of The GFB1:10:22I'm A Wizard, and... I'm A Wizard, and...1:12:10Vinny's Head Vinny's Head1:16:41Barkerville Barkerville1:18:14Papa Vinny's Barbershop Papa Vinny's Barbershop1:21:24Metal Gear Scanlon: The Game Metal Gear Scanlon: The Game1:23:00Braking Brad Braking Brad1:26:40DMXGoomba DMXGoomba1:31:11Curse of the Mountain Man Curse of the Mountain Man1:33:37AIR FORCE GATOR AIR FORCE GATOR1:37:37Bombduders Bombduders1:39:45Red Scanlon Red Scanlon1:45:23Choose your own Quick Look Choose your own Quick Look 1:46:51Vinny Caravella's Cable Manager 2013 Vinny Caravella's Cable Manager 20131:48:33Giant Bomb Metal Gear Tetris Battle Gaiden Giant Bomb Metal Gear Tetris Battle Gaiden1:50:29Dan Ryckert's Dating Simulator Dan Ryckert's Dating Simulator1:53:05Flight Club Flight Club1:56:32Dan Cookert Dan Cookert1:57:50

Return of the Flight Club Return of the Flight Club0:02:07Giant ROM (Giant Bomb Game Jam)Finding the eject button Finding the eject button16:03 - 17:22by sophiesphere

Big Live Live Show Live 2015 - Part 02

Posted: May. 1, 2015 | with Jeff, Vinny, Drew, Rorie, Dave Lang, Adam Boyes and John Drake
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