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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Murder Creeper Island Cam Murder Creeper Island Cam21:06 - 22:14by KnotleyRelease those balls Release those balls32:01 - 32:22by KnotleyVinny pushes the wrong button Vinny pushes the wrong button48:22 - 49:23by ferunnicoThe best Producer in the world! The best Producer in the world!51:54 - 53:16by HermitHomeboyHow do chickens lay eggs? How do chickens lay eggs?32:40 - 33:19by ferunnicoMario is doing the old soft shoe Mario is doing the old soft shoe35:40 - 36:27by ferunnicoHey Siri, how do chickens lay eggs? Hey Siri, how do chickens lay eggs?40:44 - 41:23by ferunnicoWhat is Dan doing? What is Dan doing?27:31 - 28:24by treddleLOG KING LOG KING04:10 - 05:01by TurboManA really good physics moment A really good physics moment58:50 - 59:21by TurboManDan Spits Hot Fire (Rick & Morty) Dan Spits Hot Fire (Rick & Morty)1:28:11 - 1:29:31by sharkWe dancin'! We dancin'!1:00:38 - 1:01:11by treddleGauntlet is beaten and glitched out! Gauntlet is beaten and glitched out!6:19:04 - 6:21:24by TurboManSpy Hard Spy Hard48:00 - 48:46by emphulioThe Dickstab The Dickstab16:54 - 17:30by emphulio"DUAHH"-n Ryckert "DUAHH"-n Ryckert23:22 - 23:49by KennedyJeff's got an idea Jeff's got an idea47:37 - 48:22by TurboManJohn DeLancie gets impatient John DeLancie gets impatient1:59:00 - 1:59:46by cyberlink420Karen gets a tough question Karen gets a tough question1:25:07 - 1:25:33by treddleBonk Bonk13:49 - 14:44by TurboManIt's easy It's easy1:19:09 - 1:20:01by TurboManFuck! Fuck!39:30 - 39:59by MillurTimeMy baby's name is Jareth My baby's name is Jareth1:21:45 - 1:22:34by TurboManTechnical Support Hotline Technical Support Hotline07:20 - 08:55by TurboManHmmmm Hmmmm52:02 - 53:02by TurboManBrain implant bit Brain implant bit36:50 - 37:15by TurboManI want this to be a red one. I want this to be a red one.24:03 - 24:59by datarebornBest Mario Party ever Best Mario Party ever31:17 - 32:28by phanpy986Mario punches Yoshi Mario punches Yoshi1:49:01 - 1:49:40by TurboManNintendo confirms Mario punching Yoshi Nintendo confirms Mario punching Yoshi41:17 - 42:06by TurboManAfter two hours, the crew finally gets through the gauntlet! After two hours, the crew finally gets through the gauntlet!2:38:41 - 2:40:16by TurboManStill throwing up the horns Still throwing up the horns17:42 - 18:03by TurboManThrowing up the horns Throwing up the horns05:22 - 05:41by TurboManThank you Kevin, I'm here with the co- Thank you Kevin, I'm here with the co-49:53 - 50:18by TurboManDiverse set of models Diverse set of models28:45 - 29:40by TurboManDon't trust that dog Don't trust that dog07:25 - 07:45by TurboManKirby is sick Kirby is sick36:09 - 36:43by TurboMan*rimshot* *rimshot*37:05 - 37:26by TurboManDrew sings sins of the father Drew sings sins of the father1:03:25 - 1:03:53by CoonceJARETH JARETH JARETH! JARETH JARETH JARETH!1:23:55 - 1:25:08by guerrajrWinner Winner Chicken Dinner! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!1:46:27 - 1:48:41by TurboManBoat Hijacking Boat Hijacking20:37 - 21:34by TurboManPre Game Show Pre Game Show05:58 - 07:39by TurboManHoney I'm Home! Honey I'm Home!1:32:47 - 1:33:31by FatalisDanny gives out 3D Doritos to the guys. Danny gives out 3D Doritos to the guys.1:24:27 - 1:25:27by aw9182MyGM mode starring Alex Navarro MyGM mode starring Alex Navarro29:50 - 35:19by PrestigeThanks David Thanks David43:57 - 44:26by matsemann08Thanks again David Thanks again David59:48 - 1:00:04by matsemann08Janina reacts to Dan's top five movies Janina reacts to Dan's top five movies1:19:09 - 1:19:38by dudegloveTotal Eclipse of the Heart Total Eclipse of the Heart57:00 - 1:04:15by Fluxuate23The