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Recently added highlights (doesn't include other timestamps):CLAP CLAP51:41 - 54:16by TurboManDan... Dan...03:11 - 04:10by TurboManThis is ska This is ska21:12 - 22:20by JasperKazaiPitcher murder Pitcher murder14:20 - 14:57by dhssoccer13, VlaphorJeff shows off the upper pinball table in Banzai Run Jeff shows off the upper pinball table in Banzai Run1:13:58 - 1:14:20by TheTTiger Woods VO session Tiger Woods VO session36:58 - 44:44by dudegloveJeff brings ghost problems Jeff brings ghost problems1:16:45 - 1:16:59by WemibelleE3's coming up soon E3's coming up soon36:22 - 37:15by TurboManGrab Your D for Vinny Grab Your D for Vinny00:15 - 00:46Hands too dumb Hands too dumb00:25 - 00:41by cyborgx7"Get close to him" "Get close to him"15:18 - 15:43by treddleSam Fisher is hacking the computer Sam Fisher is hacking the computer1:16:15 - 1:18:28by TurboManSam Fisher is back! Sam Fisher is back!1:14:36 - 1:15:13by TurboManTeam Brad Team Brad3:14:23 - 3:15:29by TurboManMario Fact from the chat Mario Fact from the chat1:11:36 - 1:12:16by TurboMan"Why would I continue here?" "Why would I continue here?"19:56 - 20:22by flackbyteBrad's full of Pro Moves Brad's full of Pro Moves18:21 - 18:58by TurboManZooming out to see the scope Zooming out to see the scope56:59 - 57:39by TurboManDan learns about resizing toilets Dan learns about resizing toilets54:27 - 56:15by TurboMan"How big do we want it" "How big do we want it"44:47 - 46:54by dudegloveWingsuit Belly Flop Wingsuit Belly Flop47:27 - 48:34by RJPeloniaVinny infiltrates the area Vinny infiltrates the area16:15 - 17:37by TurboManWhat if there's something in that coffin? What if there's something in that coffin?1:05:30 - 1:06:03by DemiurgeWall chicken antics Wall chicken antics43:20 - 44:34by DemiurgeDan has trouble sitting still Dan has trouble sitting still40:50 - 41:37by treddleQuestion from the chat Question from the chat15:49 - 16:15by TurboManOaktag? Oaktag?16:51 - 18:38by TurboManFMVinny FMVinny00:00 - 1:13:03Jason dies? Jason dies?1:19:53 - 1:20:23by TurboManJeff's got a hot take Jeff's got a hot take15:59 - 17:07by TurboManJeff on time saver microtransactions Jeff on time saver microtransactions47:19 - 47:55Good luck Good luck42:09 - 42:49by TurboManWhy'd you say it like that? Why'd you say it like that?15:39 - 15:57by stayandlistenAlex loves flawless intros Alex loves flawless intros00:00 - 00:56by SneakingMissionDan breaks Contra. Dan breaks Contra.39:10 - 41:57by FatalisThis is fine. This is fine.31:32 - 31:52by TurboManVinny and Dan forget how to play Contra. Vinny and Dan forget how to play Contra.33:42 - 34:31by FatalisTested.com: Star Wars Science Force Trainer Tested.com: Star Wars Science Force Trainer36:57 - 45:16by PrestigeTested.com: Force Trainer at the bar Tested.com: Force Trainer at the bar1:25:47 - 1:28:33by PrestigeComic Vine: Sara becomes Wonder Woman Comic Vine: Sara becomes Wonder Woman50:58 - 54:59by PrestigeTwin Goddesses - uncomfortably long shot Twin Goddesses - uncomfortably long shot1:19:56 - 1:20:29by katpottzCrouch Walkin' Crouch Walkin'04:25 - 05:14by TurboManAbby learns about Chris Benoit Abby learns about Chris Benoit03:41 - 04:22by EdmundusBen Tells a Rorie Story Ben Tells a Rorie Story1:16:20 - 1:18:02by Hunt270Rorie Regrets His Comments Rorie Regrets His Comments1:15:41 - 1:16:12by Hunt270Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum3:03:18 - 3:04:20by treddleAha! I pick up the pepper grinder! Aha! I pick up the pepper grinder!1:32:17 - 1:33:00by stordoffRyan makes a stunning realization Ryan makes a stunning realization1:43:55 - 1:44:20by WemibelleThe shock factor The shock factor01:01 - 01:41by TurboManThirteen Deadly Drews Thirteen Deadly Drews00:00 - 00:17by dudegloveFirst appearance of the Shock Game First appearance of the Shock Game09:06 - 12:58by