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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):Vinny dazzles Dan Vinny dazzles Dan22:42 - 23:14by psyDylVinny loves it Vinny loves it47:19 - 48:02by hinsaiTalking about Pimps Up, Hoes Down while playing a JRPG, naturally Talking about Pimps Up, Hoes Down while playing a JRPG, naturally32:33 - 35:23by JTHomesliceKilling a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam Killing a skeleton with Guardian's energy beam32:34 - 34:45by TurboManIt's a trap! It's a trap!07:57 - 08:33by TurboManJeff likes boobs, but... Jeff likes boobs, but...03:03 - 04:02by dudeglovePepper Spray Videos Pepper Spray Videos1:26:17 - 1:57:28by Eighty80"What are these sounds?", or, The Art Of Comedic Timing "What are these sounds?", or, The Art Of Comedic Timing55:33 - 56:20by KennedyUh Oh... What!? Uh Oh... What!?22:19 - 22:46by Shor3sJoey the Knife Joey the Knife18:10 - 18:37by SneakingMissionVinny's daughter has a problem with babies Vinny's daughter has a problem with babies03:07 - 04:40by DemiurgeJeff's Sneak King collection (part 3) Jeff's Sneak King collection (part 3)06:19 - 06:42by itwongoIs the commentator Steve Austin? Is the commentator Steve Austin?09:14 - 10:20by TurboManDan doesn't like this game very much Dan doesn't like this game very much06:48 - 09:06by TurboManYork discusses "Cat People", "A Clockwork Orange" & "Blue Thunder". York discusses "Cat People", "A Clockwork Orange" & "Blue Thunder".24:18 - 25:22by verydeadlyDrew has to do it Drew has to do it13:10 - 13:55by DaveyYOU OWN THIS WEBSITE, DUMBASS! THIS IS YOUR WEBSITE! YOU OWN THIS WEBSITE, DUMBASS! THIS IS YOUR WEBSITE! 1:02:10 - 1:03:01by IsabellaDrew's thoughts on tennis Drew's thoughts on tennis49:13 - 50:13by dudegloveNo look puns No look puns50:03 - 50:17by bkbroilerDrew Scanlon - Master of Segues Drew Scanlon - Master of Segues06:44 - 07:16Dr. Betty Sharpstone Dr. Betty Sharpstone40:22 - 41:07by nopdoerI'm Agent Orange. You should drink a Sunkist! I'm Agent Orange. You should drink a Sunkist!1:09:33 - 1:09:59by KnotleyLIAM! LIAM!2:30:32 - 2:32:47by RadicalWallDan's Alex impression. Dan's Alex impression.00:22 - 01:26Playing with the shield rod Playing with the shield rod48:50 - 50:06by 2MelloVinny like broken things. Vinny like broken things.08:55 - 09:07by sakeviSomeone's got a new voice. Someone's got a new voice.49:12 - 49:34Drew's Road Rage Drew's Road Rage43:00 - 48:15by dhssoccer13Gil is also a mime Gil is also a mime1:05:44 - 1:06:21by TurboManQueen and Vamp's fun game (and The Dud) Queen and Vamp's fun game (and The Dud)47:27 - 48:12by KennedyVinny's pun Vinny's pun40:12 - 40:39by emphulioFinding the eject button Finding the eject button16:03 - 17:22by sophiesphereThe closing ghost shop The closing ghost shop37:40 - 38:30by CrowKnowNoon Tomorrow Noon Tomorrow08:25 - 08:50by CrowKnowMerry Christmas! Merry Christmas!1:31:50 - 1:32:45by treddleVinny meets Santa Vinny meets Santa37:56 - 38:26by treddle"Dave just broke a chair" "Dave just broke a chair"20:31 - 21:17by Fluxuate23You spent some time with Sayoko... You spent some time with Sayoko...06:06 - 11:37by stordoffThe gang meets Komeki The gang meets Komeki20:08 - 20:30by TurboManKaraoke - 24-hour Cindarella Karaoke - 24-hour Cindarella34:21 - 36:20by WemibelleJeff just sitting in the chair Jeff just sitting in the chair1:32:51 - 1:33:40Vinny Caravella Keeps It Real Vinny Caravella Keeps It Real1:42:04 - 1:43:02High level Snipperclips play High level Snipperclips play09:24 - 11:04by TurboManHi guys Hi guys56:18 - 56:57by TurboManSlam Dunk Slam Dunk20:14 - 20:56by TurboManGet that weak shit outta here. Get that weak shit outta here.01:31 - 01:52by TurboManVinny falls for a jump scare (warning: volume) Vinny falls for a jump scare (warning: volume)20:30 - 