Polish Slim Shady The Polish Slim Shady19:32 - 19:57by TurboManPlease don't choke, Dan Please don't choke, Dan1:38:43 - 1:39:33by datarebornIt feels like there is less input lag. It feels like there is less input lag.1:45:28 - 1:46:20by datarebornLook at that corn Look at that corn02:08 - 02:23by TurboManShooting down Shooting down01:23 - 02:02by TurboManAlex earns a shine! Alex earns a shine!1:24:46 - 1:25:57by TurboManHere's my observation about this situation Here's my observation about this situation1:27:18 - 1:27:50by TurboManThe best ending The best ending2:05:03 - 2:05:30by KonstasauceKid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt Kid Icarus teaches kids about the realities of debt47:42 - 48:51by treddleHammerhead Hammerhead2:09:35 - 2:10:14by CrowKnowBody pile room Body pile room27:47 - 29:23by TurboManDan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders' Dan's neighbours are 'bodybuilders'1:40:04 - 1:40:56by treddle"Spread out" "Spread out"1:50:45 - 1:51:32by CrowKnowThe devil wants more souls The devil wants more souls15:46 - 16:01by TurboManBrad blown away by video games Brad blown away by video games00:45 - 00:59by LuchalmaLady is possessed by the devil Lady is possessed by the devil11:22 - 11:40by TurboManAustin quits Austin quits43:35 - 44:02by treddleThe useful help button The useful help button01:33 - 02:04by matsemann08Super sexy face Super sexy face1:32:50 - 1:33:59by dudegloveBad sexting Bad sexting1:03:46 - 1:04:14by HowieGamingVinny almost deletes their save Vinny almost deletes their save01:00 - 01:36by HowieGamingDavid, kick that table! David, kick that table!1:20:56 - 1:21:07by HowieGamingMad Xmas Mad Xmas31:31 - 32:40by stordoffRorie trolls Brad Rorie trolls Brad56:10 - 56:33by emphulioKen or Ryan Ken or Ryan01:59 - 03:13by WemibelleRorie provides a solution to buffering problems Rorie provides a solution to buffering problems09:23 - 09:38Rorie's Catchphrase Rorie's Catchphrase12:43 - 13:03by SuperTomattoBen has a moment of clarity Ben has a moment of clarity28:45 - 29:07by TurboManPatrick dies horribly Patrick dies horribly30:18 - 30:53by WemibelleJust one more door Just one more door43:05 - 43:31by WemibelleAbby is a master faker Abby is a master faker1:10:41 - 1:11:14by itwongoAlex Navarro Alex Navarro1:44:42 - 1:45:33by FatalisArkqua Girl Arkqua Girl1:12:29 - 1:13:49by TurboManPoop Button Poop Button23:16 - 24:07by TurboManMaking the Ark man Making the Ark man06:36 - 07:29by TurboManArk man murders Ark man murders19:34 - 22:01by TurboManWhat did you do to Yoshi? What did you do to Yoshi?1:11:14 - 1:12:12by TurboManThe title of a book from the 40's The title of a book from the 40's1:50:46 - 1:51:49by stordoffDan is going to get the crate Dan is going to get the crate2:07:11 - 2:07:47Everybody loses it Everybody loses it04:13 - 04:54by WemibelleThe ocean, maybe you've heard of it? The ocean, maybe you've heard of it?1:15:02 - 1:16:12by tobiasvlSwitchback Switchback33:25 - 33:38by WemibelleThe "triple-fucking threat of bullshit" The "triple-fucking threat of bullshit"19:21 - 20:03by WemibelleDrew and Jeff are bewildered Drew and Jeff are bewildered1:22:34 - 1:22:43by WemibelleWrong city to say that in Wrong city to say that in1:19:17 - 1:19:46by LongevitousAbby discovers a new sport Abby discovers a new sport59:07 - 59:38by jbick89Dan thinks stars aren't affected by gravity Dan thinks stars aren't affected by gravity26:18 - 28:53by tobiasvlVinny and Abby's funny inoffensive jokes Vinny and Abby's funny inoffensive jokes17:37 - 20:08by tobiasvlVinny loses his headphones Vinny loses his headphones01:30 - 01:50by WemibelleVinny asks to have the Poop Hat Vinny asks to have the Poop Hat1:11:05 - 1:12:22by tobiasvl