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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Button pushing speed test Button pushing speed test29:11 - 41:44Vinny actually sums up MGS and Dan tries to talk about the Philosophy of MGS Vinny actually sums up MGS and Dan tries to talk about the Philosophy of MGS45:44 - 48:47by flackbyteDan tries to sum up all of MGS in 2 minutes Dan tries to sum up all of MGS in 2 minutes39:31 - 42:38by flackbyteKilling Jason Killing Jason23:52 - 24:51by TurboManGo Trish! Go Trish!12:43 - 13:09by TurboManYou will never get this You will never get this2:03:21 - 2:03:43by TurboManJust checking the audio Just checking the audio2:06:25 - 2:07:55by TurboManCreepy dolls Creepy dolls2:09:00 - 2:10:17by TurboManSassy talk Sassy talk29:07 - 29:38by TurboManBoat Time Boat Time21:46 - 23:59by TurboManLike dominos Like dominos29:47 - 30:46by TurboMan:plur2 :plur217:31 - 17:52Shoot that guy! Shoot that guy!52:07 - 53:12by LongevitousVinny: "All I've gotta do is keep the holy water" Vinny: "All I've gotta do is keep the holy water"1:18:07 - 1:19:30by flackbyteDrew's Japan Trip Videos Drew's Japan Trip Videos12:01 - 27:39by obolon84Jeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 7) Jeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 7)38:22 - 40:44by flackbyteJeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 5) Jeff reads Space Jam (Chapter 5)21:30 - 25:40by flackbyteDear Diary Dear Diary11:19 - 11:42Ending with an impromptu song Ending with an impromptu song4:50:49 - 4:56:59by TurboManThe sound of a fresh shoe The sound of a fresh shoe4:08:32 - 4:09:05by TurboManSpiderman Expert Alex Navarro Spiderman Expert Alex Navarro2:04:14 - 2:04:50by TurboManJason approves Jason approves1:16:59 - 1:21:06by TurboManMy Brand My Brand1:15:58 - 1:16:23by TurboManGo to hell Go to hell1:07:13 - 1:08:11by TurboMan'Shu a cop? 'Shu a cop?25:21 - 26:12by TurboManGood Jokes Good Jokes09:37 - 10:30by TurboManGriffin McElroy prepared an arrangement Griffin McElroy prepared an arrangement1:54:48 - 1:55:12by TurboManInternet Beef Internet Beef1:47:48 - 1:48:18by TurboManWhat is happening? What is happening?1:11:40 - 1:13:08by TurboManGiant Bomb reacts to Mario Odyssey Giant Bomb reacts to Mario Odyssey47:29 - 50:07by TurboManAdam Boyes wrecks Johnny V's brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee Adam Boyes wrecks Johnny V's brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee4:23:44 - 4:27:13by TurboManDave Lang makes a speech Dave Lang makes a speech3:44:28 - 3:46:53by TurboManLet me clear my throat Let me clear my throat3:40:16 - 3:40:56by TurboManMilkshake Nazi Milkshake Nazi1:36:26 - 1:37:11by TurboManGamer Voice Gamer Voice2:32:46 - 2:33:29by TurboManBubsy 3D Bubsy 3D3:01:04 - 3:03:34by TurboManLuke Smith's gamer voice Luke Smith's gamer voice3:07:53 - 3:08:16by TurboManMary gets wild Mary gets wild3:21:59 - 3:22:36by TurboManThe Bully 2 story The Bully 2 story3:24:10 - 3:27:58by TurboManJanina calls out Giant Bomb Janina calls out Giant Bomb2:30:45 - 2:31:46by TurboManKinda Funny > Giant Bomb Kinda Funny > Giant Bomb3:37:03 - 3:37:35by TurboManThe very sad people attending E3 The very sad people attending E33:42:29 - 3:42:55by TurboManKirby 3:16 Kirby 3:1631:24 - 31:49by TurboManDan Gets Click Baited Dan Gets Click Baited05:23 - 09:12by flackbyteOh by the way.... Oh by the way....1:12:24 - 1:12:55by TurboManPolygon + Waypoint play Sea of Thieves Polygon + Waypoint play Sea of Thieves4:10:24 - 4:12:19by TurboManNew gif guy New gif guy3:50:23 - 3:51:49by TurboManBanana Business Banana Business3:31:51 - 3:32:43by TurboManXavier Woods comes up with another show idea Xavier Woods comes up with another show idea1:52:04 - 1:53:35by TurboMan<3 Phil Spencer <3 <3 Phil Spencer <352:16 - 53:24by TurboManPreorder bonus Preorder bonus1:20:20 - 1:21:19by TurboManIn Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate In Depth Cinema Caliber Story Advocate1:10:53 - 1:11:04by TurboManItch.io's E3 Press Conference happens on Giant Bomb's couch Itch.io's E3 Press Conference happens on Giant Bomb's couch1:52:07 - 1:53:04by TurboManMillennials Millennials01:12 - 02:37by TurboManWelcome To The Vapor Chamber Welcome To The Vapor Chamber1:38:05 - 1:39:03by TurboManBen and Alex makes fake tweets Ben and Alex makes fake tweets23:53 - 24:40by TurboManYves, Leader of the Fuckshit Squadron Yves, Leader of the Fuckshit Squadron26:21 - 26:43by TurboManHippo War Hippo War1:49:29 - 1:50:55by TurboManDabbing Panda Dabbing Panda1:13:59 - 1:14:42by TurboManPirate v Pirates Pirate v Pirates1:05:55 - 1:06:48by TurboManCrazy Crazy1:03:21 - 1:04:31by TurboMan| |44:17 - 44:50by TurboManHow small? How small?38:15 - 38:27by TurboManI'm really excited about numbers I'm really excited about numbers34:41 - 35:09by TurboManOH GOD IM IN THE GAME OH GOD IM IN THE GAME30:46 - 31:31by TurboManDan has a knife and bad jokes Dan has a knife and bad jokes25:08 - 25:36by TurboManPut one on the board for him Put one on the board for him41:56 - 42:14by TurboManBubsy Box Bubsy Box01:56 - 03:04by TurboManAnother one for the board Another one for the board45:40 - 46:13by TurboManHow do you think Bethesda paid for this amusement park? How do you think Bethesda paid for this amusement park?32:20 - 32:38by TurboManWhere is Dad? Where is Dad?29:19 - 29:42by TurboManNew Hoop Gawd New Hoop Gawd1:02:42 - 1:03:13by TurboManThe Game Changers at work The Game Changers at work1:13:40 - 1:14:55by TurboManThe hard sale The hard sale55:48 - 56:14by TurboManWorldwide Fuck Champion Worldwide Fuck Champion35:47 - 35:56by TurboManLive from the Creator Caaaave Live from the Creator Caaaave29:32 - 30:09by TurboManThe sales pitch The sales pitch00:31 - 01:13by TurboMan"We could use this thing as a fat bong bro!" "We could use this thing as a fat bong bro!"1:12:09 - 1:12:48by flcldanielBuilding a Bob Building a Bob35:15 - 47:33by psyDyl"WHO WOULD RUN DOWN JIM ROSS WITH A CAR?" "WHO WOULD RUN DOWN JIM ROSS WITH A CAR?"23:51 - 24:35by TheCoffeeGrinderHelp a veteran Help a veteran1:38:13 - 1:38:40by quidprobonoAdorable Majima Adorable Majima1:05:57 - 1:06:22by 2Mello"I'll take the bullet" "I'll take the bullet"15:09 - 15:52by FatalisCapsule machine antics Capsule machine antics47:20 - 52:08by TheCoffeeGrinderMobster lady Mobster lady38:47 - 39:28by TheCoffeeGrinderNormal human conversation Normal human conversation28:02 - 29:36by TheCoffeeGrinderA fitting introduction for Fuku-san A fitting introduction for Fuku-san06:50 - 07:08by TheCoffeeGrinderKiss off, twit! Kiss off, twit!1:01:20 - 1:02:08by TheCoffeeGrinderIntroduction of Tom, the hot dog man Introduction of Tom, the hot dog man42:00 - 44:15by TheCoffeeGrinderThe Squatter know his business The Squatter know his business33:42 - 34:49by TheCoffeeGrinderFish monger sorcerer Fish monger sorcerer 28:44 - 30:12by TheCoffeeGrinderShenmue sucks Shenmue sucks10:09 - 10:25by CrowKnowShenmue: It's Fun! Shenmue: It's Fun!21:35 - 22:42by HotdurgThe "Italian" Chef The "Italian" Chef40:25 - 41:47by JamesJeux007Tom tornado kicks a beer bottle Tom tornado kicks a beer bottle11:11 - 11:37by dricasThe origins of the word "cockpit" The origins of the word "cockpit"04:05 - 05:16by TurboManThe Last Chicken Dinner The Last Chicken Dinner00:00 - 00:39by mmmgddMario Party 7 gets announced Mario Party 7 gets announced57:09 - 57:40by kAmuiApparently, this isn't Jenks' catchphrase Apparently, this isn't Jenks' catchphrase04:20 - 05:09by mymanflyChris Plante's gnat story Chris Plante's gnat story5:10:18 - 5:13:32by samusmfh