PrestigeDan's cooking trauma Dan's cooking trauma48:41 - 49:12by dudegloveDan's childhood trauma Dan's childhood trauma17:50 - 18:00by dudegloveThat helicopter's full That helicopter's full54:53 - 55:40by treddleThe greatest conversation The greatest conversation1:02:04 - 1:03:58by stordoffFun with choppers, tanks, and ATVs Fun with choppers, tanks, and ATVs40:53 - 47:38by treddleEven more internet memes Even more internet memes39:05 - 40:35by treddleKessler critiques Ryan, plus more internet memes Kessler critiques Ryan, plus more internet memes31:26 - 33:52by treddleInternet memes Internet memes24:42 - 25:28by treddleVinny has no idea what's happening. Vinny has no idea what's happening.30:45 - 31:34by FatalisSuper NT Super NT 1:03:25 - 2:02:17by TachyCardyGingeGhost Cup Ghost Cup2:21:11 - 2:21:54by stordoffThe best Metal Gear boss Vinny has ever seen The best Metal Gear boss Vinny has ever seen30:00 - 30:55by stordoffPopping sound Popping sound1:06:40 - 1:07:19by StivertonA city full of Drews A city full of Drews10:26 - 11:34by TurboManIt's Drew! It's Drew!1:08:38 - 1:09:08by TurboManJeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games Jeff and Dan pitch ideas for Mario Party games1:31:12 - 1:32:22by treddleMarcus Fenix returns Marcus Fenix returns37:13 - 38:17by jimbomccoyJeff is a bad cook Jeff is a bad cook1:19:09 - 1:19:53by stordoffCan you have me paint a picture of Bakalar? Can you have me paint a picture of Bakalar?12:04 - 13:31by stordoffKiryu's Selfie Kiryu's Selfie35:07 - 36:19by TurboManDIT DIT44:36 - 45:06by TurboMan"I would eat some Burger King" "I would eat some Burger King"1:12:03 - 1:12:52by treddleRorie Wants Catheters Rorie Wants Catheters 48:50 - 49:12by Hunt270QVC Japan QVC Japan56:22 - 57:00by treddleGetting Over It Speedrun Getting Over It Speedrun55:46 - 58:49by Hunt270eBay Garfield eBay Garfield34:43 - 37:00by treddleRorie breaks loose Rorie breaks loose31:20 - 32:02by samusmfhAlex draws his darkness at night Alex draws his darkness at night49:42 - 50:19by dudegloveVinny paints from reference Vinny paints from reference50:19 - 51:22by dudegloveJust push to the left Just push to the left1:28:58 - 1:29:43by VonDozierEven the civilians know Stunt Position Even the civilians know Stunt Position28:10 - 28:22by TurboManControversial Lube Opinions Controversial Lube Opinions1:42:31 - 1:43:09by Hunt270Giantbomb Hockey Jerseys Giantbomb Hockey Jerseys24:43 - 27:54by Hunt270Jeff auditions for Gamestop TV Demos Jeff auditions for Gamestop TV Demos51:24 - 52:37by TurboManThe last shine The last shine2:58:41 - 2:59:35by TurboManGet in the Ring gets 'hacked' Get in the Ring gets 'hacked'01:35 - 02:51by stordoffDeath Stranding TGA 2017 Trailer Death Stranding TGA 2017 Trailer1:10:56 - 1:20:27by Hunt270Dan and Vinny goes against a boss for the first time Dan and Vinny goes against a boss for the first time06:35 - 07:21by TurboManDan and Vinny duels a boss Dan and Vinny duels a boss05:13 - 05:55by TurboManRyan has a suggestion for Jeff Ryan has a suggestion for Jeff05:15 - 05:47by WemibelleLow Resolution Dragon Ball FighterZ Low Resolution Dragon Ball FighterZ1:43:11 - 1:53:21by Hunt270Man Cannon is dumb Man Cannon is dumb29:56 - 31:12by TurboManTell me everything about Dragon Ball Z Tell me everything about Dragon Ball Z02:44 - 08:32by LongevitousOh... they added story to this game? Oh.... Oh... they added story to this game? Oh....14:18 - 15:30by TurboManInto the abyss! Into the abyss!1:37:00 - 1:37:16by datarebornJeff's first kill Jeff's first kill12:36 - 13:17by TurboManDrew reaches his breaking point Drew reaches his breaking point2:24:09 - 2:25:10by treddleHow's this for a change? How's this for a change?3:33:34 - 3:33:59by treddleDan overcomes the bullshit factor and earns this tough shine Dan overcomes the bullshit factor and earns this tough shine15:45 - 17:22by TurboMan