20:54by GearThat freaking chair That freaking chair19:34 - 20:20by GearThe guitar The guitar03:35 - 03:51by GearGot him the hard way. Got him the hard way.19:30 - 20:14by ashennightsHang on, you guys! Hang on, you guys!15:30 - 16:24by ashennightsEmergency Art Update: Tilt Brush Emergency Art Update: Tilt Brush1:27:20 - 1:28:25by TheTArt Check-in Art Check-in1:13:34 - 1:16:53by TheTDrew's Highway to Hell Drew's Highway to Hell1:39:20 - 1:42:15by sophiesphereAnd thus, Flight Club was born And thus, Flight Club was born13:08 - 14:10by TurboManMaybe you can just drive there Maybe you can just drive there28:31 - 29:19by TurboManThe Lust Machine The Lust Machine43:53 - 45:19by TurboManScooby Doo and the Flintstones Scooby Doo and the Flintstones1:42:22 - 1:42:56by TurboManWon't Get Fooled Again Won't Get Fooled Again09:42 - 10:07by jimbomccoyChicken Test Chicken Test1:38:12 - 1:38:54by TurboManHow does this mine cart work? How does this mine cart work?1:08:58 - 1:09:32by TurboManAmazing problem solving skills Amazing problem solving skills26:52 - 28:50by TurboManThe original Mr. Shakedown The original Mr. Shakedown08:31 - 09:05by TurboManThe 'Run Button'... The 'Run Button'...48:30 - 48:58by LucasThe World Cyber Games The World Cyber Games1:53:43 - 2:01:53by psyDylTwisted Metal 2 Endings Twisted Metal 2 Endings09:32 - 16:53by fatcat222Vinny's story of being Snapchat accosted Vinny's story of being Snapchat accosted03:33 - 05:26by psyDylVery surprised by this explosion Very surprised by this explosion19:16 - 19:45by TurboManAlex is the Italian sniper Alex is the Italian sniper26:27 - 26:48by bkbroilerSearching for the perfect shot Searching for the perfect shot08:26 - 09:04by TurboManHow EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 2012 How EA avoided T-Poses in SSX 20121:55:48 - 1:57:26by TurboManJeff eats The Legend of Zelda Jeff eats The Legend of Zelda06:03 - 07:16by TurboManJeff on CRT filters Jeff on CRT filters04:31 - 04:44by TurboManThe Switch is a lie The Switch is a lie37:17 - 37:56by TurboManDrew announces his departure Drew announces his departure2:11:23 - 2:15:22by dudegloveJohnny V's legacy lives on Johnny V's legacy lives on2:08:47 - 2:09:53by TurboManFlipping switches Flipping switches03:46 - 04:18by TurboManjuh buh juh buh51:01 - 51:19by TurboManJustabox Justabox42:18 - 42:32by TurboManVideo Intern Drew Video Intern Drew00:59 - 01:15by TurboManJust A Box Just A Box08:01 - 08:40by TurboManDave does his Bowie impression Dave does his Bowie impression05:42 - 06:20by zanbeefHerbal Lore Herbal Lore59:52 - 1:00:46by trumadBeing meme famous, agent advice, and how big the internet is Being meme famous, agent advice, and how big the internet is01:16 - 07:13by dudeglove"And memes! I hate memes!" "And memes! I hate memes!"57:45 - 58:01by dudegloveAll Units All Units05:59 - 06:28by TurboManDrew became a meme Drew became a meme2:37:39 - 2:40:53by dudegloveDan finds his perfect match Dan finds his perfect match38:35 - 39:23by TurboManAll Units All Units11:09 - 11:24by TurboManPut the wrist strap on Put the wrist strap on05:19 - 06:02by TurboManThis is Team Interesting This is Team Interesting06:11 - 06:45by stordoffGame Development is a tough gig Game Development is a tough gig04:33 - 04:51by TurboManSup? Sup?55:47 - 56:39by TurboManGET THOSE FIRST GET THOSE FIRST33:03 - 34:16by TurboManYou can't beat Mr. Shakedown You can't beat Mr. Shakedown1:31:00 - 1:32:58by TurboManFull of Bees! Full of Bees!31:26 - 31:42by TurboManKaraoke - Yakuza 0 - Heartbreak Mermaid Karaoke - Yakuza 0 - Heartbreak Mermaid2:02:04 - 2:05:02by emphulioKaraoke - Yakuza 0 - Judgement -Shinpan- Karaoke - Yakuza 0 - Judgement -Shinpan-35:45 - 39:00by emphulioFull of Bees! Full of Bees!1:02:02 - 1:02:21by TurboManWoo Pappa Woo Pappa59:24 - 1:00:08by TurboMan